Chapter 6 : Opening an Online Store


The audience who were still tasting the food in the live broadcast room heard Ye Jin’s gentle and laughing voice, and instantly felt that the gentle little brother who made delicious food was more fragrant!


【Ah ah ah ah ah! Jin Jin laughs so sweetly.
I feel like half of my body is numb.
Whoever marries him in the future would be so happy!Not only will it be delicious, it sounds great, and I bet he looks good too! 】


【What should I do if I want to snatch the anchor home! In the future, he will only cook for me, and only laugh with me! ]


[Sober up, upstairs! a few laughs and fans are drunk already.
Sober up! 】


【Am I the only one wondering who he is talking to? 】


【Upstairs you are not alone! 】


Ye Jin looked at the audience in the live broadcast room who were wondering who he was talking to, so he asked the light brain to focus on Bai Bai.


Bai Bai looked at the light brain who suddenly swayed in front of him, and wanted to stretch out his claws to slap it flying.
But thinking that it was Ye Jin’s identity certificate, the claws he stretched out retreated.


Seeing that Bai Bai wanted to slap the light brain, Ye Jin quickly turned it back to the knife-cut noodles on the cooking table, and explained to the audience, “This is a puppy I picked up outside yesterday, its name is Bai Bai.
Isn’t it cute? I don’t know who is so cruel to let Bai Bai go.”


Some female viewers in the live broadcast room also had eyes lit up when they saw Bai Bai, and the barrage screen was full of “cute!” comments.


Seeing that so many people like Bai Bai, Ye Jin is also happy, but if they don’t eat cold noodles, it won’t be delicious anymore.


So Ye Jin could only remind aloud: “Okay, today’s live broadcast time is coming to an end.
If you don’t eat the noodles, it will cool down, and it won’t be as delicious as it is now.”


[Since watching Jin Jin’s live broadcast, I feel that the noon time has passed so fast! It’s over without doing anything! ]


[I haven’t eaten enough and it’s over again, Jin Jin, why don’t you just live stream your meal.


[By the way, what about those few people who said the anchor was fake? Isn’t it time to keep your promise? Or did someone run away? 】


[Yes, right, what about those guys who just said they could make delicious torpedoes? Can’t afford to lose, can it? 】


Ye Jin looked at the reluctance of everyone in the live broadcast room, and saw what promises they said.


Since he was patronizing the noodles just now and didn’t pay attention to the barrage in the live broadcast room, he now asked curiously: “What do you guys say? What promise did you make? Did something happen just now?”


The audience in the live broadcast room quickly explained to Ye Jin the bets made by the few people just now.


After Ye Jin understood it, just as he was about to say something to persuade everyone not to be angry, the live broadcast room exploded.
The special effects of the film lasted for several minutes before disappearing.


[Who said I ran away, I just went to recharge the stars and wasted a little time, I can still admit the bet and lose.
Anchor, anchor, do you sell this knife-cut noodles that you made? I’m willing to pay a premium and drop gifts for one! 】


【Despicable! Who do you think can’t be beat! The anchor can sell a few from the top of the list.


【Agree! You can also get the highest price, and whoever has the highest contribution value will sell it to whoever! ]


[Leaving the poor man’s tears woo woo woo woo]


Ye Jin looked at the netizens who were clamoring to buy food, and reluctantly persuaded: “Forget about buying today, the pasta is not suitable for transportation, and it will get soggy after a long time, and then it will lose its original taste.


I will make some food that can be transported tomorrow.
Now everyone, goodbye and remember to eat lunch.”


Ye Jin didn’t look at the barrage again this time.
After closing the live broadcast room, he started to cook dog food for Bai Bai.


When Ye Jin finished making the dog food for Bai Bai and put it in the place where he usually eats, Bai Bai came up to the bowl and sniffed, and turned his face to the side in disgust.


Ye Jin looked at the son of a bitch who started becoming a picky eater.
He started to feel a headache, and once again regretted why he brought him home at that time.
He was really asking for his own problems.


“Bai Bai, let’s talk first, I’ll let you eat some noodles, but you have to finish the rest of the food in the bowl, or you won’t have anything to eat in the future.”


Ye Jin poked Bai Bai’s little head and put a few strands of noodles in another bowl.
He didn’t dare to give him more for fear that something would go wrong.


Ye Jin squatted in front of Bai Bai with a bowl in his hand, and was relieved to see him starting to eat, but he could see that this little guy was a carnivore, and he chose meat to eat a bunch of vegetables left in the bowl.


After one person and one wolf cub finished having lunch, Ye Jin played with Bai Bai on the sofa for a while, and suddenly felt a little bored.


Everyday except the lively life broadcast, was still deserted, leaving him nothing to do at all.


“Bai Bai, do you think I should find something else to do? Now I don’t know what to do after the live broadcast every day, and there is no one around to talk to.” Ye Jin poked Bai Bai’s stomach boredly and said to himself.


“What should I do? No matter what, I’ve already come here, and I want to fit in here, don’t you think?” Ye Jin continued to stab Bai Bai’s stomach unconsciously.


Fu Chen looked at Ye Jin with a dazed expression, and a look of doubt flashed past.


Why are you here? Where did you get here from? Doesn’t he belong here? Who is he?


Before he could continue to investigate further, Ye Jin poked his hand down and touched him.


Fu Chen looked at the fingers that were poking further and further down.
If he could see his face clearly at this moment, he would probably see black ink dripping out of his face.


In the end, he couldn’t bear the touch anymore, so he kicked his feet, scratching the back of Ye Jin’s hands, causing red scratches on it.


Ye Jin was also pulled back to his mind wandering by the pain in his hand.
Looking at the red scratches on his hand, he could only be thankful that the skin was not broken.


But Ye Jin really couldn’t understand why Bai Bai suddenly became angry.
Everything was going fine, wasn’t it?


Ye Jin looked at the conspicuous marks on his hands.
Although there was no blood, it still looked quite scary.
Angrily, he reached out and poked Bai Bai, who was lying in the nest.
Ye Jin went to the bathroom to clean the red marks on his hands.


While wiping his hands, Ye Jin looked at the light brain on his wrist, and suddenly he thought of what he was going to do.


His body is now eighteen years old, and he is an adult on Earth, but in the interstellar era, he is still a minor and can’t go out to find a job, but he can open an online store or live broadcast and sell goods.


After becoming a 10 million UP master in his last life, he would occasionally take some business orders.
At that time, the technology was not as developed as it is now.


If he fails to cook under such good conditions, it would become a waste.


Ye Jin is an activist who likes to think of an idea and does it right away.
He immediately turned on the light brain, paid the deposit in the mall, and registered an online store.
The name is officially called Huaxia Food City.


After everything was ready, Ye Jin also posted an announcement in the live broadcast room.
As soon as his announcement was posted, it attracted the attention of the fans who had been hanging in his live broadcast room.


【Ah ah ah ah, sisters, look what I found! Jin Jin has opened an online shop! ]


[I saw it, I saw it, the whole world celebrates! Will I be able to really taste the taste of the food in the future, I look forward to it! ]


[I’m looking forward to +1, but I don’t know if I can grab it woo woo woo woo]


[I said that upstairs… I’m afraid I won’t be able to grab it by then.


【Sisters, I’m back from exploring the way! Jin Jin’s shop is empty and there is nothing in it.]


[Upstairs, the newly opened shop must have nothing, and Jin Jin is alone.
It is estimated that all purchases in the future will be impossible to supply in unlimited quantities.


【Crying! As far as my remote planet is concerned, it is estimated that I will not be able to drink soup by then.]


After a while, the bullet screen in the Kung Fu live broadcast room has been brushed up, and the situation is not bad with Ye Jin’s live broadcast as another hot search fell from the sky.


The hot search of #Huaxia Food City# rushed to the third place in the hot search of Xingwang in one fell swoop.


What followed was the questioning of netizens, the carnival of fans, and the sunspots who came to make problems.
The hot search is extremely lively.


[It’s this anchor again, why do I always see him these two days? This marketing is too great.
Are you ready to debut? 】


【What nonsense is upstairs! Still not allowing us Jin Jin to be better than you? Excellent people and culture are not annoying to be on the hot search every day, which is better than some stars who are on the hot search because of a trivial matter.


[Upstairs is the anchor’s fan, right? This passerby asks what’s wrong? Why is it so unpleasant to speak?]


[A few of the upstairs are senior sunspots, right? As Jin Jin’s fans, we will not quarrel with people with no brain.
We only focus on food.
We also ask you to understand the situation and then talk.]


[+1 After understanding the situation, at least, you should watch the complete live broadcast, so that you can have confidence to come black or not.


[I admit that this anchor is very good, but he didn’t even wait to open a store after only two broadcasts. Isn't this sucking the blood of fans and cutting leeks?]


[That’s right, he’s crazy if he wants to make money.
We can’t eat through the virtual network, who knows if he used bad ingredients.
If something bad happens after eating, it’s hard to speak out.


[That is, if he has the ability to open a store offline, the offline store needs to be listed for inspection.
I’m afraid he won’t dare do it.]


[If you can’t find other black spots, Upstairs, What are the ingredients? How much is one piece please? Can you tell us what to do together?]


[If you’re a passerby, you don’t need to be so scared to ask, go to the live broadcast room to watch the replay, or watch the live broadcast tomorrow at noon.
You will know what ingredients are used.
It’s a bit disgusting to see sunspot trying to prevent other people’s fortunes.


[+1 It’s really really disgusting.
Seeing that our Jin Jin is popular, they come to all kinds of smears.
They can’t even acknowledge that others are better than them in cooking.


On the other hand, Ye Jin went offline after the announcement was made, and went shopping with Bai Bai to buy things, completely ignoring the blood and rain of Xingwang.


Ye Jin came to the market where he was shopping yesterday in a hover car and thought about buying a few clothes for himself.
The original owner’s clothes were just the same design, and they were too old to look good.


After buying clothes, Ye Jin wanted to find someone to customize a mandarin duck pot.
He suddenly felt a little craving for hot pot.


He thought that he was idle anyway, so he might as well find a place nearby that could make kitchen utensils.


After walking around the street with Bai Bai for a long time, Ye Jin found an appliance store in a corner.


Ye Jin looked at the dilapidated small courtyard in front of him that looked out of place with the whole street.
He was a little unsure whether he should go in or turn around and leave.


The courtyard was surrounded by two-story and three-story buildings, and only this dilapidated small courtyard was alone and trapped.
At the end of the street, it looked like it was about to collapse at any time, so Ye Jin couldn’t believe that tools could be made here.


After hesitating for a while, Ye Jin looked at the door that opened a slit, but went forward and knocked on the door.


After a while, a thick male voice came from the courtyard, “Who is it? What’s the matter?”


As the voice fell, the courtyard door was opened, and Ye Jin could see the face of the person coming.


Ye Jin was shocked when he looked at the man with a sturdy figure and a scar at the corner of his eyes.
He subconsciously tightened his hold on his hands, and was nibbled lightly on his hand by Bai Bai before he came back to his senses.


Ye Jin took a closer look at the man in front of him, and found that although he was fierce and ferocious, there was no maliciousness in his eyes, so he felt relieved and explained his purpose.


Ye Jin didn’t notice a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes when the man opened the door and saw Bai Bai in his arms.


Bai Bai, who was in Ye Jin’s arms, felt uncomfortable the moment he saw the man and shrank into Ye Jin’s arms.

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