the subject, the food should be made of natural ingredients, but as we all know, the various edible ingredients now researched by the Imperial Academy of Sciences are as good as the durian-flavored nutrient that is recognized as the most unpleasant to drink.


[+1 I was fortunate enough to have eaten food made with natural ingredients once.
To tell the truth, I can’t wait to find a mouth that I haven’t eaten before.


[The identity upstairs is not simple, and not everyone can eat natural ingredients.


[Pay attention to the question, people say that fish congee and braised fish nuggets are made of fish.
There are still a lot of meat ingredients in the Interstellar Mall.
To be honest, I don’t believe that this fish can make anything delicious.


[Upstairs in the row, fish is such a fishy meat that people can vomit just by smelling it.
It has been five or six years since it was found to be edible, and no one has made anything that can be eaten.


[Upstairs +1 Although the picture looks pretty, but I really don’t believe it can be eaten, unless someone who has eaten it can prove it.


[Upstairs, I can testify that it is really delicious.
I was also there during the live broadcast.
After eating it, I still can’t forget it, and even the best nutritional supplements seem bland.


[+1 I’m still revisiting the live broadcast on N, so I rely on it to eat.


[In the same replay, I don’t think my life is complete without eating delicious food.]


[I’m afraid it’s not the navy who invited me upstairs.
How could it be so delicious with fish and meat.


[I’m afraid the anchor wants to be popular and crazy.
Who doesn’t know that the fishy smell of fish is the most difficult to get rid of, and the dishes made can’t be eaten at all.
Buying this kind of hot search is not afraid of being ridiculed by the crowd.


[I can testify that it is really delicious.
If you don’t believe me, you can go to the host’s live broadcast room to watch the replay.
I guarantee that you will be really fragrant.
The host’s room number is 11032057]


[Upstairs, I guarantee that you won’t be able to come out if you go in! ]


[Upstairs +1, go in and you will find treasures! ]



Many netizens who didn’t believe it at first ran to Ye Jin’s live broadcast room to check the authenticity of the results.


But they never came back, which also caused more and more netizens to become curious, so more and more people ran to Ye Jin’s live broadcast room and fell in the same trick.


After a long time, when some netizens who were still insisting on waiting for feedback wanted to go to find out, those netizens who went to explore the road at the beginning came back.


But the style of talking suddenly changed, and became so strange.
There were flatterers and people who praised rainbow farts jumping out like they don’t want money are crazier

than those who were in Amway before.


Some netizens who were still insisting that this was a hype finally didn’t hold on.
After running to watch the replay, the style of painting also became strange, affecting the netizens who came in later to carry out the truth-slapping process over and over again.


Because of this, the hot search has been hanging in the first place for a whole afternoon, and it was only suppressed by the new hot search after 6:00 in the afternoon.


Ye Jin also increased from 500,000 fans to 1 million.
Ye Jin was extremely confused at the beginning as he had turned off the notification sound, and had no idea what was going on.


On the other hand, Ye Jin was getting ready for dinner by steaming the rice and cooking the braised fish at noon for dinner.


He sat in the restaurant and was about to eat when he felt something on his leg slapped him.
He quickly looked down and found Bai Bai, who was sleeping soundly in the nest.


When he came near his nes, Bai Bai was looking at him pitifully while picking up his trouser legs.


Ye Jin thought his pitiful eyes were so cute, but thinking that dogs can’t eat food that is too oily or salty, he didn’t feed it.
Instead he soaked it in milk powder and added some dog food this time.


When Ye Jin came out after eating, he found that Bai Bai’s eyes were closed in the nest, and that he didn’t move at all.


Ye Jin looked at Bai Bai, who was lying in the nest.
He was a little worried whether he was uncomfortable and wanted to pick him up to take a look.


But Bai Bai faced him with his ass.


Ye Jin looked at his hand that was slapped away and the little white ass facing him.
He didn’t understand what was going on.


He reached out and poked his little ass, only to see Bai Bai turned around and opened his mouth with a fierce expression and wanted to bite him.


Fortunately, Ye Jin hid quickly, otherwise he would be really bitten.


Ye Jin watched with lingering fears and poked Bai Bai’s butt again.
He didn’t continue to bother him.
Instead, he poured out the milk powder in the food bowl and made a new one.
This time, nothing was added to it.


In the evening, Ye Jin came out of the shower and glanced at the food bowl that was placed there.
It was already empty.
It seemed that he didn’t like the dog food in the milk powder so he stopped eating it.


Ye Jin was relieved to know that he was not sick.
By the way, I will make some dog rice for Bai Bai at noon tomorrow and see whether he can eat it or not.


And Bai Bai, who was lying in the nest after drinking the milk powder, was a little surprised to see Ye Jin’s bright face clearly illuminated in the light.


He didn’t expect that a person who looked unattractive during the day could just lift his hair and change so much.


Especially the pair of eyes, shimmering as if there are stars twinkling in them, are very attractive.
When they smile, they seem to be affectionate.


Bai Bai is also Fu Chen.
Thinking of the various actions of this man after he brought him home today, it is obvious that he likes small animals very much.


His cooking skills are more surprising to Fu Chen.


The dish was obviously made of fish and meat, and Fu Chen knew that the taste was definitely not bad just by smelling the aroma, especially since he couldn’t smell any fishy smell.


It was unbelievable for him who rarely has the desire to eat because of his overly keen sense of smell.



But when he thought about the experience of being forced to eat milk powder today, he gritted his teeth.


When he was injured, he returned to his ancestors’ form.
He was stuck in the form of a cub and couldn’t turn back.


He was chased and fed milk powder after a long time.
So Fu Chen compromised for the sake of his own body.


But it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t give him any food at night.
He even puts dog food in the milk powder.
It’s really deceiving (the wolf) too much.


Fu Chen couldn’t help losing his temper.
Who knew that this person would actually start playing a hooligan.


Thinking of what happened at dinner today, Fu Chen’s face darkened.
He thought that the dignified general had become a pet for others, but he could admit that eating these delicious foods may be able to cure his anorexia in the future.


What can he do if he doesn’t recognize him.
The size he is now can be strangled to death with one hand, but Fu Chen has to admit that from the perspective of a pet, this boy is quite good to him.


Thinking of this, Fu Chen shook his head and quickly stopped his thoughts.
He is the one who compares himself to a pet.


Fu Chen looked at Ye Jin who came over to say goodnight to him.
He buried his head in his paws and closed his eyes as if he hadn’t seen anything.


He thought that no matter what happens tomorrow, it can’t be as embarrassing as today.

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