Chapter 3 : Live Streaming Success


When Ye Jin put the braised fish pieces on the plate, the new people who came to the live broadcast room because of the site-wide announcement just now, were attracted by the fish congee made by Ye Jin.


They immediately hyped up when they saw the ruddy and fragrant new dishes.


    【Ah ah ah! It smells so good, and it looks so good! What is this? Is it ready to eat now? ]


    [Woo woo woo I thought that the fragrant and soft glutinous fish porridge was delicious, but I didn’t expect the fish nuggets to be even more delicious, and my saliva was drooling.


    [I didn’t expect that I would be able to eat such delicious food in my lifetime.
After tasting fish congee and braised fish nuggets, how would I face the bland and tasteless nutrient solution in the future? 】


    【Upstairs do not talk about martial arts! They have already begun to eat! What does it taste like? Looking at this bright red colour, and thinking about the bowl of water that tasted weird just now.
Although it smells very fragrant, I don’t dare eat it! ]


    [I’ll tell you upstairs, it’s salty and sweet.
The whole thing is delicious.
Haven’t you watched the barrage where so many people online have spoken out? 】


    【It’s really delicious, but the more you eat, the more hungry you become! Do you have a store, anchor? Or are these two dishes sold? I am willing to pay a high price to buy! 】


    【Upstairs, you’re new right? The anchor just said that it will not be sold for the time being, because the anchor cannot afford the shipping fee.】


    【It doesn’t matter! As long as I can eat it in my mouth, I am willing to pay for the shipping myself! Or the host can tell me the address, and I will ask the Star Delivery company to pick up the package without the host paying a cent! ]


    [Same upstairs +1]


    [Same as above +2]




    [Same as above +10086]


    [I suspect that those upstairs are trying to deceive the anchor’s address to eat and drink! And I have proof! ]


    [It is recommended that the anchors do not expose their private information on the star network, protect their personal privacy, and safety is the top priority! 】


Ye Jin only remembered to look at the number of people online when he looked at the barrage.
He was taken aback by this. 


There were only a few thousand people just now, but after a while, it became 700,000 people online, which surprised him a lot. 


He thought that the first live broadcast would attract thousands of people at most, but he didn’t expect that it would be dozens of times more. 


It seems that the people of Interstellar do not dislike food.
There should be a reason why no one does it.


After being surprised, Ye Jin put the braised fish nuggets and fish porridge together on the cooking table.


He explained seriously to the audience in the live broadcast room: “I’m sorry, I didn’t expect everyone to like the food I made so much during the first live broadcast today, so I didn’t do many preparations.
I can’t sell it to everyone else, or I won’t have any food to eat in the next few days.”


After speaking, Ye Jin rubbed his hungry belly and looked at the time, and said, “Let’s stop here for today’s live broadcast, when it’s time to eat It’s time for lunch, I wish everyone a happy meal!” 


After speaking, Ye Jin wanted to close the live broadcast to eat, but was stopped by the special effects that suddenly exploded in the live broadcast room.


    [Offering a deep-water torpedo, thanking the anchor for letting me eat such delicious food! When will the anchor broadcast next time? 】


    【Ah, ah, ah, don’t! Anchor, wait a minute! I haven’t eaten enough.
Let me eat a little longer! Even though I can’t afford torpedoes, I can send a diving bomb.
Please broadcast for a while! ]


    [Even though I can’t afford a big gift, I can give you a rocket launcher.
I beg the anchor to stay for a while longer.
woo woo woo woo]


    [Same question, when will the anchor broadcast live next time? I still want to eat it as if I haven’t eaten enough! Please send a deep-water torpedo to the anchor for me! ]


    Ye Jin looked at the various gift special effects that filled the screen and thanked them one by one, and then explained to the audience in the live broadcast room: 


“Tomorrow there will be a live broadcast at noon.
I’ll teach everyone to make new food.
Now it’s lunch time, so everyone must remember to eat on time.
Eating is good for your health.
You can also try to make fish fillet porridge and braised fish pieces by yourself. 


The ingredients can be bought in the Interstellar Mall.
Fish congee is easy to digest and has a nutritional effect for people with poor appetite and weak spleen and stomach.
If you learn it, you can make it yourself and eat it at home.”


    [It would be great if I could learn it, but unfortunately my brain can’t control my hands! ]


    [I don’t have confidence in myself.
Let’s wait for the anchor to feed new food tomorrow! 】


    [I want to know what the anchor is going to do tomorrow, looking forward to it]




Ye Jin looked at the screen full of anticipation, and was very happy that so many people liked the food he made.


But now he is very hungry, and if he doesn’t eat, he will miss it.
After placing the dishes, he quickly said: “Okay, that’s it for today.
I really have to have lunch on the air.
It’s not good for your health if you don’t order it.
Everyone, hurry up and eat, see you tomorrow!” 


     [ I’m going to drink nutritional supplements, although I have already drank it.


    [Already drunk +1, the anchor should go to eat quickly and wait for the new food tomorrow.]


    [Bye bye anchor! I’ll wait and watch the replay for the next meal! 】


Ye Jin looked at the barrage saying goodbye to him, said goodbye and closed the live broadcast room.


After the live broadcast was turned off, Ye Jin came to the restaurant to eat with a good fill of fish congee, and suddenly felt that the whole house was very quiet, and a sense of loneliness suddenly came to his heart.


Ye Jin shook off the cranky thoughts in his head and finished the congee, and cleaned up all the used kitchen utensils.
The braised fish nuggets were cooled and put in the refrigerator to be eaten with rice at night.


After finishing everything, Ye Jin looked at the empty house, and then looked at the data of the live broadcast in the background of his live broadcast. 


The number of fans of a live broadcast increased by 500,000, and the income deducted taxes and fees of 10,000 five-star coins.


Ye Jin was a little surprised when he saw this data.
The income of this live broadcast was comparable to the income of the second half of his last life when he became a 10 million UP master.


The increase rate of fans was also amazing, although the live broadcast lasted until the second half.
The number of people in the live broadcast room exceeded 700,000, but many of them came in when the live broadcast was about to end. 


Ye Jin was very curious about the population of the interstellar era.


Ye Jin looked at the income from backstage, and the feeling of loneliness dissipated in an instant, and the mountain of housing tax that was pressing over his shoulders was also slapped away in an instant.


He thought it would take half a month to save 5,000 star coins. 


After all, now he is starting a new live broadcast.
But who would have thought that there were so many people watching the live broadcast in the interstellar era, and all his difficulties were solved in one live broadcast.


After Ye Jin took out the star coins in the background, he immediately transferred 5,000 to the tax administration. 


Seeing the balance change from zero to 15,000 to 10,000, Ye Jin felt a little dispirited but the debt-free and light mood was still there.


It was a good decision to go out for a walk and get acquainted with the surrounding environment.
After all, he will live here in the future and always have a good relationship with his neighbours.


Just when Ye Jin was about to go out, the doorbell of his house rang, and a high-pitched female voice came from outside the door.


“Ye Jin, you little bastard, come out for me! If I don’t break your legs today, I won’t be surnamed Zhang!”


Ye Jin stood at the door with a dark face.
His pretty peach blossom eyes narrowed slightly, he hated the most when others called him a little bastard.


The woman who was yelling at the door opened her mouth and


But Ye Jin is not an impulsive person.
He doesn’t understand what happened, so he can’t just rush out and fight people.
He has to figure out what’s going on first.


The author has something to say:


 Let’s go here first today.
The number of words is a bit small.
I’m a little bald for the sake of Gou Xinjin’s double-opening.

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