Chapter 2 : [Live Stream] Making Fish Porridge and Braised Fish Nuggets


After Ye Jin dismantled the express, he divided the fish into two halves, and put the meat on a plate for later use. 


The other half was cut into pieces to make braised fish pieces.
The fish head and the fish bones that were removed were also prepared for later use. 


Ye Jin prepared all the ingredients, and it was time to make lunch.


Ye Jin opened the live broadcast room and was about to start the live broadcast.
Seeing the blank title, Ye Jin thought about it and filled in the title of Chinese cuisine. 


Although he didn’t know if anyone in Interstellar Age knew about Chinese cuisine, he still wanted to live in this food desert interstellar era and let more people know what splendid civilization and food culture China once had.


After Ye Jin clicked the live broadcast button to start the live broadcast, the light-brain blue light suspended in mid-air suddenly formed a transparent panel, which showed zero online users and zero contribution list. 


Below the bullet screen area, in the lower right corner of the transparent panel, there was a real-time tracking button.


Ye Jin clicked it and found a three-dimensional screen appeared directly in front of him, showing exactly what was in his kitchen.


Since Ye Jin didn’t want to show his face, the screen showed him wearing a mask.
He only had black fluffy hair, a pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes and tear moles at the corners of his eyes.


Ye Jin curiously looked at his image on the screen for a while, seeing that it was almost time to prepare for cooking, so he tapped the real-time tracking again and put it away, and started to prepare lunch.


Ye Jin first put a few drops of the prepared fish fillets, salt and black pepper, sliced ​​ginger and bought sour fruit to marinate, and then put two drops of oil to lock the moisture.


The sour fruit looks similar to that of the earth’s lemon so he bought it at the fruit section of the mall, to remove the fishy smell.


Idle Ye Jin, who was marinating fish fillets, glanced at the live broadcast and found no one.


But he took the initiative to introduce: “Hello everyone, I’m Ye Jin, today I will teach you two Chinese delicacies, fish congee and braised fish nuggets.”


After speaking, he didn’t look at the barrage area again, but lowered his head and started to prepare fish congee first.


After he finished marinating the fish, Ye Jin began to fry the fish bones and fish heads to make soup. 


When the soup was milky white, he filtered out the fish bones and fish heads, put the washed rice and carrots into the soup, and then added them to the soup.
He also added a pinch of salt and pepper when the soup started to boil.


Ye Jin explained the production process while cooking.
After the porridge began to boil, Ye Jin took a look at the barrage area in his spare time and found that the number of online users had changed, from 0 online to 5 online, and the barrage area still had messages from netizens.


 [Is the anchor a newcomer? What is this doing? 】


【Why is the anchor ignoring people? What is Chinese cuisine? Your fish is so sticky and smelly, it looks disgusting.


【What is the anchor doing? This meat looks so ugly, can the fish head and fish bones be eaten? 】


【Why doesn’t the anchor show his face? Looking at this eye and tear mole, he should be a handsome guy.


  [Anchor anchor, this meaty smell is so bad and unpalatable, and now everyone drinks nutritional supplements.
No one will eat this kind of thing, you might as well consider other live broadcasts, maybe there will be more people.


    Ye Jin looked at the comments on the barrage with a bit of laughter, and patiently explained everyone’s doubts one by one, “This meat is fish fillet, it is made like this because it needs to be marinated with seasoning, to get rid of its fishy smell. 


It tastes even better when you eat it.
Fish head and fish bones are rich in nutrients, and it will be more delicious when boiled into soup and used to cook porridge.”


The few remaining viewers in the live broadcast room saw Ye Jin talking and hurriedly returned to post a barrage to ask questions.


    [But it looks very unappetizing, even the most unpleasant durian-flavored nutrient smells better than this.


    [Anchor, don’t make any food! Show your face and let us take a look! 】


    【Chinese food? I haven’t even heard of it, and now I drink nutritional supplements, who would eat such unpalatable things.


 【Don’t be a liar! Looking at you makes people lose their appetite.
Otherwise, they should show some other talents.
Now many anchors are either streaming mecha simulation games or chatting and singing. 


 [You suddenly come to teach cooking, so no one will come to watch.
Ah, not to mention wearing a mask without even revealing your face.


 Ye Jin was not angry when he saw the barrage where everyone was questioning, because he had searched for various foods about the interstellar age before the live broadcast. 


He found that many civilizations in the Interstellar Age had been lost due to the end of the world, not to mention food. 


The tastes made by few people who can cook food are far different from those of earth, not to mention live broadcasting on


Ye Jin explained to everyone with a good temper: “Don’t worry, this fish is still raw, so it doesn’t smell very good.
When the fish fillet porridge is ready, it will taste very delicious.”     


[Really? Don’t lie, anchor, if it’s bad, I’ll hang you on Xingbo. ]   

 [Since the anchor said so, then I’ll wait a moment.
I don’t believe that anyone can make such unpalatable fish delicious.
I caught one before and tried to make it myself.
It’s really unpleasant to eat.


【Anchor, when will your fish fillet porridge be good? Don’t stop broadcasting just to deceive fans.


 【Anchor, the other plate you put next to it is fish nuggets, right? Are you still planning to make fish? ]     


Ye Jin watched the number of people and the active barrage in the live broadcast room slowly increase.


He began to deal with the barrage and mentioned fish nuggets while explaining: “This plate of fish nuggets is going to be used to make braised fish nuggets, and this is also Chinese home-cooked food.
It is also very simple to make, and it will be better with rice.”     


Ye Jin turned the marinated fish over to make it taste more evenly, and then began to prepare the sauce.     


Because Ye Jin couldn’t find many seasonings, he found some interstellar crops with similar taste to prepare them. 


For example, the common soy sauce oil consumption on earth was not found in the interstellar mall.
Ye Jin could only find other ingredients with similar functions instead.    


 After adjusting the sauce, Ye Jin began to prepare the fish to fry.
When the fish were fried to golden on both sides, he poured in the prepared sauce.


He prepared ginger and other seasonings, with the water that weren’t used with the fish pieces.
The next step was to let it simmer for ten minutes on high heat, then serve.     


When Ye Jin finished his busy work, he then looked at the bullet screen area.
He found that the number of people in the live broadcast room had exceeded 1,000, and the comments in the bullet screen area were all strange.


[Anchor, what is this that you tune? It looks black like poison, and it smell weird.


    【This fish has turned golden yellow, and it smells so good.
Does the anchor know magic? How did you do it? 】


    【It’s really fragrant, it was so unpleasant before, why is it so fragrant now? I really want to taste.
woo woo woo.


    [Upstairs, I have already started, it is really delicious, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, I can kill a big pot! 】


    【Ah ah ah ah ah! Why did the anchor pour that black thing into the fish! Will it become unpalatable? I haven’t had time to taste it yet woohoo woohoo.


    [Suddenly I believe that the anchor is really cooking food.
The golden fish just now is delicious, and there is no need to put anything at all.


    [I haven’t eaten fish, and now I just want to know if the fish fillet porridge is ready.
Suddenly I’m looking forward to it.




    Ye Jin was amused, watching everyone who was crying and howling in the barrage.
His peach blossom eyes narrowed with laughter, and it seemed that the sparkle in his eyes made these viewers in the live broadcast room feel that their hearts were racing for a moment.


    【Ah ah ah ah ah! The anchor peach eye kills me! It’s so beautiful, just a pair of eyes makes me think about it! ]


    [+1 laughing made my heart beat faster, and for a moment I felt that he loved me woo woo woo.


    [Woohoohoo, what a fairy beautiful boy, Bless us with your face 】


Ye Jin felt helpless when he saw the screams that suddenly swiped on the screen.


What’s so good about him not showing his face, but he still explained: “Showing my face is not a consideration for the time being.
As for this braised fish nugget, it will take about ten minutes.
All right, now let’s have a look at the fish porridge.”


    When Ye Zijin came to the pot where the fish fillet porridge was boiled, he carefully opened the lid, and an overflowing scent of fresh fragrance rushed to his face. 


Ye Jin put the lid aside and waited for the mist to dissipate a little, and then stirred it with a spoon.
Seeing that the rice has been cooked soft and sticky, he said to the audience in the live broadcast room: “The porridge is already cooked, then just put the fish fillet in the pot and mix it twice and you can eat it.”


The audience in the live broadcast room who had long been overwhelmed with hunger, were hooked by the aroma that came to their faces.


    【Ah ah ah ah it smells so good! I can’t believe this is the soup just made with such fishy fish bones and fish heads! 】


    【It’s really fragrant, so greedy I subconsciously picked up the nutritional supplement in my hand.


    [Upstairs, when he just made the braised fish nuggets, I had already started drinking the nutritional supplements.
Now, when I smell this fragrance, I feel that I am hungry again.


    【Wrong! Compared with the fish fillet porridge cooked by the anchor, the nutrients in his hand instantly became garbage! ]


    [I just want to ask the anchor if the fish congee is sold.
Can I buy it? ]


    [Anchor choose me! I want to try the fish congee made by the anchor.
I am willing to send out a deep-water torpedo! ]


    [Offering deep-water torpedo! I like to eat fish porridge! ]


    The barrage swiped to Ye Jin’s live broadcast page and suddenly a blue sea appeared, and a super-large torpedo suddenly exploded in the sea with the special effect of a wave.


After the special effects, there was a site-wide announcement, and the two site-wide announcements helped Ye Jin attract a lot of viewers.


Ye Jin was busy cooking the fish and didn’t notice that someone gave gifts until the fish congee was ready and turned off the fire.
Then he had time to watch the barrage.


At this time, the barrage in the live broadcast room was already occupied by the words “want to eat” and “worship the big man”.
It was not until Ye Jin finished flipping through it a little bit that he realized that someone had given a gift.


“Thank you Qingqing and Internet surfing for the deep-water torpedoes.
I can put out a bowl for you to try on the virtual Internet.
As for sending the real thing, I can’t send it in kind. I don’t have a box and I can’t pay for the shipping.
I’m really sorry.”


After thanking everyone who gave gifts, Ye Jin explained apologetically to the audience in the live broadcast room, and then took a bowl of fish porridge and placed it on the table.


    [It doesn’t matter, anchor.
It’s good enough to have a bowl specially for us to taste.
If it weren’t for you, I would never have eaten such delicious food in my life.
I feel so happy woo woo woo woo]


    [Yeah, yeah, It’s better than nothing, woohoo, it’s so delicious! ]




Seeing that no one had any bad comments, Ye Jin turned to look at the braised fish pieces on the other side.
Seeing that the braised fish was almost ready to serve, Ye Jin took a plate and came over and put the braised fish pieces out.


The netizens who were eating fish congee, saw Ye Jin busy on the other side and suddenly remembered that there was another dish they hadn’t tasted.

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