were there, and there was no trace of use.


Ye Jin picked up the nutrient solution and smelled it, but it still smelled like strawberries.
After putting his head up and pouring it into his mouth, the hunger in his stomach disappeared. 


Ye Jin looked at the small tube of nutrient solution in his hand and felt a little strange.  Although the taste is not very good, it smells like strawberry, but it tastes sweet in the mouth, and the effect is the same as eating a meal.


Soothing his stomach, Ye Jin registered an account on the live broadcast platform, and planned to start the live broadcast after making lunch.
The earlier you start, the earlier you can earn money, otherwise he will live on the street if he can’t pay the house tax on the 15th.


Ye Jin looked at the only 300 star coins left, and was a little unsure of what to buy, and he was not familiar with the surrounding environment, so he didn’t know where to buy things.


Playing with the light brain in his hand, Ye Jin suddenly thought of express delivery in the 21st century.
The technology in the interstellar age should be more advanced.


In the end, Ye Jin really found the Interstellar Mall in the light brain.
The items sold in it are very complete, and the functions are similar to Tabao in the 21st century.


The nutrient solution appeared on the homepage.
Ye Jin saw that the cheapest tube of nutrient solution cost 100 star coins. 


No wonder the original owner was always hungry.
The 300 deposit can only last for one day, and then he will be hungry again.


Ye Jin opened the category of ingredients again, and found that there were a lot of things in it, but he knew very little.
Many things had the same names but completely different shapes.


For example, the name shows pork, but the picture shows that the prototype of the animal looks like a super-large hedgehog covered with thorns, but the feature is indeed a pig, which makes Ye Jin a little afraid to start.


In the end, Ye Jin only bought a fish, a bag of rice, and some necessary seasonings.
The fish was the same as the one on Earth, but its size was more than doubled.
He didn’t know about other ingredients with strange names and he dared not buy them.


Moreover, he found that there are really very few vegetables in the mall.
The only ones are: cabbage, radish, green vegetables and other common vegetables are also expensive.
He can’t buy them at all.  


Seeing the balance that turned to zero, Ye Jin felt the urgency of making money again.
It was the first time that he was so poor.
He was richer than now at the most difficult time in his previous life. 


He originally planned to go out and get acquainted with the surrounding environment.
He didn’t have a penny, which made him feel a little unsure. 


As the saying goes, you don’t panic if you have food in your hand, and the same is true for money now.


Ye Jin took advantage of the free time now to clean all the utensils in the kitchen, and when the ingredients arrived, he could clean up the ingredients and prepare for the live broadcast.


Just as the doorbell rang in the kitchen, Ye Jin became nervous for a moment. 


Could it be a neighbor or something?  He didn’t inherit much of the memory of the original owner and didn’t know anyone.


Ye Jin cautiously came to the door and noticed that there was a display screen on the wall beside the door.
Ye Jin leaned over to the display screen and saw a small robot with a round head and a round head standing at the door.


Seeing that it was a robot, Ye Jin breathed a sigh of relief.
He opened the door and looked curiously at the chubby and round robot in front of him.
Ye Jin wanted to touch its round head.


“Dear guest, this is your interstellar express, please sign for it!” When Ye Jin looked at the robot curiously, a green light flashed on the panel of the little robot’s head.
And then they took out a large box from its chubby belly and hugged it and gave it to Ye Jin.


Ye Jin watched the little robot take out an oversized box from its chubby belly.
He was a little surprised by the advancement of technology. 


Although he had thought that the technology in the interstellar age would be very advanced, he didn’t expect to be able to shrink and enlarge things.


He saw how the moment the robot took out the box, the express box suddenly became bigger.


After Ye Jin reached out to take the box and thanked him, he couldn’t help but hold out his hand and poked the little robot’s stomach. 


 “Dear guest, if you like Dundun, you can help to give a five-stars praise~”


Ye Jin was stunned by the five-stars evaluation that suddenly appeared.
He didn’t expect that there were such things as five-stars praise in the interstellar era!


Ye Jin regained his senses, and saw that the red hearts on the panel of the little robot had turned into five gray stars, with a plus sign at the back.


Ye Jin subconsciously reached out and tapped the plus sign five times, then the stars all lit up, and the little robot’s voice sounded again, “Thank you for your comments, I’m glad to serve you!”


After returning to the kitchen with the things, Ye Jin sighed at the intelligence of the robot.
If he had money, he would also like to buy a small robot to accompany him at home. 


Now that he is alone in the interstellar era, Ye Jin always has a sense of loneliness and discomfort.
It’s only when you’re busy that you don’t think so much.


After Ye Jin took out all the contents in the box, the package box containing the ingredients suddenly disintegrated in place. 


Ye Jin looked at the disappeared box, and once again sighed at the benefits of advanced technology, there was no need to throw out the garbage, and he didn’t know the packaging.  


What material is the box made of?


 Ye Jin retracted his thoughts and started preparing ingredients to use when he was going to live broadcast…


 The author has something to say:

 【The upcoming story “I just want to serve the motherland after rebirth” can be read little by little]

Lin Yimu, a little stickman who is in the 18th line of the entertainment industry, is running around for life every day.
He always regrets that he blindly entered the entertainment industry without completing his studies.


Who knew that he woke up and returned to the day before he decided to give up his studies to enter the entertainment industry.
He decided to create a system of learning to strengthen the country, not only urging him to study hard every day, but also making him the pillar of the country.


Lin Yimu, who later became a national treasure, was busy with various experiments every day, causing someone to get jealous with a bunch of data and instruments every time.


T/N: Sounds interesting xDYou can read it up to chap 22 as usual on jjwxc. 

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