hy didn’t you call me?


After a while, Ye Lin’an’s message came back, and Fu Chen fell into suspicious silence when he saw the message sent by Ye Lin’an.


He saw such a sentence displayed on the light screen.


[What are you thinking, have you forgotten that you are a wolf cub now? Wolves and dogs bark differently, even though they look alike when young.


Fu Chen turned off the light brain and ran back to the living room, thinking that he was a dignified general of the Fourth Legion, how embarrassing it is to eat everything in one bite?


How would he convince the public in the Legion in the future? He must not let anyone know his current situation.


After Ye Jin packed up the kitchen and rested early, Xing Wang was once again blown up because of Ye Jin’s live broadcast content, and two hot searches were posted on Star Net.


#Dongpo Meat History#


#Imperial College history professor testifies Ye Jin#


Among these two hot searches; the first one about the history of Dongpo meat, are actually malicious speculations and abusive questions from some sunspots.


However, the second hot search is a professor who studies the history of ancient China in ancient China.


After watching Ye Jin’s live broadcast, he gave a historical proof which proves the historical story about Dongpo meat, slapping those sunspots in the face.


However, there are still some sunspots who are strenuously denying their stubborn resistance, and the hot search is full of blood and rain.


[This anchor named Ye Jin has only been broadcasting live for a few days, and he already has the ability to ask the history professor of Imperial College to speak for him.
Really amazing.


【Who says it’s the truth.
We don’t know the history at that time anyway.


【Have the professors at Imperial College started to collect money to do things now? How much did you ask for it? ]


[If a professor at Imperial College, speaking for this kind of scumbag Internet celebrity, I think the Imperial College will soon lose its face.


【With just one mouth of this professor, he said that the historical story is true, right? What we want is evidence.
If you have the ability, you can send the evidence.


[I’m really convinced by these sunspots upstairs, so I’ll be hard-hearted, but you can tell me who can invite the professors of Imperial College.]


[I don’t know if this Ye Jin has stabbed sunspots’ bad side, cuz he gets scolded every day on the hot search.


[Don’t say it.
The history professor next door replied, and sent a fragment of an ancient book, which contains Su Shi’s life story and a poem he wrote for Dongpo meat.


[I came back from the next door.
I have to say that there are so many talented people on the ancient earth.
Just thinking about anything is top-notch.


[Every meal and every dish has to be written a poem, I envy our ancestors.
I really want to go back to ancient earth to read them.]


Ye Jin remained clueless about the news on Xing Wang.


The next day, Ye Jin came to the research institute according to the address left by Mu Zhihe, and as soon as he met Mu Zhihe, he joked: “That’s right, Xiao Jin, last night’s live broadcast was trending again.
With your influence, the crops of the institute are not afraid to be not promoted and sold well.”


Ye Jin listened to Mu Zhihe’s jokes, but still didn’t understand what was going on.
After turning his head, he looked at the uproaring messages on Xing Wang, and then he figured out the cause and effect.


Ye Jin glanced helplessly at Mu Zhihe, who was teasing him, and smiled while holding his forehead: “Don’t tease me, didn’t you see so many people chasing and scolding me? I’m not afraid that this will affect your crop promotion?”


Mu Zhihe looked at Ye Jin and smiled: “What’s there to worry about, the more popular you are, the more people will pay attention to you, the empire has so many people.


It’s always been difficult to talk about it, but overall I like you.
The vast majority of people are still from the Botany, which is very beneficial to us, isn’t it?”


The two came to the laboratory of the Institute of Botany, and after changing into sterile clothes, Ye Jin followed Mu Zhihe to the soybean research experiment.


The research team was looking at the various bottles and jars on their test bench, Ye Jin’s scalp felt a little numb, for fear that he accidentally touched something and broke it.


Mu, aren’t you afraid of any accidents when you bring me to the laboratory? Besides, I don’t know anything about it.” Ye Jin asked, puzzled.
He followed Mu Zhihe and watched everyone in the laboratory concentrating.


Mu Zhihe turned to Ye Jin with a soothing smile and said, “It doesn’t matter, this is the soybean research and development team, and now their job is to experiment with the ingredients of soybeans, and they still work.
I brought you here because I want you to help.”


When Ye Jin heard Mu Zhihe’s words, a lot of question marks appeared in his mind.


What is the purpose of studying the ingredients of soybeans?


How to study the role of soybeans in the laboratory?


What’s wrong with the method?


Ye Jin hesitated to look at Mu Zhihe, and then looked at the busy researchers.
He always felt that if there was a problem with their research direction, he might not be able to leave the laboratory.

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