farming life in Dongpo, and called himself the layman of Dongpo.

This Dongpo Pork is a delicacy that Su Shi developed at that time.
Later, when Su Dongpo became an official, the Dongpo Pork created by him spread all over the country, and got its name from it.”

Ye Jin said as he roasted the sliced ​​pork belly on the fire to remove the floating oil and remove the fishy smell.

After roasting until it is slightly mushy, he puts it in warm water for a soak, and then scrapes off the black mushy color on the surface.

The audience who saw this scene in the live broadcast room were shocked by Ye Jin’s actions.

【Is this still edible? It smells a little nauseous emmmmm]

[Me too, it doesn’t feel very comfortable to look at.
It smells bad after being roasted, why do you have to roast it? 】

[It’s hard to say now, obviously it’s not done yet, I don’t dare to make judgments lightly now, I’m afraid I’ll be slapped in the face later.

[Let’s take a look again, every time Jin Jin does something and the steps are very strange.

Ye Jin put the prepared pork belly into the pot, then put onion ginger and wine bought in the store, covered the pot and said to the audience in the live broadcast room:

“This step is usually by cooking the whole pork belly.
Then the pieces are boiled and then cut.
But I cut them before I boil them for convenience.
Originally, the most authentic one was to put Huadiao wine, but I couldn’t find it in the mall, so I used the liquor I bought in the mall.

Since I took advantage of the time to cook the meat first, let’s fry it.” Ye Jin said while adding water to the pot and started frying the rock sugar.

After the sugar was completely melted, he added some wine to the pot and continued to cook.
A variety of aniseed and onion ginger were mixed together.

After the soup was boiled and the meat was cooked, Ye Jin put the meat into the pot mixed with the onion and ginger, and then poured the sugary soup.

After Ye Jin closed the lid of the pot, the barrage in the live broadcast room had gone crazy.
Some people were discussing the production steps, and some sunspots said that Ye Jin was showing off knowledgeable people and making up random things.

【Am I too stupid? I can’t even understand it woo woo woo]

[Upstairs, you are not alone! I didn’t understand woo woo woo]

[I didn’t understand +1]

[Don’t say it! I was just thinking about the origin of this meat, I don’t know if it’s true or not.

[I don’t understand.
I don’t understand.
I am illiterate! ]

[You have to be literate to cook a dish, I feel like I have learned so much for so many years! ]

[The ancient earth is thousands of years away from now, who knows whether the anchor is true or not? Don’t you deliberately show off your character? ]

[The culture of the ancient earth has been lost for so many years, and now it suddenly comes out that this dish has been inherited from the ancient earth, who believes it? ]

[Anchor, although I like your food very much, but history can’t be said nonsense.

[Don’t be noisy, don’t be noisy, is there a history department in the live broadcast room? Can you come out and talk? 】

【Imperial Royal Academy History Department students register! The history that the anchor said is really not mentioned, but my instructor just went to the museum to borrow ancient books, saying that Su Shi was mentioned in an ancient book he had read before that he brought back from the earth.

[That is to say, it is very likely to be true? ]

[People also said that they only mentioned Su Shi, but they didn’t say that this Dongpo meat was really invented by him.
What if the anchor was talking nonsense? ]

[That’s always better than you trolls.
At least people know Su Shi, a figure in the ancient earth history book, and you only know how to type on the keyboard.

After a while, the live broadcast room started to quarrel, Ye Jin frowned while watching the smog in the live broadcast room, and explained with a serious expression:

“The origin of Dongpo meat is true as what I just said.
I’m not afraid of people checking if it’s true or false.
And those who take the opportunity to smear me, if they really don’t like it, go out.
I’m not doing this live broadcast for you, but for those who are genuine and like the food I make.

You don’t have to affect each other’s mood here, you might as well improve yourself if you have time, and save yourself from being severely beaten by society in the future.”

Ye Jin didn’t look back about the live broadcast room and immediately turned to cooking.

He turned the Dongpo pork over and turned the skin up so that the meat could better absorb the soup.
When it was almost boiled, I picked out all the ingredients inside, and started to turn the heat to the braised pork.

The audience in the live broadcast room, while attracted by the aroma of braised pork in the pot, flashed 666 on the barrage.

[It smells so good, it has a long and long aroma, and there is a very strong aroma of wine.
I am looking forward to the finished product! By the way, the anchor is just 666! 】

【I am so shocked, Jin Jin, who had a good temper, is so sharp when he was angry, so handsome! ]

[Anchor I support you! These troll keyboard warriors should really take good care of them! By the way, when can Dongpo pork be eaten? 】

[Jin Jin, who just ran into the sunspots, is so cool and handsome! Seconded! When can Dongpo Pork be eaten? ]

[No, I’m drooling now.
Even drinking nutritional supplements can’t stop the cravings in my stomach.

【I want to eat, I want to eat! Will this Dongpo Meat be put in the Food City today? 】

【Yes, yes, put it in the food court? If not, can I bid at a high price in the live broadcast room? I think there is a small half pot in it, I can buy a piece at a high price! 】

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