Chapter 11: Going to the Imperial City Star


Ye Jin finished the live broadcast at noon the next day, preparing a big gift for Zhang Mingyun tomorrow.


Yesterday afternoon, Ye Jin went to find Zhang Mingyun, and the other party gave him an answer today, saying that James promised to see him tomorrow and sign the transfer agreement in person.


Ye Jin can still remember the smug face of the other party at that time.
Although he didn’t understand how Zhang Mingyun came into contact with James, and how she made James look at his house, which was not as good as Zhang Mingyun’s house.


But if he didn’t give Zhang Mingyun a big gift, how can he match each other’s hearts?


Ye Jin was thinking about tomorrow’s negotiation while sorting out the information that Ye Lin’an gave him.
This information was suddenly sent to him by Ye Lin’an last night.


It contained all the information about James.
It seemed fake, but he thought about that there was no need to deceive him with fake information, and there was nothing worth deceiving about him.


However, when Zhang Mingyun came to report today, Ye Jin deliberately showed her a photo of James.
From Zhang Mingyun’s surprised and disbelieving expression, Ye Jin also concluded that this information should be true.


From there, Ye Jin discovered a weakness of James from the data, that is, he enjoys everything.


From food, clothing, housing, transportation to money and beauty, he likes everything.
This weakness is Ye Jin’s opportunity.


After reading the information, Ye Jin thought for a while.
Since James enjoys food, he will prepare him a top-level delicious food.


Of course, he can’t be too deliberate to be able to inadvertently attract people at a critical moment, and let James take the initiative to offer him benefits.


Ye Jin thought of this and began to buy ingredients on Star Net, planning to make a Dongpo Pork dish to attract James’ attention.


And Fu Chen, who had settled down on the sofa since Ye Linan came last time, watched Ye Jin concentrate on researching the materials and started buying ingredients.


He probably guessed what he was going to do, but he was still a little worried that he was too reckless.
He was a little unhappy that Ye Jin did not accept her kind help, but was willing to accept Ye Lin’an’s help.


Although after Ye Lin’an’s explanation, he also knew that what he said in the live broadcast room yesterday was not right.
After all, Ye Jin didn’t know who he was.


Fu Chen stared at the busy Ye Jin for a long time.
Thinking of what Ye Lin’an said that the trouble had been solved, he still felt that something was wrong.


Why did Ye Lin’an pay so much attention to Ye Jin? Although both of them were surnamed Ye, one was the imperial capital.
Xing’s aristocratic family, one is a poor orphan from a remote Star.


Why can’t he get along with it, why would he take the initiative to help Ye Jin solve the trouble?


After thinking about all kinds of possibilities, Fu Chen couldn’t come up with a clue.
He simply closed his eyes and buried himself to stop thinking about it.


At this moment, the doorbell of Ye Jin’s house rang, Ye Jin stopped cutting the meat, washed his hands and opened the door.


Ye Jin opened the door and saw four people standing at the door.
The leader was a man with a refined temperament and a gentle face.


After seeing Ye Jin opening the door, he introduced himself with a smile: “Hello Ye Jin, I am from the Institute of Botany of the Academy of Sciences, Director Mu Zhihe, I believe you have already received the message that we will come to meet you.”


Ye Jin looked at the very young man in front of him with surprise.
Although he already knew that there would be people from the research institute, he didn’t think that they would be the director or that he would look very young.


He thought that the director or a dean would be at least an old man.


Putting away the surprise on his face, Ye Jin nodded and let several people into the house.
After pouring a glass of water for each of them, he sat down next to Bai Bai, who was staring at them vigilantly.


“I don’t know why you are coming to see me, sir?”


Mu Zhihe didn’t hide his intention after hearing Ye Jin’s question, and explained to Ye Jin the situation one by one, and said “I saw you before.
It seems that you have a thorough understanding of plants and ingredients.
That’s why I came to you without any prior notice.


As long as you are willing to cooperate with us, all new ingredients researched by the Institute of Botany will be given priority to you.
If you are willing to come to the Imperial City, we can provide you with accommodation as long as you can solve the problems of the research institute.”


Ye Jin looked at Mu Zhihe suspiciously, he couldn’t believe the conditions were so good, “The conditions are so good, There must be some people who are willing to do it, why do they come to me? Is it really just to help you solve the use and promotion of crops?”


Mu Zhihe looked at Ye Jin with a skeptical face and said with a good-natured smile: “Of course we can find someone else, but the effect is not satisfactory.
You must know that the research institute researches a lot every year, but it can rarely be promoted to the imperial people and they’re used only frequently.”


After Mu Zhihe finished watching the obedient Ye Jin, he continued: “But since your live broadcast, every time you make food, the ingredients you need have increased the sales.


We can certainly see your ability to promote our research.
As for your ability to distinguish the function and use of plants, we also understood them through your live broadcast.
That’s why we have traveled so far to find you to cooperate with us.”


Ye Jin hesitated.
After thinking about it, he finally nodded and said, “Yes, yes, but I don’t want to go to the imperial capital right now.
I still have something to do.”


Mu Zhihe looked at Ye Jin with mixed emotions and asked curiously, “You are a minor.
Is there anything we need to solve? Is it convenient for you to tell us?”


Ye Jin thought for a while, since he had promised to cooperate with others, he couldn’t leave a hidden danger here, so he decided to tell the truth about James.


“But don’t worry, I already have a solution, as long as this matter is resolved, you can go to the imperial capital without leaving any trouble.”


When Mu Zhihe and the three head researchers heard Ye Jin’s words, they all gave him a strange look.
Finally, Mu Zhihe said, “You don’t need to worry about this matter.”


Ye Jin looked at the strange expressions of the others and asked, “What do you mean?”


Mu Zhihe glanced at him strangely and said, “Don’t you know? There were rumors on the way.
Just now, the boss of James in the triangle area was killed.


Now the triangle area is in chaos.
They can’t take care of themselves.
No one will attack your house again.
It’s over.”


Ye Jin’s eyes widened in shock after hearing Mu Zhihe’s words, but he didn’t expect to hear the news that the person who he was still thinking about how to negotiate with tomorrow was dead.


This also made Ye Jin realize for the first time what kind of planet Fu’er Xing is.
Although this area is very backward, it is quiet and peaceful.


While in the triangle area on the other side of Fu’er Xing was the physical definition of chaos, lawlessness, not being able to know when someone would die.


The reason why Fu’er Xing became a desolate star is not because of how desolate and desolate the star is, but because of the existence of the triangle area.


Few people dare to set foot on Fu’er Xing.
When there are attacks outside the clan and inside the clan, which problem to solve first is obvious.


This has also created the main reason why the Fu’er Xing Triangle is getting stronger and stronger, and even the Imperial Government and the Legion have no way to deal with them.


Ye Jin thought that it might be better to take advantage of the current chaos in the triangular area and simply go to the imperial capital.


Who knows if similar things will happen here in the future, and then he will not be so lucky.


Now he has the big director of the Institute of Botany willing to arrange accommodation for him in the imperial capital.


Thinking of this Ye Jin came back to his senses, looked at Mu Zhihe who was looking at him with a worried look, and said, “So then I really have nothing to do, but if I go to the imperial capital, I have to arrange my home first.


Can I know what kind of house are you going to arrange for me in the future? I have a dog at home, and I also have to live stream every day, so it may not be convenient to live with others.”


Mu Zhihe smiled when he heard Ye Jin’s worry and said: “You can rest assured.
Our researchers can arrange a separate residence, as long as you go to the Imperial City.”


Ye Jin was still a little worried to go with them as a minor who didn’t own anything.
There was no reason for them to deceive him.
He hesitated for a while but agreed.


After Ye Jin sealed everything in the house, it was getting a little late so a few people had to make do with Ye Jin’s house for one night.


Ye Jin couldn’t believe that he was so lucky until he lay down to sleep.


Ye Jin, who couldn’t fall asleep, ran to the living room and carried Bai Bai, who was lying on the sofa, to sleep with him.
Ye Jin held Bai Bai and talked to himself.


Fu Chen, whose dreams were disturbed, was speechless.
Although he was happy, he couldn’t sleep from Ye Jin nonstop talking.
In the end, he slapped his paw on Ye Jin’s mouth, who immediately became quiet.


After that, he told Ye Lin’an the news.
After the two had a good chat, Ye Jin fell asleep.


The next day, Ye Jin got up early in the morning.
After putting up a notice of leave in the live broadcast room, he made breakfast for a few people.


Because Ye Jin was in a hurry, Ye Jin only made ramen, but this was for the people who had never eaten delicious food.
That said, it was a big surprise.


Of course, before leaving, Ye Jin didn’t forget Zhang Mingyun, who made him worry.


Ye Jin secretly released news that Zhang Mingyun and James had a close relationship, and also spread the news that she and James conspired to rob other people’s houses.


Of course, Ye Jin’s identity was hidden.


As for the consequences of Zhang Mingyun, That was completely out of Ye Jin’s consideration.
After all, he was not a “saint” who was soft-hearted to his enemies.


In the end, because of this rumor, Zhang Mingyun was asked for trouble by people in the triangle area, and was suspected of cheating on her husband.
Of course, these are things to come in the future.


On the other side, Ye Jin was sitting in the spaceship flying to the Imperial Capital Star holding Bai Bai, looking around curiously.


Ye Jin sat in the seat and looked curiously at the arrangement in the spaceship.
They were in a commercial spaceship today, and they were all fixed seats.
Ye Jin’s seat was by the window.


Ye Jin sat in the seat and looked out the window, thinking that he couldn’t see anything, but he didn’t expect to be shocked by the vast starry sky and the universe outside the window.


It was more realistic and dreamy than the scenes in the interstellar blockbusters.
It was very enchanting.


After Ye Jin had enjoyed enough of the beautiful scenery outside the window, he turned his head and realized that he was ignoring the researchers he was with while watching the scenery.


Ye Jin smiled apologetically at them and his face turned a little red.

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