Chapter 10: Searching

After a long time, the barrage only sent a series of “!” exclamation marks, and then all kinds of rainbow farts flew all over the sky.

【Ah, ah, Honey osmanthus stewed milk is so delicious! Soft and smooth, it melts in your mouth! There is also the fragrance of this sweet-scented osmanthus with honey, which is simply my favourite! 】

【The upstairs is so good at praising! I also want to say something, but I am uncultured.
I feel like walking through heaven! ]

[Woooooooooo I finally understand what happiness feels like! This honey-osmanthus stewed milk is really layered, especially the aroma of this sweet-scented osmanthus.
When you eat it, you feel that all the layers are delicious.

[It’s really sweet and silky, can this honey osmanthus be used for tea? It’s really fragrant! I want to buy it! ]

[You are all complimenting honey osmanthus stewed milk, no one compliments a rice pudding? This is also super delicious! The taste is soft, with a milky and rice fragrance, and the fruit that is adorned with it is really delicious! 】

【I like this rice pudding too! The taste is soft and cool, and the combination of several flavors does not collide, but it tastes better! ]

[I like both.
The two desserts taste different but they are both super delicious.
And most importantly, I think I can learn! ]

[Being able to learn +1 It’s delicious and simple.
It is really a blessing for the handicapped.
When I think that I can taste such delicious desserts in the future, I feel super happy! ]

[Dessert is ready but what about the drink that Jin Jin mentioned? I’m curious about what it looks like, and whether the visual would be good-looking.

[Forgot to mention, upstairs!Jin Jin is already washing peaches, looking forward to Jin Jin’s drinks! ]

The last desert, Ye Jin was going to make peach jam.
After the two desserts were finished, he started washing the fruit.

Ye Jin rubbed the peach skin with salt while watching the barrage, and when he saw someone discussing the drink to make,

he explained: “The next thing to do is peach jam, which is also very simple to make and has a wide range of uses.
It can be used to make desserts or tea, and the main ingredient for the drink today is peach jam.”

Ye Jin said while peeling the washed peach.
He put the peeled skin on a small plate for later use, then cut the pulp into small pieces.
Be added sugar and lemon juice, and wrapped it in plastic wrap for preserving.

The audience in the live broadcast room saw Ye Jin’s operation, but this time they didn’t question any more, but were full of curiosity.

[I feel that Jin Jin knows a lot of things.
It doesn’t matter if he can cook all kinds of food.
He can even make desserts and drinks.
It’s an interstellar person, so why can’t I just eat anything?

In other words, most of the people in the live broadcast room who don’t know can follow along and learn it.
It’s your own ability to learn it.

[I’m learning +1, but it’s really hard, I only learned to make fish congee.
woohoo woohoo]

[Be content upstairs! I couldn’t even cook fish porridge and I didn’t learn anything.

[Don’t jinx it, don’t jinx it.
Today desserts are so simple and easy to learn! 】

【Cooking can be learned, but where to find osmanthus? We don’t have it at all, nor on Star Net.]

During the intense discussion on the barrage, Ye Jin’s preserved peach was ready and he started to make peach jam.

Ye Jin put the peeled peach skin in a pot and boiled it with water to get the colour, then took it out and threw it away.

He then poured the marinated peaches into the colored water, and put enough sugar on a small fire.
He boiled until it was thick and the pulp had turned translucent red, then turned off the heat and poured it into the prepared jar.

After the peach sauce had cooled down, Ye Jin made a pink and tender drink with peach sauce and sparkling water.

The audience in the live broadcast room had a lot of discussion because Ye Jin used water boiled with peach skin to boil the peach.

But when the peach turned from pink and white flesh to bright and translucent red, they stopped talking in surprise.

The rich sweet smell of peach jam came out and the audience in the live broadcast room were amazed at the appearance and taste of peach jam.

When they saw Ye Jin’s drink made with peach jam and the cheapest sparkling water in the Interstellar Mall, they immediately felt admiration for Ye Jin.

[What food is today, it’s just pink! These desserts and drinks are so pretty! I can’t bear to start watching it, woo woo woo woo]

[Me too, I don’t want to ruin this beauty, it’s really beautiful! 】

【I am different, I just want to know if it tastes good or not.

【Upstairs, I have already started, and I feel the need to tell you that it is really delicious! The sweet peach flavor is blended with the sparkling water.
After the bubbles explode in the mouth, the sweetness of the peach is really amazing! ]

[Today I am the happiest, these desserts and drinks really amazed me, and they are really simple]

[Woo woo woo I never knew, it turns out that this tasteless sparkling water from Interstellar Mall is actually fun and has this kind of effect.
It’s a 1+1>2 effect when paired with peach jam! 】

【Riot! The sparkling water and peaches in the Star Mall are out of stock today! ]

[The sisters upstairs have sold out, I grabbed the last batch of hee hee hee]

[Bought +1]


[Bought +10086]

[Woooooooooo I didn’t buy it! ]

[Upstairs, I didn’t buy it either.
I believe there are many that I didn’t buy.

Ye Jin looked at everyone’s comments on the barrage, and really didn’t expect this kind of situation, so he comforted: “Everyone, buy things in moderation.
Don’t buy blindly.

Today’s peach jam is made from a variety of used peaches.
The sweet and juicy peach is the most suitable variety for making peach jam.
Don’t buy the wrong one, or the taste may be different.”

Ye Jin remembered and looked at the time, thinking that it’s almost time to say goodbye.
He waved to everyone: “Okay, this afternoon’s live broadcast will end here, we’ll see you at noon tomorrow.”

Ye Jin was about to close the live broadcast room after speaking, but was stopped by a deep-water torpedo special effect and a sentence.

[Ye Jin, if you promise to cook me food alone, I can consider not to have your house and help you deal with those troubles, what do you think? 】

Ye Jin’s face changed when he saw this sentence.
He didn’t show his face during the live broadcast, and he didn’t reveal any important information.

How did this person know that he was in trouble? The fact that he can find his information shows that the identity of this person is not simple.

Ye Jin stared at the barrage with a gloomy expression for a while, and even the audience in the live broadcast room realized that something was wrong and asked him what was wrong.

Ye Jin calmed down and said something to the audience in the live broadcast room.
After that, he didn’t reply to that person and went offline without saying thank you.

On the other side of the screen, Fu Chen frowned as he watched the darkened live broadcast room.
He didn’t understand why Ye Jin didn’t agree to such a good thing.
Just cooking a meal would solve the trouble, wouldn’t it be a good deal?

Fu Chen, who couldn’t figure it out, sent his doubts to Ye Lin’an, and Ye Lin’an replied after a while.

【I’m afraid there is something wrong with you! 】

Fu Chen looked at the message from Ye Lin'an, his face sullen, and he directly blocked the person, and decided to find a way by himself.

After closing the live broadcast room, Ye Jin looked at the desserts and peach sauce made, and hesitated for a while.

He did not sell it in the food city, but sent the honey osmanthus stewed milk to Ye Lin’an, and the rest was himself.

As for the message that was full of illness in the middle two just now, Ye Jin forgot it in the back of his mind.

On a spaceship flying to Fu’er Xing, the lounge was silent at this time, and three or four people in suits and leather were sitting around the round table in the lounge.

It was displayed on the holographic screen of the conference room.
It was the scene after Ye Jin’s live broadcast.

After a while, an elegant and clean male voice broke the silence of the lounge, “What do you think? Do you have any comments?”

Everyone who was still stunned at first heard the sound, and looked in the direction of the sound.
At the head of the round table sat a man with a gentle face and a gentle temperament.
At this time, he was looking at everyone with a gentle face.

After a while, the three men turned red and lowered their heads, looked at each other, and a man wearing glasses said, “Director, we have no opinion.”

This group of people are from the Institute of Botany of the Imperial Capital Star rushing to Fu’er Xing to see Ye Jin.

The first man to break the peace was Mu Zhihe, the director of the Institute of Botany, while the other three men were the team leaders.

This time, Mu Zhihe proposed to come to Fu’er Xing to see Ye Jin, because the Institute of Botany has developed a new crop.
According to ancient records, it is called soybean, but he only knows the name, but its use is useless.

And the crop that the three research groups spent so much effort together cannot simply abandon or promote.

Because it only exists in ancient books and hasn’t had its use recorded, they have no way to classify this crop and do not know where it belongs.

Mu Zhihe accidentally came across Ye Jin while surfing on Star Net.
He saw Ye Jin using the crops they developed to make food.

At first, Mu Zhihe didn’t take it to heart, but after seeing Ye Jin after the live broadcast, Mu Zhihe suddenly felt that maybe Ye Jin knew the function of this soybean.

So Mu Zhihe put forward a proposal to come to Fu’er Xing to meet Ye Jin, and the other three people are the leaders of the three research groups responsible for studying soybeans.

The three of them have been brooding over what Mu Zhihe suggested to find an internet celebrity anchor to help them.
They felt that he was humiliating and looking down on them, so they didn’t have a good face along the way.

With his knowledge of ingredients and plants, and his use of sweet-scented osmanthus, a plant they had just started to study, they had to believe that this little anchor might indeed be able to help them.

Mu Zhihe looked at the expressions of three researchers and knew that they had made a mistake by judging Ye Jin so early.

In order to make them less embarrassed, he smiled gently and joked: “Since there is no objection, then don’t put on a stinky face, we are those who seek help, not those who seek trouble with others.
So we have to put away their temper.
I can get used to you here, but others won’t.

When the three heard Mu Zhihe’s words, the expressions on their faces really improved a lot, and they also knew that the director’s temper was under the stairs for them, so they recovered their expressions: “Thank you director, don’t worry, we don’t It will give people a look.”

Ye Jin naturally didn’t know the intentions of the few people here.
He was gleefully preparing a big gift for Zhang Mingyun tomorrow.

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