Chapter 1 : Traveling through the interstellar and returning to the old business


Ye Jin was woken up by the sound of raindrops hitting the glass.
In a trance, he only felt a burning pain in his stomach. With difficulty, he opened his eyes and saw a porcelain-white tech-savvy room, the faint sound of rain in the background. 


Ye Jin looked at the unfamiliar room in front of him and couldn’t understand the situation.
He remembered that he was in the supermarket, buying last seconds ingredients for the live broadcast.


But he was pushed aside while picking fish, and then he woke up to a strange place.
It is really weird.


Ye Jin glanced at the room again and called out uncertainty, “Is anyone there?” 


After waiting for a long time without hearing any response, Ye Jin cautiously walked out of the room, wandered around the house for a while and found that there was no one else in the house besides him. 


The structure of the whole house is no different from a normal house except that it is a little more technological.


Ye Jin, who had turned around, sat on the sofa in the living room in a daze, looking at the bracelet that suddenly lit up in his hand. There is a light screen on the bracelet.
At this time, the light screen is exuding a faint white light, showing a line of characters.


[Dear Mr.
Ye Jin, please pay the house tax of 5,000 stars before May 2 to 15, 8346 Ephemeris.
If the house is overdue, it will be collected by the Imperial Government | 】


Ye Jin, who was born in the 21st century, has read novels such as time-travel and rebirth , but he never thought that he himself would have met with such luck. 


Judging from the known information he has received now, he has crossed into the interstellar age.


But he didn’t know anything about the world except that he had entered the interstellar age, but the only thing that was certain was that this body was not his own.


When going to the bathroom, Ye Jin looked in the mirror.
Although his eyes were blocked by the thick hair, Ye Jin opened his hair and found that the face of this body was very similar to his own face.


His eyes were shaped gorgeous peach blossom with thin lips but this face has a mole at the end of the eye, which he did not have on his original face.


Ye Jin looked back at the light screen that had been extinguished on the wristband and sighed.
It doesn’t matter if he passed through with his soul, but he hasn’t inherited the memory of the original owner.
This is truly bad luck.


Helplessness is a foregone conclusion. 


Ye Jin could only rely on himself.
He sat on the sofa and slowly fumbled the bracelet on his wrist to see if he could find any useful information.


In the end, Ye Jin really found the information on the bracelet.
It has been thousands of years since he passed through.
Humans have also moved from the end of the world to the stars to create empires and federations, and they have a long lifespan and abilities.  


But at the same time, because of the loss of many civilizations that invaded human beings in the last days, plants and animals have also mutated, and their appearance and functions have undergone tremendous changes. 


Therefore, human beings now have very little natural food, and they all rely on drinking nutrient solutions to fill their stomachs.


And Ye Jin finally found the basic information of the original owner in the bracelet.
Her parents died three years ago, leaving only the current house and a little money for the original owner. 


The original owner has no relatives and is underage.
The original owner of Wild Star Uehara was a child who was left alone.
He was bullied all day long, and even the money his parents left him was robbed not long after.


The original owner couldn’t find a job because he was a minor.
He could only earn some money by picking up garbage, so he was hungry every day. 


That’s why Ye Jin woke up and felt that his stomach was burning, that was hungry.


The most valuable things in the hands of the original owner were the house left by the parents and the bracelet worn on the wrist to represent the identity and the light brain.
These two are the only things that others can’t take away.


Ye Jin touched his belly that had been grumbling.
He looked at the balance in the account and was a little dumbfounded.


There are only 300 star coins left in the account, it is a problem to fill the stomach, let alone paying house tax,


Ye Jin wiped his face in pain.
He looked at the account balance and then looked at the house tax to be paid.
It was a nightmare figure.


Ye Jin searched the light brain for the consequences of not paying the house tax, and finally closed the page decisively and decided to honestly find a way to pay it.


Not paying house tax is not only the government’s collection of houses, but also the credibility of the problem.
In serious cases, you may be arrested for mining. 


Such a serious crime is said to protect the land resources from being wasted.
After all, there are many people in the interstellar era, yet very little land.
Therefore many people live in houses that are built in the air.
The layout is similar to that of a tube building but the space is very small.


Ye Jin’s parents were able to leave him a house built on the ground.
The area is not small.
It can be seen that the original owner was actually quite capable, but he doesn’t know how the original owner died.


Feeling helpless, Ye Jin could only find a way to earn money, but his body is only 18 years old this year, and he is a minor.
The interstellar law stipulates that one becomes an adult when they’re 25 years old.
He can’t find a suitable job now.


In the end, Ye Jin decided to go back to his old business and continue to do live broadcasts.
Only this industry is not so strict.


In his previous life, Ye Jin was a gourmet uploader with tens of millions of fans.
He posted food making videos on the Internet and occasionally streamed it live, earning a lot of money every month.


In his current situation, he can only do this relatively well, but he doesn’t know how much the ingredients in the interstellar era have changed, and he doesn’t know if the seasonings are incomplete.
He only has three hundred star coins to buy ingredients.


While Ye Jin was contemplating what to do to earn money, his long-starved stomach grunted in protest and rubbed his over-starved stomach. 


Ye Jin felt that he should find something to fill his stomach first, otherwise he would have to wait for the money to be earned, it is estimated that you will be hungry.


Ye Jin got up and went to the kitchen to look around.
In the refrigerator, only a tube of pink nutrient solution was found.
The rest of the place was clean, only the kitchen utensils

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