Looking at his expression, Li Nian could only pat his shoulder in silent encouragement, then turned around and continued to work.

Xu Chenghao also threw himself into work, attempting to use busyness to numb himself and forget about Pepper’s failure.
It’s been a busy morning.

When the alarm clock rang at eleven o’clock, Xu Chenghao rubbed his temples and struggled out of the mountain of documents.

Seeing Li Nian looking at him suspiciously, Xu Chenghao got up and explained while putting on his jacket, “My mother called me this morning and asked me to go home early to have lunch together.
I’m afraid I forgot to set the alarm clock.

Li Nian changed his expression instantly and said clearly: “Madam has been missing you, be careful on the road.”

“En.” Xu Chenghao touched the car key and walked out.

Xu Chenghao is still a little embarrassed and apprehensive about meeting the original owner’s family for the first time.
If the system hadn’t made it clear that no one would notice anything, he estimated that he could scare himself to death.

Life is like a play.
It all depends on the acting ………..
En, acting.
Xu Chenghao took a deep breath, opened the door, and got out of the car.

“Master, you’re back.
Madam is waiting inside.” The butler at the door had been waiting for a long time, and when he saw him, he hurried to greet him.

Xu Chenghao: “Where’s my dad?”

The butler said: “He’s in there, too, just waiting for you to come back and have dinner.”

Xu Chenghao: “Ok.”

The door slowly opened in front of Xu Chenghao, and the butler led the way and called out, “Sir, Madam, the young master is back.”
The woman sitting on the sofa suddenly got up and looked over with joy: “Haohao!”
Xu Chenghao looked over calmly and confirmed that this was the Mother Xu in the original owner’s memories.

Mother Xu is forty-three years old this year, but the traces of the years on her are indistinguishable, even flattering.
Fair and beautiful.

The wrinkles on her face are barely visible, her petite body is wearing a light-colored dress, and her temperament is elegant and full of happiness and self-confidence.
She is favored.

The man sitting next to her, wearing light gray casual clothes and a pair of half-rimmed glasses, was four points similar to Xu Chenghao, slightly narrowing his eyes to look over.

When he looked over, his gaze was stern and with a bit of relief.

“Dad, Mom.” Xu Chenghao walked over with a smile.

“En, Finished with work at the company?” Dad Xu’s voice was the same as it was on the phone, loving and with a whiff of strict paternal custom.

Xu Chenghao: “Almost.
Li Nian is watching in the afternoon.”

Mother Xu was afraid they would continue the conversation and run toward business, so she quickly grabbed her son and asked, “What’s going on with you?

Xu Chenghao was startled and subconsciously touched the place where there was a scar before: “I accidentally scratched it, and it has already healed.
You have a discerning eye.”

“I gave birth to you.
I must know what’s wrong.
Mother Xu finished speaking triumphantly and said distressedly: “Such a big person can still get bruised.
I don’t know what to say about you.”

Father Xu interjected: “You can’t make any progress by being reckless.
You need to pay attention in the future?”

Xu Chenghao: “Got it.”

Mother Xu was suddenly unhappy: “Haohao finally came back.
Why are you being so fierce?! Don’t talk, don’t talk, eat first.”

The Xu family usually listens to Mother Xu on small matters and Father Xu on significant issues.

So Mother Xu said to eat, and everyone had no opinion and followed her to the dining room.

Getting along with the Xu family was easier than expected.
Father Xu and mother Xu are standard strict parents, and father Xu listens to mother Xu very much in small matters.

As a result, Xu Chenghao’s status has also risen sharply.
Very vocal and comfortable in dealing with them.

After lunch and afternoon tea, they started preparing for the banquet.
Mother Xu’s favorite part – dressing up her husband and son!

Each person chose a suit.
The tie is standard, with delicate cufflinks and a brooch with the same necklace: a parent-child outfit.
Xu Chenghao looked at his new self in the mirror and had to sigh with emotion at his mother’s vision.
A black suit with a white shirt, the tie, the same color as the coat, is elegantly and preciously tied by Mama Xu’s skillful hands, and a diamond-encrusted brooch sparkles on the left.

Mother Xu also found a watch with a silver bracelet for Xu Chenghao to wear.
She looked at her handsome son with satisfaction and had long forgotten that her husband was still waiting.

Father Xu: “…… cough cough cough!”
Mom Xu: “Coming coming coming~~”

Seeing their interaction, Xu Chenghao couldn’t help but smile…………..
The original owner’s family was really loving.

In the original work, there is not much description of the family situation of the second male lead.
The original owner’s parents’ anguish and hatred for the female protagonist were only described in a few strokes when the second male lead and the villain perished together.

Compared with the few descriptions in the article and the current living parents, Xu Chenghao could imagine how Mother Xu, who doted on her son, would be torn apart after losing him and how the seemingly stern Father Xu, who had always protected his son, passed away in silence.

Coming into contact with the female lead’s dark halo………..
He has to work hard to avoid it!

For the sake of the sweet and happy Xu family and himself.


At 6 p.m., the engagement banquet started on time.

When the Xu family arrived, the sky was already dark, and the lights of the splendid villa flickered, which was especially gloomy on Ruan Chenxuan’s expressionless face.

He stood at the door to greet the guests, his brows were indifferent, and there was no sense of joy in the engagement.
Looking at Xu Chenghao standing before him, he revealed an unconcealed hostility.

Xu Chenghao locked eyes with him and calmly averted his eyes again, following his parents into the banquet.

This attitude made Ruan Chengxuan feel aggrieved_ as if he had punched cotton, and he stared at the back of the other party with angry eyes.

The young man was handsome and followed his parents calmly.
He never looked back at him from beginning to end.
The scene of striding into the banquet seemed to mock him silently.

Before Ruan Chenxuan’s face turned black, he heard another brake behind him and turned his head just in time to see the car door opening.
A man in a gray suit got out of the car in a high-profile manner.
His slender white fingers slowly buttoned the suit buttons.
When he looked up, the light flashed across his eyebrows, giving birth to a bit of coldness for no reason.

Ruan Chenxuan’s face became increasingly ugly: “…… Jing Yicheng!”

The banquet was already full of friends, and the beautifully dressed or elegant guests were clinking glasses and exchanging toasts and talking, but in their hearts, they were all laughing and observing quietly.

Xu Chenghao was probably the most seriously observed!

After all, the previous fight between Ruan Chenxuan and Xu Chenghao for a woman was so well known that everyone knew that Ruan Chengxuan won, whereas Xu Chenghao withdrew from the marriage.
It ended in a fiasco.

Now Ruan Chenxuan’s sudden engagement is equivalent to unilaterally announcing the breakup with An Rouyu.
Doesn’t this mean Xu Chenghao’s opportunity has come? Therefore, the appearance of Xu Chenghao made everyone agree that he came to slap his face to declare sovereignty.

Maybe there will be a good show tonight!
Everyone paid close attention to Xu Chenghao’s every move with this thought in mind.
Even if Xu Chenghao finished saying hello and sat in the corner to rest, he could feel the hot sight around him.

At first, Xu Chenghao also looked up and looked around so that those who were secretly observing him would take the initiative to divert their attention, but after a few times, he realized that as soon as he lowered his head, they would return to the original state, so he simply gave up.

Instead of playing cat-and-mouse observation games with them, he might as well use his spare time to deal with the emails accumulated in the afternoon.

It’s not very comfortable to use the mobile phone to look up documents.
While Xu Chenghao was frowning to pass the time, he suddenly caught a glimpse of someone sitting beside him on the sofa.

He subconsciously glanced sideways.
His slightly frowning brows instantly furrowed even tighter.
Was it really Jing Yicheng? He actually came to attend the male lead’s engagement banquet?

Logically, shouldn’t he tell the female lead the truth and then accompany the heroine as a flower guardian?

How did he end up here?

Jing Yicheng mistakenly thought that he was surprised that his appearance disrupted his rhythm and looked at him with appreciation and even satisfaction: “Are you surprised?”

Xu Chenghao kept a polite fake smile: “I’m quite surprised.”

Jing Yicheng said without sincerity: “Really, I’m surprised to see you too.”

Xu Chenghao: “…”
He lowered his head and continued to deal with emails, completely ignoring this lunatic.

Who knows why he suddenly came to the banquet tonight.
Anyway, it is right to have less contact with him.

When Xu Chenghao didn’t speak, Jing Yicheng calmed down instead.
He is not a talkative and active person, and he even likes to be quiet.
Even if the other party doesn’t speak, he can sit firmly on his own, without feeling the slightest embarrassment, but can look at the other party unabashedly.

His gaze traced from Xu Chenghao’s slender fingers holding the phone across his body, finally settling on the side of his face, his fingers moving slightly.

He still didn’t know what the other party’s plan, let alone what the other party’s idea was, how he wanted to take An Ruoyu away, or why Ruan Chenxuan was so angry.

Or………….maybe thinking hard to fight against himself.

Thinking about it this way, Jing Yicheng actually felt a strange sense of satisfaction.

In any case, from the time he made up his mind to snatch back An Rouyu, he had already made careful and targeted decisions, and nothing could escape his control and plan.

Even if there is an accident like Xu Chenghao now, as long as he pays close attention, it will not happen.
He has this confidence.

Xu Chenghao’s attention was not on the other party at all, and he didn’t know what the other party was thinking.
He took care of his emails seriously and waited until the newcomer came out, and suddenly there was applause and cheers.
Then he stood up and observed.

At this moment, the guests are all complete, and the emcee is on the stage.
On the high platform in the center of the crowd stood tonight’s protagonists, fiance Ruan Chenxuan and fiancee Zhou Qian.

In all fairness, the fiancee was very beautiful, dressed in an elegant wine red dress, like a little bird leaning beside Ruan Chenxuan, with a sweet and happy smile.

Standing beside her, Ruan Chenxuan was wearing an elaborate custom-made dress, his hair was also styled up, and his handsome face was more handsome than usual, but the only downside was that he had a stinky face from beginning to end and did not give face to his fiancee at all.

Xu Chenghao looked at it and couldn’t help but want to laugh.
The corners of his lips had not hooked up yet when he heard a madman beside him whisper: “What are you laughing at?”


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