At the end of the conversation, Xu Chenghao fell on the bed and pretended to be dead after saying goodnight to Father Xu and hanging up.

One of the advantages of attending the male lead’s engagement banquet is that it can show that he has overcome An Rouyu’s emotional pain and is living a positive life.

Second, the villain always pays attention to the whereabouts of the male and female protagonists, and he will probably find out about him attending the male protagonist’s engagement banquet.
Then the villain will doubt whether he had given up on An Rouyu and start paying attention to him again.

He was a bit at a loss……………..

Xu Chenghao felt drowsy, and while sleeping in a daze, he thought: When he attends the engagement banquet, it’s better to hide and make fewer mistakes……………..

It’s okay to be cowardly as long as people are still intact.

For a while, Xu Chenghao dreamt that he was lying in the hospital with no consciousness in his legs, and another time he dreamt that he was lying in the wilderness with severe pains in his body………………there were green eyes, and the sound of howling wolves gradually approaching, and their sharp canine teeth were drooling, rushing straight at his head—


Xu Chenghao sat up abruptly, panting heavily, covering his face to check if he were alive.

No so-called wolf was howling around, and there was a faint smell of incense in his nostrils, not the smell of soil.
Although his back was full of cold sweat, the blanket with body temperature attached was still warm………….

Xu Chenghao’s tense body gradually relaxed, and his head became increasingly lucid.
He rubbed his face indiscriminately and looked up at the room with his messy hair………… En, it was a dream.

It’s just that this dream is terrible, dramatic, and realistic with its ups and downs!

It reminds him of the fate of the plot characters.

Xu Chenghao pondered and retreated to his bed, tossing and turning numerous times before eventually waking up and getting out of bed to wash.

Today is not Sunday, so work should be hectic.
After fastening his tie and leaving the room, Xu Chenghao turned back and silently hugged the little yellow duck beak flower pot before going out and decided to hold it at work today.

It gave him a sense of security.

He placed the little yellow duck beak flower pot on his desk, and in his spare time, he studied pepper seedlings for fun, trying to use the little pepper task to relieve his anxiety by touching the pot repeatedly.

Li Nian couldn’t help but ask, “What kind of precious flower is this? Why is it so rare.”

Xu Chenghao glanced at him and said calmly, “It’s a pepper seedling.”

Li Nian: “…”
Why are you raising pepper seedlings if you have nothing to do?

Xu Chenghao: “I’m not idle!”

Li Nian: “……”

What happened to the person who was too preoccupied to raise his head just now? How did you manage to say that with such a straight face?

And in such a righteous way!

Li Nian put a stack of documents on the table speechlessly: “It’s all right, you’re not idle now.
Come on, let’s get it done.”

Xu Chenghao: “…”
Life without love.jpg

In the morning, he had a meeting and processed documents; in the afternoon, he met with customers who made appointments to talk business.
At night, he went home exhausted.
He had long forgotten about the flowering and fell asleep.
The next day, Xu Chenghao was stunned for a long time when faced with the lifelike small white flowers.

…………’s pretty good.

Counting, five pepper seeds that he planted grew successfully.
Lush green pepper seedlings cluster together, and three or four small white flowers spring up from one end.

Xu Chenghao held a cheer in his head and watered the pepper plants with anticipation.

With so many small flowers, there is a 1 out of 10 probability that an actual pepper will appear!!

Moreover, when he got up in the morning and went for a walk in the early morning, Xu Chenghao was pleasantly surprised to find that all the pepper seedlings in the large flower pot had been successfully raised, and more than 20 pepper seedlings were growing satisfactorily.
Even if it was a small flower, the odds are that you will always be able to run into it!

The dawn of victory was in sight, Xu Chenghao was holding the little yellow duck’s beak flower pot, and his whole face was radiant and very happy.

That doesn’t look right in some tinted glasses.

Li Nian glanced at him several times, and seeing that the surrounding area was almost full of pink bubbles, he suddenly coughed and asked, “Did someone give you this little yellow duck?”


Li Nian’s heart tightened, pretending to ask inadvertently: “Who is it? ”

But don’t tell him it’s An Rouyu, or he won’t let him go out on rainy days and use a shower in the future—is it okay to have water in his head again?!

Xu Chenghao gave him a strange look: “Of course the aunt from the flower shop gave it to me… Didn’t I tell you? I went to buy a few large flower pots, and she gave me a small one.”

Li Nian: “En… that’s good.”
As long as it’s not An Rouyu, Auntie is also stunning!

Xu Chenghao said, “By the way, I’m going to a dinner party tomorrow afternoon.”

Li Nian: “Whose?”

Xu Chenghao: “Ruan Chenxuan’s.”

The atmosphere was strangely silent for a moment.
Xu Chenghao faced Li Nian’s complicated eyes and added in a small voice: ” I’m going with my parents.
It has nothing to do with An Rouyu.”

Li Nian: “Hehe.”

Xu Chenghao: “…”

Has it reached a point where you can’t believe what I say?!


The point is that it is not only Li Nian who doesn’t believe it, but a certain villain who has been silently paying attention doesn’t believe it!

Jing Yicheng looked at the photos and news from his subordinates, his breath was low, and his eyes were on fire, and he couldn’t wait to burn the smiling young man to ashes through the screen.

He knew that the other party must be hiding his big move! He didn’t give up on An Rouyu at all!

He knew it!

Look how happy he is now that Ruan Chenxuan is engaged! The things in the little yellow duck are also blooming.
Does he want to give it to An Rouyu?!

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became.
Jing Yicheng slammed the computer shut.
There was no pride and joy after he guessed_he was even more enraged.

Probably because the other party was not as free and easy as he thought, he was a little disappointed, or the other party coveted An Ruoyu and wanted to rob him, which irritated him.

In short, Jing Yi Cheng is very! Very! Angry! Angry!

He was so angry he wanted to grab the person over ………..
Jing Yicheng paused momentarily, slammed his fist on the table, and said coldly: “Find me an invitation to the Ruan family’s engagement party.
I would like to see up close what he wants to do!” He spoke the last words between gnashed teeth.

The bodyguard couldn’t help but give him a silent look, “Yes!”
Jing didn’t seem to realize that the source of his anger was diverting from An Rouyu.
Instead, he focused all of his attention on Xu Chenghao after a month of habitual attentiveness.

However, facing Jing Yicheng’s stern face, the bodyguard didn’t dare to intervene, silently bowed his head and walked away, looking for the invitation to the Ruan family’s engagement banquet.

On the eve of the engagement party, the storm was coming.

Only Xu Chenghao was ignorantly guarding the little yellow duck beak flower pot, waiting for it to bear fruit, with a very expectant gaze.

The small white flowers are pristine, and they grow pretty and fresh on the pepper seedlings.
As time goes by, they begin to wither, leaving only the stalks, and then…………then there is nothing.

Xu Chenghao: “…”

He continued to wait undaunted, staring until the biological clock kicked in, and he started yawning, but the little yellow duck’s beak flower pot didn’t make any movement.

After the chili flowers withered, they wilted, and there was no fruit!!!

Xu Chenghao immediately felt a choking in his heart, nearly spitting out blood.
Five pepper seedlings with more than ten small white flowers, but none of them were successful!

That is not a 1 out of 10 probability at all.
That is a fucking one percent, okay!

The higher the expectations, the greater the disappointment.

Xu Chenghao choked on his heart with a mouthful of old blood, and his drowsiness vanished.
He didn’t give up looking through the pepper seedlings to see if there were any hidden peppers that he hadn’t found.

An hour later, Xu Chenghao finally found a deformed pepper less than the size of a fingernail on one of the pepper seedlings.

It was small and green, hidden deep beneath the green leaves.
It would have gone unnoticed if it hadn’t been for Xu Chenghao’s flashlight.

Xu Chenghao woke up the system: He asked, this should be considered a pepper, right?

As if it knew what Xu Chenghao was thinking, the system cut off his last ray of hope as soon as he opened his mouth: [Ding – I’m sorry, this is just a failed pepper, and it can’t be harvested as a crop to complete the task.】

But you only said before the chili pepper is not divided into failure or success, ah.
It’s all pepper.
How can you discriminate against it!

[Ding – please, the host has to work hard to complete the task, don’t daydream, good night.

Xu Chenghao: …………

It says he’s daydreaming, and it looks like this deformed pepper couldn’t pass the system.

Xu Chenghao could only regretfully throw the deformed pepper into the flowerpot and watch helplessly and heartbrokenly as it withered along with the pepper seedlings.
Three seconds later, it turned into powder and fell on the soil in the flower pot.

I knew it wouldn’t be easy to cross back!

It’s okay; it’s just the first time planting, it’s just been three days, he still has 27 days, he’s not in a hurry………….
he is not at all, not, anxious, anxious!

Xu Chenghao gritted his back molars, re-planted five seeds in the little yellow duck beak flower pot, watered it, and placed it on the bedside table.

If you can’t do it once, you still have nine chances!

Since this is a mission, there is no way he can let himself go to his death.
He will succeed!

I can surely go back!!

When he got up in the morning, Xu Chenghao looked at the pepper seedlings that had bloomed on the balcony, barely regaining a bit of self-confidence, and went out again holding the little yellow duck beak flower pot.

Li Nian was surprised to find that the person who was high-spirited yesterday seemed to be in a bad mood today.
The little yellow duck’s beak flower pot was also clean, and the pepper seedlings that had bloomed before were missing……………..

Li Nian found it strange but was afraid of poking Xu Chenghao’s sadness, so he could only ask vaguely: “Good morning, why are you not in good spirits today? Did you not sleep well last night?”

Xu Chenghao put the Little Yellow Duck beak flowerpot on the desk and said depressedly: “It’s true that I didn’t sleep well.
I’m almost dying of anger……………..Anyway, I’m in a bad mood now, don’t mess with me.”

Li Nian said in surprise: “Why are you suddenly in a bad mood? Who messed with you?”

Xu Chenghao: “It!”

Li Nian looked in the direction of his finger and saw a small yellow duck on the table wide-eyed and pouting innocently, totally unaware that its master had complained to the point of blackness all over his body.

Li Nian: “This is… the pepper seedlings before have all died?”

“Forget it.” Xu Chenghao became even angrier when he thought about his experience last night and felt depressed.

Saying that he doesn’t care was to comfort himself, but Xu Chenghao still vomits to death in his heart, choking on blood and unable to swallow and spit it out.
It’s good he hasn’t died from suffocation.

Li Nian can only comfort: “It’s the first time you came into contact with it, and it’s already good it lived for two days.
Keep up the good work.”

Xu Chenghao sighed faintly: “Forget it, work first!”

He’s rather busy right now and needs to take care of some pressing matters so that he can attend the male lead’s engagement banquet later that afternoon.
Although it is not a good thing, he must follow the proper etiquette since he is going.
Thus, Xu Chenghao also needs to do his hair and change clothes.

Thinking about having to participate in the plot and contacting characters with their halo, Xu Chenghao felt even more aggrieved.

Isn’t life full of ups and downs, haha!



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