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The atmosphere became extremely awkward for a while.


Xu Chenghao stood frozen in place, unsure whether he should be shocked by the fact that the other party had changed cars or if he should turn around and ask Ruan Chenxuan for the two chili peppers back!


Damn it! If he knew there was someone in this luxury car, and it was the villain Jing Yicheng, he definitely wouldn’t have handed the chili peppers over to Ruan Chenxuan so openly!!


Now, there was one question that needed to be considered… Was he considered to have broken the contract?


He probably didn’t, right? After all, the contract states that he owns the chili peppers during the trial period and has the right to dispose of them first… It should be… fine… Xu Chenghao thought, lacking confidence as he looked at Jing Yicheng’s gloomy expression.




The car door suddenly opened, and Jing Yicheng gracefully straightened up, then walked straight towards them after getting out of the car.
His walk was neither hurried nor slow, his steps steady.
His tall stature exuded an imposing aura, which grew stronger with each step he took.
By the time he stood in front of them, the invisible pressure was like an erupting volcano that could engulf a person in an instant.


If Xu Chenghao was nervous and guilty, Ruan Chenxuan, who was being targeted, was clearly more tense and vigilant.
He could feel the suppressed anger emanating from Jing Yicheng and could also sense the other party’s gaze piercing through him as if it wanted to expose him on the spot.


Frowning, Ruan Chenxuan couldn’t understand why the other person had appeared here early in the morning and suddenly targeted them.
Perhaps he misunderstood and thought that he and Xu Chenghao had some secret collaboration with him?


A hint of a gleam flashed through Ruan Chenxuan’s eyes.
If there were a misunderstanding that could cause trouble for them, it would be perfect!


With that in mind, Ruan Chenxuan returned the gaze without any guilt, taking the initiative to break the deadlock.
“Good morning, President Jing.
I didn’t expect to see you here.”


Jing Yicheng glanced at the buildings behind Ruan Chenxuan and squinted slightly: “I didn’t expect to see you here.”


Ruan Chenxuan smiled calmly, without any movement, and said, “It’s a long story.
I have to go to work, so I won’t chat with President Jing.
I’ll take my leave.”


“Wait!” Jing Yicheng reached out to stop him, his voice like icy needles as he asked each word, “What does Mr.
Ruan have in his hand?”


Ruan Chenxuan was taken aback.
He didn’t expect the focus to be shifted to this.
Subconsciously, he tightened his grip on the small chili pepper and said, “This is Mr.
Xu’s sincerity.
If President Jing is curious, you can ask your partner.”


“I will find out, but I remember Mr.
Ruan can’t eat spicy food, right?” Jing Yicheng hinted, “Mr.
Ruan said this is Mr.
Xu’s sincerity.
I wonder how Mr.
Ruan plans to appreciate the sincerity when he can’t eat spicy food?”


The last time he was given a chili candy was a very unpleasant memory for Ruan Chenxuan.
Having it brought up suddenly in front of him, his face darkened.
He gritted his teeth and said, “You don’t need to worry about that, President Jing.
You better take care of yourself and not get sick!”


Jing Yicheng still blocked his way and said, “Mr.
Ruan is in such a hurry to leave because you don’t want to explain how you plan to appreciate the gift, right? Everyone knows the importance of chili to Mr.
If you casually dispose of it or even throw it away, it would truly waste his sincerity.”


Ruan Chenxuan gritted his teeth and asked, “What do you mean, President Jing?”


Jing Yicheng casually said, “I just wanted to say that if Mr.
Ruan can’t eat spicy food, you can leave the chili behind… After all, knowing that Mr.
Xu has sincerity should be enough, right?”


“Unfortunately, I’m afraid I’ll disappoint you.” Ruan Chenxuan refused to admit defeat and said, “I really enjoy eating chili peppers, and I’m more than willing to taste Mr.
Xu’s sincerely gifted chili pepper.”


“Is that so? Then please…” Jing Yicheng made a gesture of invitation.


Ruan Chenxuan: “…”


Jing Yicheng looked at him; his lips curled up in a teasing smile.
He provocatively said, “If President Ruan doesn’t want to stay, then he should eat it.
If he doesn’t want to eat then I’m more than happy to do it on his behalf.”


Ruan Chenxuan didn’t fall for it.
“This is between President Xu and me.
Isn’t it a bit beyond Mr.
Jing’s concern?”


“I believe President Xu would also be very happy to see you enjoy his chili peppers, right, President Xu?” Jing Yicheng turned his head and glanced at Xu Chenghao, who had remained silent.
His gaze carried a hint of depth.


Xu Chenghao, who was watching the scene unfold, was suddenly dragged into the battle.
Faced with choosing between a partner and a troublesome person, he quickly chose the former and nodded in affirmation, “Of course.”


Satisfied, Jing Yicheng looked at Ruan Chenxuan and said, “Please…”


Ruan Chenxuan looked at his confident demeanor and felt an unnamed anger burning inside him.
He could tell that Jing Yicheng was pressuring him to leave the chili peppers behind, but the more he was pushed, the less he wanted to give in and the less he wanted to comply with his wishes!


Driven by his rebellious spirit, Ruan Chenxuan suddenly raised his hand, put two chili peppers in his mouth, and bit down on them.
While eating, he provocatively stared at Jing Yicheng, relishing in his sudden intense gaze.
“Thank you President Xu for the chili peppers.
Eating them in front of you is also my sincerity.
There’s no need for Mr.
Jing to take over.
It’s getting late now, so I’ll leave first!”


With that, he turned around and left.
This time, Jing Yicheng didn’t stop him.
Instead, he took out his phone and called his assistant, gritting his teeth.
“Go, buy a box of lozenges for Ruan Chenxuan! Personally deliver it to him!”


Xu Chenghao: “…”


Forget it; he chose to leave silently… “Where are you going?” Jing Yicheng, who was on the phone, suddenly looked over, his eyes as sharp as a hunting falcon.
“Get in the car.
Let’s have a good chat about chili peppers!”


Xu Chenghao: “…”


“Sure enough, I couldn’t escape after all,” Xu Chenghao sighed.
He was caught in the villain’s car.


Jing Yicheng signaled the driver to drive to the company while he leaned back in his seat and said calmly, “Speak up.”


Xu Chenghao clutched the little yellow duck, trying to find a sense of security, and nervously asked, “Talk about what?”


Jing Yicheng turned to look at him.
The composure and indifference he had just shown during the confrontation with Ruan Chenxuan disappeared completely.
It was as if a volcano had erupted, and his anger surged, saying, “Don’t you know what to say? Why did you both leave from here together early in the morning? Why did you give chili peppers to Ruan Chenxuan? What kind of sincerity did you gain? Do you know that you’re violating the contract? Do you know that those chili peppers should be mine?”


Xu Chenghao shrunk towards the car door, intimidated by the yelling.
“Talk… talk about it… If you ask me, I will tell you!”


He had just praised Jing Yicheng in his mind for having a better temper this time.
When he got off the car earlier, he didn’t have a meltdown and even dealt a blow to Ruan Chenxuan.
But unexpectedly, all that pent-up anger was now directed at him!


If you have the ability, go and confront Ruan Chenxuan! You only know how to bully me!


Xu Chenghao secretly pouted and explained, “Firstly, we happened to come out together because he lives downstairs in my building, and our work schedules are similar, so we coincidentally met.”


“He lives downstairs in your building?” The first explanation made Jing Yicheng even more furious.
“When did he move downstairs to your place? Why did he move to live downstairs in your place?”


Xu Chenghao felt wronged as he spoke, “It was just a few days ago.
He found out that An Rouyu had visited the residential area before disappearing, so he directly moved here, just to keep an eye on me… By the way, President Jing, when you hide your affair, can you make sure there are no traces left, so as not to involve other people? I’m almost driven crazy by him!”


Jing Yicheng’s face darkened.
“You’re driven crazy, and yet you still gave him chili to eat!”


Xu Chenghao replied, “That’s because he also knows the importance of chili to me.
By giving him chili, he believes that I haven’t seen An Rouyu, so he won’t keep an eye on me anymore!”


Jing Yicheng said, “You believe his words too! Why don’t you believe me and come to me?”


Xu Chenghao replied, “Why should I come to you?”


Jing Yicheng: “We’re friends, and besides, what happened was my fault, so what’s wrong with looking for me to deal with it?”


Xu Chenghao: “You know it’s because of you, so why were you so polite to Ruan Chenxuan and so harsh to me?”


Jing Yicheng abruptly stopped and took two deep breaths before barely containing his inner anger.
“Fine, it’s my bad temper.
I shouldn’t have been harsh to you.
Please continue.”


Xu Chenghao: “Didn’t I explain it all already? It’s because you mishandled the situation with your secret lover, which caused trouble for me.
Ruan Chenxuan doesn’t believe me, so he moved in to monitor me.
That’s why you witnessed what you just saw.”


“As for the violation of the contract, during the trial period, I have the authority to allocate these peppers.
It’s clearly marked.
Don’t confuse the facts.”


Jing Yicheng forcefully suppressed his anger.
“Is your authority only excercised for Ruan Chenxuan?”


Xu Chenghao: “That was just an accident.
I really didn’t want him to keep watching me.
What if An Rouyu doesn’t come back, and he continues to monitor me?”


Jing Yicheng reiterated, “I’m saying it again, if you have any problems, you can come to me and tell me.
I’ll help you solve them!”


Xu Chenghao simply smiled without saying anything.
He was not very willing to rely on others and did not want to develop a long-term dependency on anyone.


Jing Yicheng could tell from his expression what he was trying to convey.
The anger in his heart began to rise again, and he still felt very angry.
He didn’t even know why he was still angry up to this point.


Maybe he was angry at himself for not continuing to keep an eye on him, or maybe he was angry at himself for not properly handling the aftermath of sending An Rouyu away.
He was angry that Ruan Chenxuan took away his chili peppers twice and angry at Xu Chenghao’s lack of trust!


Jing Yicheng supported his forehead and felt that something was wrong with himself.


Clearly, he didn’t feel this angry when dealing with Ruan Chenxuan.
He could even rationally analyze that it was a trap to either leave the chili peppers or eat them.
So why couldn’t he suppress his anger when facing Xu Chenghao?


It was Ruan Chenxuan who took away his chili peppers! Clearly, he should be angry at Ruan Chenxuan!


The more he thought about it, the angrier he became.
Jing Yicheng’s clenched fists were making creaking sounds as if he could throw a punch at any moment.


Seeing him in such a state of anger, Xu Chenghao lowered his head and picked up the remaining four deformed chili peppers from the little yellow duck flower pot, handing them to him like pacifying a child, saying, “Look, you still have four, two more than him.”


Jing Yicheng raised his head and glanced at him.
He replied coolly, “I could have had six originally!”


Xu Chenghao smoothed his hair: “Better than nothing.
I’ll save them for you from now on.”


Jing Yicheng snorted coldly.
Although his attitude was cold, he still reached out and took the chili peppers, one by one, to calm himself down with the stimulating taste.


When he swallowed the last chili pepper, the fiery sensation in his throat indeed made his anger vanish.
His mind became clear, and his entire body’s senses were left with the lingering spiciness, allowing him to concentrate better.


With a calm mind, Jing Yicheng was finally able to analyze the situation rationally.
Before his thoughts could unfold, he suddenly realized… the action of losing control of his emotions and eating chili peppers was exactly the same as when he used to eat candy!!


The previous action was so natural that he had finished eating before his brain reacted.
Only then did he realize that, unconsciously, chili peppers had replaced candy.


Jing Yicheng fell silent for a while.
The sharp spiciness in his throat forcefully brought his thoughts back.
He cleared his throat softly and then took out his phone to call his assistant, saying, “When you buy lozenges for Ruan Chenxuan, save some for me.”





Assistant: “…”

Xu Chenghao: “…”

Men should not make things difficult for each other.


Author’s note: Jing Yicheng: You’ve touched my little chili pepper; if you don’t leave, we’ll hurt each other!


Ruan Chenxuan: @#¥%&%¥


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