As the research institute was bustling with activity in the agricultural machinery industry, Xu Chenghao was also as busy as a spinning top in the company.
Every time he looked up and saw the stack of folders, he began to miss Jing Yicheng.
He felt aggrieved that it was already afternoon, but the other party had not yet returned.
At least when Jing Yicheng was around, he could share some of the workload and pressure.
But now that he was gone, Xu Chenghao had to bear everything himself.

And the Jiang family was really annoying! Although they clearly wanted to cooperate with Ruan Chenxuan and wanted him to compromise more on the benefits, they always sent assistants to contact him with false pretenses, deliberately acting as if they were in a difficult position.
In fact, they hoped that Xu Chenghao would help them raise prices so they could team up to suppress Ruan Chenxuan.

To be honest, if it weren’t for the cooperation with Ruan Chenxuan, Xu Chenghao would have flipped his lid already.
He was already so busy, and yet the other party came to make trouble, really too much to bear!

Even Li Nian, who was usually able to endure a lot, was a little annoyed.
He took advantage of the other party raising prices to sarcastically mock them and then gritted his teeth and continued to raise the prices along with them.

He was just waiting for them to stop and see how they would come begging to them!

Thinking like this gave him some comfort, and he could continue with the charade.
Otherwise, Li Nian would really explode on the spot and go straight to heaven.

Xu Chenghao sympathetically patted his shoulder and comforted him: “It will be over soon.
You’ve worked hard.”


Li Nian felt wronged: “Why does the Jiang family always send assistants to contact me? Can’t they have a conversation between leaders?”

Xu Chenghao replied calmly: “Doesn’t that already show their attitude? Jiang Changming should be on Ruan Chenxuan’s side.”

Li Nian: “… That’s true.”

Xu Chenghao patted his shoulder again: “Ever since Ruan Chenxuan found out that I was cooperating with Jing Yicheng, he’s been rushing to finish the project.
I believe we’ll be able to leave soon.
Let’s keep going.”

Li Nian: “After this project is over, I’m going to ask for annual leave.
I need to rest.”


Xu Chenghao immediately became angry: “I haven’t even rested; you think about it.”

Li Nian: “……”

Their brotherly relationship was nonexistent.

As Xu Chenghao had suspected, Ruan Chenxuan was indeed trying his best to catch up with the project’s progress.
However, the Jiang family saw his anxiety and remained calm, dragging him along and bargaining hard.

Ruan Chenxuan could only prepare his own affairs first and then follow the previous plan step by step to increase the price while also contacting Xu Chenghao for the right time to stop.

At this point, the project could not be abandoned.
Ruan Chenxuan’s early investment, the things he used in the later stages, and even this being his first project after returning to the Ruan Group were all related to whether he could establish himself in the company.

Therefore, he had no choice but to survive that difficult situation, working hard to turn this project into a sword to help him stand firmly.
If they really couldn’t catch up with the progress…he would have to prepare a second plan himself.

Ruan Chenxuan was completely focused on his work and didn’t even notice that his girlfriend hadn’t appeared for two days.
His assistant didn’t dare to mention anything about his boss’s relationship matters after being yelled at before.
As a result, when everyone was busy with work, they had all forgotten about An Rouyu’s existence.


No one expected that the first person to discover An Rouyu missing was Li Nian.
Li Nian found it strange that An Rouyu had not come to complain to Xu Chenghao after she had sent a text message to him about how Li Nian had treated her that day.
Li Nian asked Xu Chenghao if An Rouyu had come to complain to him when Li Nian was not around.

At that moment, Xu Chenghao was distracted by the chili seedlings that had already blossomed and absent-mindedly replied, “Don’t worry, she’s already gone to finish her own drama… cough, cough.”

Xu Chenghao almost slipped up and revealed too much, but he immediately coughed to cover it up.
Seeing Li Nian’s puzzled look, he calmly said, “She has already gone abroad.”

“Abroad?” Li Nian’s eyes widened in disbelief.
“What about Ruan Chenxuan? Aren’t they in a passionate love affair? How could she suddenly go abroad? Is it a long-distance relationship?”

“Believe it or not, An Rouyu still ran with the ball when she left,” Xu Chenghao said, gesturing to his stomach.
“It is said that she had a fight with Ruan Chenxuan, and then she went abroad in a fit of anger.”

“Didn’t Ruan Chenxuan try to stop her?” Li Nian still couldn’t believe it.

“Ruan Chenxuan didn’t know at all… but I don’t know if he knows now,” Xu Chenghao said calmly.

Li Nian looked at him with a strange expression and asked, “How did you find out?”

“Xu Chenghao: “It was Jing Yicheng who told me… don’t think too much.”

“Li Nian became even more curious: “Why would he tell you? What’s your relationship, and what’s the situation between you guys? It’s all so messy.”

“A collaborative relationship!” Xu Chenghao shrugged: “A complex collaborative relationship.”

Li Nian brainstormed for a while and finally gave up: “Forget it, I’ll just focus on work.”

The Shura Quadrilateral Relationship was too complicated, and as a single dog, he could not understand it completely.

Xu Chenghao smiled and shook his head, picking up the black pen on the desk to continue reviewing the documents.

The current Xu Chenghao didn’t need to think too deeply about the complex relationships.
Even if they were intertwined, they were all based on cooperation.
All Xu Chenghao had to do was stabilize himself and work hard to achieve his two main goals.

As for the female lead, he didn’t need to think about her anymore.
After all, the other party still had more than five years before coming back with her genius son.
Maybe by then, he would have completed the chili pepper mission and left.
Therefore, the female lead had been removed from his plot since the moment she left.
Next, all he had to do was to guard against the male lead’s sudden attack and the villain’s whims.

Isn’t it clear enough? It’s not complicated at all.

As expected, people should have goals.
With goals, their steps forward will be calmer and more composed.

Thinking like this, Xu Chenghao looked up and glanced at the pouty mouth of the little yellow duck flowerpot, looking forward to the surprises it would bring him tonight.

His first main goal was to complete the little pepper mission.

He was just a little worried that the higher his expectations, the greater the disappointment would be, like the gap he felt when he planted chili peppers for the first time.


So flying riders1“FeiQiu” (飞骑) refers to individuals who are good at playing video games, especially those who are skilled at riding mounts (hence the name “flying riders”).
It can also be used more broadly to describe people who are talented or skilled in a particular area., poison milk2“DuNai” (毒奶) literally means “poison milk”.
It refers to someone who appears to be friendly or helpful on the surface, but whose words or actions actually have a negative or harmful effect.
It can also be used to describe people who are sarcastic or ironic in their speech., and Xu Chenghao can only forcibly suppress their emotions and make themselves appear very indifferent.
Just as they were silently building themselves up mentally, Jing Yicheng suddenly passed by with a cup and said, “Are the results coming out?”

Xu Chenghao immediately became alert: “I can’t give it to you now!”

“I know,” Jing Yicheng said.
“I just asked casually because I noticed you were more tense than before.”

Xu Chenghao: “… I’m not nervous at all!”

Jing Yicheng looked at him after hearing these words and said calmly without a change in his facial expression: “Okay, I must have been mistaken.”

“Xu Chenghao: “…””

What a heartless conversation.

In fact, he was very nervous! This new batch of seeds was giving him the same excitement he felt when he planted chili peppers for the first time.
He was almost freaking out.

Jing Yicheng probably knew that staying away from the chili pepper was the greatest comfort he could offer Xu Chenghao.
So he quietly walked away, holding his own cup and giving Xu Chenghao a sense of security.

Xu Chenghao finally breathed a sigh of relief and touched the pouting mouth of his little yellow duck, trying to calm himself down.

He endured until late at night when the fresh white flowers gradually withered, and the green pepper seedlings began to show other colors.

Xu Chenghao immediately approached to take a closer look and was pleasantly surprised to find that the flowerpot of the little yellow duck, who had been in contact with the villain all along, had yielded two intact peppers and one deformed pepper.

Damn! Xu Chenghao excitedly picked the peppers and put them in a container, feeling the charm of achieving results in his heart!

Oh right! The big flowerpot!

Xu Chenghao immediately carried the container onto the balcony and saw that, apart from the one time when his luck had unexpectedly turned for the better last month, the big flowerpot that had suffered total defeat had also produced some very vibrant colors!

Ten pepper seedlings and three deformed peppers!

Xu Chenghao had never thought that the color red could be so beautiful until he saw it embellishing the green chili seedlings, which made him almost cry from the beauty.

He loved the results, and he loved the color red! He was so happy!

He had upgraded from an African Emirate to a Half-European.  Xu Chenghao was so happy that he almost wanted to eat a hot pepper on the spot to celebrate… Of course, he was just thinking about it; he wouldn’t want to harm his throat.

Then give it to the villain!

Xu Chenghao made a happy decision and locked the first rich harvest in a fresh-keeping box into a safe, then replanted the chili seedlings and looked forward to harvesting ten chili peppers!

Since the deformities came out, wouldn’t the complete ones be far behind?!

Definitely not far!

The next day, Xu Chenghao wore a red rose brooch to celebrate, and while adjusting his collar in front of the mirror, he officially decided that red would be his lucky color from now on! He loved red, no need to explain!

Perhaps it was because he was in high spirits due to the good news; when Xu Chenghao brought his little yellow duck to work, everyone in the company could tell that he was in a great mood, and some people even secretly asked Li Nian if President Xu was in love.

Li Nian thought that his reputation had already been damaged, so his eyes drifted as he said, “Maybe…”

The employee asked curiously, “Nian Ge, you’re always with President Xu; don’t you know anything?”

Li Nian pretended to be deep in thought: “We’ve been busy with projects lately.
Who has time to pay attention to these things? Maybe President Xu is happy because we’ve reached a new cooperation agreement.
Instead of wasting time on useless thoughts, we should focus on work and getting a raise.”

The employee chuckled a few times, “Then I’ll sign in first and leave.”

Li Nian: “Go.”

After bidding farewell to the employee, Li Nian took the elevator back to the project team on the seventh floor.
When he pushed open the door,  he saw Xu Chenghao standing in front of Jing Yicheng’s desk.
He had arranged four somewhat deformed-looking chili peppers in a row and was showing them off proudly, “Here, would you like to have one to perk you up in the morning?”

Jing Yicheng’s slightly raised mouth instantly flattened, and he calmly said, “Thank you very much, but I’m very sober now and don’t need to eat anything.”

“In that case, I’ll give them to someone else,” Xu Chenghao said as he reached out to take them back, but Jing Yicheng’s quick eyes and hands pressed down on his hand, and he calmly said, “Have you forgotten about the contract?”

Xu Chenghao smiled, revealing his teeth, “But this is during the experiment, and I have the right to use the chili pepper! Besides, if we add any more chili pepper, it won’t be good.
If you don’t eat it, I will give it to someone else.”

Jing Yicheng: “…”

Xu Chenghao tilted his head and looked at him: “Will you eat it?”

Jing Yicheng’s Adam’s apple rolled: “I’ll eat it!”



The author has something to say: Xu Chenghao: You eat three chili peppers, and I’ll feed you chili peppers for a year!

Jing Yicheng: So spicy that I can’t speak.jpg


T/N: Jing Yicheng is regretting his life choices now hahahahaha~ Have a pleasant day

1“FeiQiu” (飞骑) refers to individuals who are good at playing video games, especially those who are skilled at riding mounts (hence the name “flying riders”).
It can also be used more broadly to describe people who are talented or skilled in a particular area.2“DuNai” (毒奶) literally means “poison milk”.
It refers to someone who appears to be friendly or helpful on the surface, but whose words or actions actually have a negative or harmful effect.
It can also be used to describe people who are sarcastic or ironic in their speech.

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