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The assistant suppressed the urge to vomit blood and tried to recover from the mistake just made: “Moreover, our research institute is very well-known, so if you need anything, you can just tell us.
I believe we can handle it.”


Jing Yicheng nodded approvingly beside him and turned to Xu Chenghao: “What do you think? As long as you choose our security system, I can guarantee that not even a fly can get into your base.”


Xu Chenghao’s mouth twitched.
He feared his base would be set up with rocket launchers, so he politely declined: “Not for now, let’s take a look at the central management system first.”


Jing Yicheng frowned disapprovingly.
How could such an important thing like the little pepper not be protected strictly and given to others instead?!


Xu Chenghao insisted on his opinion and changed the subject: “Let’s talk about it later.
What I care about now is the issue of automatic machinery.
I hope you can give me the sample paper as soon as possible.”


Jing Yicheng could only continue the conversation on this topic: “Within a week.”


Xu Chenghao pretended to be surprised: “Seven days? Don’t you have any sample papers from before?”


Jing Yicheng replied calmly: “We complete orders based on the buyer’s requirements, so the previous sample papers are not useful to you.”


Xu Chenghao smiled wryly, “You guys sound quite impressive.”


Jing Yicheng replied, “Yes, we are a high-end agricultural machinery research institute.”


Xu Chenghao almost couldn’t hold back his laughter.
He coughed lightly twice and said, “Okay then, let’s go back to the company and sign the contract.
Happy cooperation.”


“Happy cooperation.”


The two celebrated with tea and wine.
After finishing their meal, they returned to the company to complete the final signing of the contract, making their cooperation officially established.


Jing Yicheng reminded him, “It’s written in the contract that I can pick the peppers that are not in the experimental period.”


Xu Chenghao: “That’s right, but I’ve also added a clause stating that you can’t pick them without my consent… because only I know when the experimental period starts and ends, so you must listen to me.”


Jing Yicheng: “Okay.”


Xu Chenghao was very satisfied with his cooperative attitude and looked at the pepper seedlings blooming on his desk and said, “This plant will probably be ready for harvest by the end of the day.
You can come and pick it up yourself.”


Jing Yicheng also looked at the little yellow duck-shaped flowerpot, and his eyes lit up: “Okay.”


There are still many things to be busy with in the afternoon.
After shaking hands, Xu Chenghao sat down and started working busily.
Jing Yicheng took the contract and returned to his office with his assistant to discuss the cooperation.


The assistant almost cried out: “Boss, how could you say that our research institute is for agricultural machinery! How can we get these things for him?!”


Jing Yicheng calmly said: “Military and civilian are not separated.
You can completely research automated machinery, I believe in you.”


Assistant: “…we don’t believe in ourselves.”


Jing Yicheng glanced at him lightly: “If you can’t even make such a simple automated machine, do you still want to research more sophisticated things?”


The assistant had nothing to say and could only continue: “What about the central management system?”


Jing Yicheng replied, “I’ll do it.”


Assistant: “…”


Okay, as long as you’re happy, Boss!


On the other hand, Li Nian was also chatting with Xu Chenghao about the cooperation.


Li Nian hesitated and said, “I always feel that the assistant was acting strange during dinner, very strange…Do you think they might be hiding something? Like maybe they are not really a research institute for agricultural machinery?”


Xu Chenghao smiled and didn’t say anything.


Li Nian asked, “Do you know?”


Xu Chenghao replied, “Whether I know or not doesn’t matter, as long as we don’t suffer!”


Li Nian frowned: “I always feel like you all know something and I’m the only one who’s clueless.”


Xu Chenghao burst out laughing: “I didn’t expect you to have such an accurate self-assessment, haha.”


Li Nian: “…”


Today is another day where he wants to strangle the Boss.


The topic was forcibly stopped due to personal attacks, and Xu Chenghao, who made Li Nian angry, continued to work with a smile.


As the project progressed, the work gradually increased.
The pepper base was still in preparation, and there was also the cooperation with the Jiang family, which required following Ruan Chenxuan to raise the price and stopping when it was enough.


Another busy day had passed, and as soon as it was time to get off work, Jing Yicheng arrived at Xu Chenghao’s desk on time and looked at the little yellow duck, “I’m here to pick it!”


Xu Chenghao put down his pen and looked at Jing Yicheng: “Go ahead, pick it.”


Jing Yicheng was quiet for three seconds.
He tentatively reached out his hand and picked the small chili pepper under Xu Chenghao’s gaze.


Xu Chenghao blinked: “What’s wrong?”


Jing Yicheng: “I’m not used to it.” He even had the illusion that the other party might jump up and fight him at any time.


Xu Chenghao hummed lightly: “Isn’t this your own fault? That’s why you have to listen to me.
If I say you can pick it, you can pick it.
If I say you can’t, you can’t.
If I say you can’t and you still pick it, can I not be angry?”


Jing Yicheng fell silent, feeling completely overwhelmed by the guilt of those three chilli peppers, making it difficult to wash away his sins.


“Oh, by the way,” Xu Chenghao said as he put on his jacket, “you can’t pick any more chili peppers tomorrow.
The second experiment has already started.”


“So soon?” Jing Yicheng frowned.


“Yeah, who else but me is the experimenter?” Xu Chenghao picked up the little yellow duck and waved goodbye.
“I’m leaving, see you tomorrow.”


Jing Yicheng turned the chilli pepper in his hand and helplessly said, “See you tomorrow.”


He had just signed the contract and received a chili pepper, but before he could even be happy, he was immediately forbidden to pick any more.
He always felt like he had fallen into a pit, like the classic tactic of giving someone candy and hitting them.




The cooling time was almost over; Xu Chenghao was completely eager to return home and drove back excitedly.
He ate, washed up, and then lay in bed waiting for the arrival of the second chili pepper task.


In order to restrain his excitement, Xu Chenghao followed the countdown to cool down.
But, he lost track of time and fell asleep until late at night; he suddenly smelled a familiar and slightly spicy chili scent.
He sat up in bed in a panic and quickly regained his composure.


【Ding–Feedback successful, Little Pepper mission updated to version 2.0 automatically.
Mission requirement: within one month, the triggerer must grow ten chilies and not harvest them late.
[Comes with a pack of low-grade chili seeds with a 20% success rate.]】


【Ding–Little pepper reminds you that a 20% success rate means that when you plant the seed, there is a 50% chance of failure, a 30% chance of deformity, and only a 20% chance of success.】


【Ding–Please start your mission.】


After listening to this broadcast with his head propped up, Xu Chenghao looked at the small bag of chili seeds before him and suddenly felt a little worried… Ten chilies, the first task, only required one chili to be grown to completion, but growing ten chilies seemed quite difficult!


He hoped the 20% success rate would be helpful!


Xu Chenghao got out of bed and found a little yellow duck-shaped flower pot, and planted the new 20% success rate chili seed.
He then went to the balcony and planted some in a large flower pot, preparing to see if the chili seeds with an increased 20% success rate would be successful without interacting with the plot characters.


He also thought avoiding the villain for the next few days would be better, as being unpredictable was the most important thing!


After making up his mind, Xu Chenghao went to work the next day carrying the little yellow duck, keeping in mind that he needed to stay away from the villain.
However, upon arriving, he learned that the other party would not be coming this morning.


The assistant explained: “Um… our boss values cooperation with President Xu very much, so he personally went to study your requirements, and wants to strive to achieve the best… agricultural machinery results for you.”


The assistant seemed to be not used to the title of the agricultural machinery research institute, and stuttered every time he mentioned it, then laughed it off.


After giving him a 50% score for his acting skills, Xu Chenghao didn’t make things difficult for him and said, “All right, I got it.
You can go now.” The assistant nodded and immediately turned to leave, feeling like he had escaped a difficult situation.


Xu Chenghao laughed and shook his head, placing the little yellow duck on his desk.
He didn’t know whether he should be happy that the villain was far away from the little yellow duck this morning or miserable that all of the morning’s work had become his.


Ah, scaring one person and keeping another busy, he decided he’d rather be busy himself.
It would be even better if the villain didn’t come all day.


Meanwhile, Jing Yicheng announced the latest order to the technicians wearing white lab coats in the research institute.
They stared blankly as they heard about agricultural machinery, automatic watering, and seeding machines, feeling like they hadn’t even woken up yet.


How could a national military research institute suddenly receive such an order? And at such a cheap price! This wasn’t just a case of someone being shortsighted and making a mess, but rather an insult to their intelligence!


The technicians were angry and asked, “Boss, is someone making things difficult for you? Are they deliberately embarrassing you? Is this order meant to trample on our faces?”


Jing Yicheng revealed a stern face from behind an A4 paper and said displeasedly, “What did you say?”


The technician replied, “Everyone knows that our research institute is a nationally recognized institution.
If he dares to place an order for us to produce agricultural machinery, he must be deliberately mocking us!”


Jing Yicheng sneered, “Sorry, but I personally took on this order.
Do you have any objections?”


The technician was confused and speechless, “???”


Jing Yicheng coldly said, “Look at how restless you all are! Don’t you understand the principle that the military and civilians are not divided? Are you insulted and oppressed by doing these things?!”


The technician suddenly became mute and said, “No, no.
It’s just that our research institute has a special status and is already seen as a thorn in the eyes of others.
I thought someone deliberately did this.”


Jing Yicheng replied, “You don’t need to worry about these things.
If there are any problems, I can handle them.
You should focus on your research and take breaks when needed.
Do you hear me?!”


Jing Yicheng’s tone suddenly changed, “That’s why I believe that you can even test precise data.
These small machines won’t be difficult for you.
Can you deliver the sample within seven days and the final product within a month?!”


The technician’s voice weakened instantly, “Yes, we can.”


Jing Yicheng was somewhat satisfied, “We will only accept orders for agricultural machinery this month.
It is essential to speed up!”

The technician was speechless.


Jing Yicheng continued, “By the way, replace all the places where the logo should be with little yellow ducks with round eyes and pouting beaks!”


The technician was dumbfounded.


They all felt that their Boss might have gone crazy!



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