“Eat it.
Didn’t you like it before!” Xu Chenghao gazed expectantly, hoping for the first time that he would hurry up and eat the chili: “Eat it quickly.”

Jing Yicheng’s Adam’s apple rolled.
For the first time, he felt that the pepper was so hot.
He even began to reflect on why his previous self insisted on eating it raw.

Xu Chenghao was still urging, “This is a very fresh pepper that was just picked.
Just eat it directly like before!”

Jing Yicheng silently squeezed the chili in his hand for a long time and said solemnly, “This pepper is not easy to come by.
I have to cherish it.
I can’t just eat it casually.”

Xu Chenghao: “Didn’t you eat to your heart’s content before?”

Jing Yicheng: “It’s because I made mistakes before that I should cherish it more now.”

Xu Chenghao looked at him with disgust and speechlessness, not expecting that the seemingly self-righteous villain boss, who was moral on the surface, would open his eyes and talk nonsense…….
It seems he was really not willing to eat.

Xu Chenghao sighed: “Okay, I hope you can also treasure chili so much in the future.”

Jing Yicheng looked calm, but his hands were fast as he tucked the chili into his pocket and smiled, “Of course.”

Xu Chenghao turned around and left, very disappointed, but decided to order a perverted spicy lunch box tomorrow for Ji Yingcheng.
From now on, he’ll make Jing Yicheng cringe at the sight of chili! Haha!

After dawdling with Jing Yicheng for a while, it was already time to get off work, Xu Chenghao drove home, and the first thing he did was to plant seeds and water the little yellow duck again.

The cooldown time was currently halfway through, and there were only three days left before the second mission.
Xu Chenghao felt it was useless to leave the seeds behind, so he planted the remaining seeds in the flowerpots.
It didn’t matter if they failed.

After doing all this, Xu Chenghao looked at the large flower pot and pondered.
No matter how large the flower pot was, the capacity was limited.
It was indeed more than enough for the beginner tasks, but it would definitely be insufficient as the number of tasks increases.

He really had to build a chili base…and that too, before the numbers got big.

While planning the pepper base in his head, Xu Chenghao inexplicably thought of someone who said with a serious face that he was from the Agricultural Machinery Research Institute and then burst out laughing.

If not for the plot he had in his hand, telling him his true identity, he might have believed him.
He also wonders what kind of shock and bewilderment the people of the national institute would feel when they have to deal with agricultural machinery in the future……

The more he knew the truth, the more he understood how funny it really was.
Xu Chenghao sat on the balcony and giggled for a long while, then suddenly remembered that the other party had caused him to lose three peppers, and suddenly his face sank, thinking why he was giggling about him, boring!

Xu Chenghao sprang up, leaving the balcony, then washed and rested, and decided to buy land to build a pepper base tomorrow!

That was undoubtedly another tedious task, but at the same time, its significance was most important to Xu Chenghao, so he had to go through with it personally and do the follow-up on it himself, or else he won’t be at ease.

So Xu Chenghao became even busier.
The only thing he was happy about was that the project still had Jing Yicheng to support it, and Ruan Chenxuan’s side of the cooperation had Li Nian to help, so he wasn’t burnt out and was able to handle everything calmly.

Every decision made by those in positions of power in the business world was closely scrutinized since it could decide how things would develop in the future.
So when Xu Chenghao bought land to build a shed, people in the circle began to secretly observe and speculate if the Xu family was making any big moves.

Ruan Chenxuan caught the news even though he was recovering from his illness.
While watching Xu Chenghao’s daily video with a frown, he wondered what the other party’s intention was.

Moreover, he discovered that his men could only grasp Xu Chenghao’s daily life.
When something actually happened, they couldn’t capture anything.
For example, the video didn’t reveal anything about this land purchase at all.
He discovered that by grasping the news from the circles.

If it wasn’t intentional, it meant that Xu Chenghao was on guard.
What was revealed on the outside were things he wanted people to find out or didn’t care about.
He hid the real important information very well and never revealed it.

Ruan Chenxuan stared at the youth on the video, his eyes full of admiration.

Grudges aside, the other man was indeed a very good person, one of the best among the young generations in the circle.

In the past, Ruan Chenxuan had the upper hand because of An Rouyu.
The other party concealed his means for love, but when this love was gone, the other party bared his teeth and claws, so much so that Ruan Chenxuan, who was not defensive, was bitten hard.

…… It is a pity they are enemies.
Otherwise, it must be wonderful and worry-free to befriend such a proud son of heaven.

Ruan Chenxuan was quiet for two seconds and turned off the screen.
It didn’t matter if he was an enemy.
He, Ruan Chenxuan, had always relied on himself.
Even if he didn’t have friends who would work hand-in-hand with him, he could still keep going and get to the top!

Buckle up –

A quiet knock sounded on the door, and Ruan Chenxuan opened his eyes only to see the woman he hadn’t seen for a few days standing outside the door, looking at him quietly.

An Rouyu’s eyes were overly beautiful, clear, and pure, and when she looked at people with tearful eyes, she was charming and captivating, like a pure blooming flower waiting for people to love and care for her.

Ruan Chenxuan looked at her and didn’t speak for a while.

The atmosphere suddenly felt awkward for some reason, and anyone who saw this scene could hardly imagine that they were still close and passionate lovers a few days ago who were in love with each other.

An Rouyu tugged at the hem of her skirt helplessly, and tears fell before she could speak.
She whimpered: “Chenxuan, did I do something wrong? Why are you suddenly so cold and unwilling to see me…”

Ruan Chenxuan’s surge of emotions disappeared instantly, and he felt bored seeing the crying woman: “Who asked you to come?”

An Rouyu wiped her tears and said: “I came here by myself.
I want to take care of you when you are sick… Chenxuan, you are sick.
Don’t try to be brave.
Let me take care of you, okay? I really don’t feel at ease when you are alone.”

Ruan Chenxuan said coldly: “No, I’m going to work tomorrow, so I don’t need you to take care of me.”

An Rouyu was even more at a loss.
She stared at the man on the bed but didn’t dare to take a step to approach him.
An Rouyu felt he was acting weird, totally unlike the man who used to love her.

She cried even harder: “I knew you were blaming me… I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t have told Hao gege about the cooperation, but he has been so kind to me since I was young, and I owe him so much.
I really can’t bear to see him being cheated, and I only want him to stop.
I didn’t mean to harm you.
Chenxuan, trust me!”

It was okay if this topic was not raised.
But as soon as this matter was said in front of Ruan Chenxuan, he would remember the two cooperations.
The residual anger suddenly erupted, and he stated angrily: “You owe him, so you can make up for it by hurting me, right?!”

“It’s not that I didn’t…” An Rouyu cried and retorted: “I didn’t want to hurt you.
I just wanted him to stop.
I wanted all of you to be well.”

Ruan Chenxuan: “These are all just your thoughts.
How do you know the other party won’t hurt you or me!”

An Rouyu: “Hao gege won’t.
He merely has a sharp mouth and a soft heart.
He is not such a person!”

Ruan Chenxuan was so angry that he couldn’t understand: “You trust him so much.
Then why didn’t you choose him in the first place?!”

An Rouyu wiped her tears and said, “Isn’t it because I like you? I only see him like an older brother!”

Ruan Chenxuan sneered: “Hehe, you treat him like an older brother.
He has probably forgotten who you are now, but you’re still sticking to it.
If you had some face left, you wouldn’t say such things!”

An Rouyu said incredulously, “How can you say that about me?”

Ruan Chenxuan paused and seemed to feel that he had spoken a bit harshly, so he shut up and didn’t continue speaking.

An Rouyu was attacked by his words psychologically and cried, “How could you say that about me! How could you do that to me!”

She cried out and turned to run away.
The sound of stomping down the stairs came into the room, hurried and chaotic.
Ruan Chenxuan was silent for two seconds, then suddenly picked up the pillow and slammed it on the ground.

Good job, every single one of them!!!


When Xu Chenghao received the call from the female lead, he was in despair, completely unable to understand what she was thinking.
He had refused so clearly and even spoken harshly before.
Why did the other party think of calling him again? She was even acting like she had been wronged and complained outside.

He immediately tossed the phone to Li Nian and let him solve it while he sat quietly.

Li Nian listened to the constant crying on the phone: “What makes him say that about me, I don’t want to see him, I don’t want to go back to …… Hao gege what should I do ……” His mind was full of black lines.

He also does not want to face this young lady, okay!

Li Nian took a deep breath and tried to maintain professionalism: “Hello, Miss An, President Xu is currently very busy and it’s not convenient to answer the phone.
If there is anything please make an appointment to meet and discuss it in detail, of course, if it’s some children’s love then it’s best you deal with it yourself.”

An Rouyu’s laments stopped abruptly, and she screamed, “Li Nian, why is it you!!”

Li Nian rolled his eyes: “I keep President Xu’s phone when he is busy in meetings.
Is there any problem? Oh, even if there is a problem, you have no right to say anything.
This ex-fiancée, please know your place!”

But An Rouyu only screamed as if she didn’t understand, “Give the phone to Hao gege! I want to talk to Hao gege! You give him the phone!”

Li Nian gradually lost patience: “I will not give it back.
What can you do? Miss An, I respect you this is my professionalism.
If you continue to pester, don’t blame me if I swear!”

An Rouyu: “Oh, I knew it.
I knew you didn’t want Hao gege to contact me.
You want to monopolize Hao gege, don’t you? You vicious, selfish man!”

Li Nian: “……”

He almost vomited blood.
If Xu Chenghao hadn’t said in advance that he was a shield, Li Nian might have been really confused.
But now it was not good.

He pondered for a long time, suddenly pinched his throat, and said: “Yes I want to dominate him.
What can you do? ” Aren’t you just shouting twice to protest? I want to laugh at the childishness of your tactics.
You’re like this, but you still want to steal a man from me? Take a piss and look at yourself!”




The author has something to say: Li Nian: I have paid too much for this job.

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T/N: I still remember you.


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