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Ruan Chenxuan was lying in bed.
He was so angry that he was about to explode; he took the new cell phone that his assistant got him and contacted him, “Keep an eye on Jing Yicheng! Tell me whenever he is sick!!!”

Assistant: “Huh??”

Ruan Chenxuan: “Ah what is huh?! Whether he has a cold, stomachache, or hemorrhoids, tell me!!!”
Assistant: “…Okay, okay.”

Ruan Chenxuan: “And Xu Chenghao, keep a fucking eye on him! Send me all the photos and videos!”

Assistant: “…… Didn’t you say that Xu Chenghao had nothing worth seeing at three o’clock?”

Ruan Chenxuan: “I want to see it now, can’t I? Film it for me! Take pictures of everything without missing a beat!”

Assistant: “…… okay.”

Although he did not know why the boss was so angry, the assistant was very fast.
Ten minutes after hanging up the phone, he sent over the collated ‘Xu Chenghao three-point front-line life video.’

Ruan Chenxuan clicked on it and watched.
Xu Chenghao’s life was indeed quite dull; the three points front-line video was plain.
Every day, it was from home to the company for work, outside the office for a stroll, shopping or eating with the family, and then back home, he didn’t even make plans to go out on his own.

In the past, Ruan Chenxuan would speed up the video, watch it twice then get bored, but now, as soon as he saw the little yellow duck in the other party’s hand, he remembered the hot pepper and thought of how he became like this.
That was enough to motivate him to continue watching– to not lose again! He had to look at it himself!

The young man in the video wore a long suit; whether bending down to get out of the car or unobtrusively buttoning up, he possessed an elegance and nobility that came from his bones.

To be fair, he did look very handsome; his face was attractive to the point of being impeccable; no wonder most women in the circle liked him and were willing to marry him even if they were already married ……

While watching, there was a sudden knock on the door.
The assistant entered with a bowl, saying as he walked, “President Ruan, you can’t eat foods that are too oily and too stimulating now; Auntie said that millet porridge is good for your stomach, so she made you red dates and millet porridge, have some.”

Ruan Chenxuan said en, dropping his phone on the bed, and took the bowl to drink the congee slowly.

The assistant said, “You didn’t go back last night.
Miss An called …… to ask if you were coming back tonight.”

Ruan Chenxuan: “I won’t return.”

The assistant cautiously said, “President Ruan, you are sick now…… want to let Miss An take care of you?”

Ruan Chenxuan gazed at him coldly and snarled, “If I want her to take care of me, then why am I still living here?”

The assistant broke out in a cold sweat and did not dare to continue, so he hastily gestured for Ruan Chenxuan to continue drinking the porridge.

Ruan Chenxuan was in a bad mood.
His stomach was also uncomfortable; he took a few sips and put the bowl on the bedside table; he had no appetite.

To make up for his earlier mistake, the assistant actively picked up the oral tablet on the bedside table and smiled, “President Ruan, this is the medicine you must take, right? I’ll bring it to you.”

Ruan Chen Xuan’s face suddenly darkened, “I’m not eating! Take it away!”

Assistant: “Huh? But it’s good for your throat, don’t you have a sore throat?”

Ruan Chen Xuan gritted his teeth, “It doesn’t hurt! Take it away!”

Assistant: “But your voice is obviously hoarse…”

Ruan Chenxuan: “Take it away!!!”

Assistant: “…Okay, okay.”

The assistant took the medicine box and left with a bewildered and clueless look.
He probably did not understand what he had done wrong.

Ruan Chenxuan, however, was so furious he felt like he was half dead1半死 half dead (of torment, hunger, tiredness, etc.) / (tired) to death / (terrified) out of one’s wits / (beaten) to within an inch of one’s life / (knock) the daylights out of sb..
He didn’t know whether it was an illusion, but he felt like his throat was hurting even more.

Ruan Chenxuan: “…”
Damn, he was about to die from anger because of that son of a bitch Jing Yicheng!

If Jing Yicheng has the guts, he should never get sick in his lifetime! If he finds out he’s sick; he’ll throw stones at him when he gets to the well2落井下石: to throw stones at sb who has fallen down a well (idiom) / to hit a person when he’s down.
and let him also die from excess anger!


Xu Chenghao was utterly unaware of the little scheme between these two people.
Usually, he was so busy in the company that his feet didn’t touch the ground, and when he came home, he had to observe the little pepper to continue the experiment; the whole person was too busy.
How could he remember a sick male lead? Ah.

As for Jing Yicheng, who nearly made Ruan Chenxuan vomit blood, he had recently become very interested in the little yellow duck.
The first thing he did every day at work was to see if it had borne fruits, so much so that watering the little yellow duck had become his job.

Watering was a significant activity; not only was he able to harvest the fruit himself, but he was also able to promote the relationship between Xu Chenghao and himself.
For this reason, Jing Yicheng was very happy to water the little yellow duck, and at times he could also spare some time to think about other issues.

“Do you plan to sow in only this small pot for your hot pepper experiment?”

Hearing this, Xu Chenghao looked at the little yellow duck and pondered, “Of course, we will gradually increase the amount.” His goal was 50 million peppers.

Jing Yicheng: “What’s the maximum?”

Xu Chenghao opened his eyes and said nonsense: “This is a very large project.
Now that the fruiting rate is so low surely we must adjust the experiment step by step to determine.
Perhaps more than 100,000 pieces.”

Jing Yicheng was somewhat surprised: “Then you should not have enough flower pots, right? Do you plan to go wholesale? And with how many little yellow ducks?”

Xu Chenghao choked: “Why would I wholesale little yellow ducks, can’t I have a large pepper base?”

Jing Yicheng raised his eyebrows: “Little yellow duck pepper base?”

Xu Chenghao: “…”

Was he now bound to the little yellow duck? The little yellow duck was obviously a freebie for buying the big flower pot, but who would have thought that one day it would turn over3翻身: to turn over (when lying) / (fig.) to free oneself / to emancipate oneself / to bring about a change of one’s fortunes.
and become the MVP!

Xu Chenghao helplessly rubbed his brow and vaguely said, “Let’s talk about future things later, recently there is absolutely no need for such a huge project as the base, there are still enough flower pots at home.”

Jing Yicheng stared at the pepper seedlings for a while, then suddenly sat in front of Xu Chenghao: “Let’s talk about another business deal.”

Xu Chenghao didn’t even raise his head, “Rejected.”

Jing Yicheng: “Why?”

“No reason.” Xu Chenghao thought, “I’m looking forward to the end of the cooperation every day to get away from you, this mad man, so why would I continue to do business with you?! In your dreams!”

Jing Yicheng stared at him with a frown, “About the little yellow duck pepper base.”

Xu Chenghao still insisted on refusing, “Private research, you can’t invest.”

Jing Yicheng: “Not to invest…… Let’s put it this way, do you know what kind of research institute I work in?”

Armory ah …… Xu Chenghao did not even raise an eyebrow: “What Research Institute?”

Jing Yicheng said with a straight face, “Agricultural Machinery Research Institute!”

Xu Chenghao: “Oh yes …… what???”

Xu Chenghao had a black question mark expression, wondering if his ear was deceiving him just now: “What did you just say???”

Jing Yicheng remained calm: “I said I work in the Agricultural Machinery Research Institute!”

Xu Chenghao: “…”

Xu Chenghao propped his head up, feeling like he needed a reprieve.

This conversation was so fucking fucked up! What the fuck was the Institute of Agricultural Machinery! Did everyone at the Institute know he was saying that?!

Jing Yicheng had always felt that his identity was well concealed, so the lie came out smoothly, “I didn’t lie, my team is here to verify as you please.”

Xu Chenghao looked at him in a complicated mood, “This temperament of yours …… doesn’t look like someone from the agricultural machinery institute.”

Jing Yicheng said nonsense earnestly, “It’s true, so what I said about cooperation is actually to ask if you lack agricultural machinery, when the little yellow duck pepper base is built, I will support you in automating the mechanical part.
As for my request, it’s simple, I hope you can give me all the peppers you obtain when he doesn’t take them back.”

Xu Chenghao put his elbows on the desk to cover the corners of his mouth that were about to twitch and used all his strength to hold back a laugh, “Sounds good.”

Jing Yicheng: “So, do you want to cooperate?”

Xu Chenghao: “Cooperation, hahaha, cooperation …… rushing you this …… Cough, cough, sincerity, must cooperate, hahaha.”

Jing Yicheng: “…… What are you laughing at?”

Xu Chenghao: “No, no, no, I’m just happy at the thought that I’m about to have a little yellow duck pepper base, hahahahahahahaha ……”

Jing Yicheng: “……”
It just felt weird.

Upon seeing his suspicious expression, Xu Chenghao quickly forced down his own smile and said solemnly, “The matter of the little yellow duck pepper base is still up for discussion.
But you can rest assured.
As long as I lack agricultural machinery, I will definitely find you.”

Jing Yicheng nodded: “Okay.”

The two succeeded in their verbal agreement on the matter, and Xu Chenghao excused himself to go to the bathroom and laugh maniacally; this was really a source of fucking joy that could be laughed at for a year! The goddamned agricultural machinery, hahahahahahahaha.

After laughing and coming out of the washroom to wash his hands, Xu Chenghao reverted to the calm, steady, and witty President Xu.
He sat at his desk and continued to deal with the company’s affairs.

The beginning of the project had been established; as the saying goes, getting started was always the hardest part, and after they got through this hurdle, all actions would be more fluid and expedite the completion of the various steps.

At this time, the Jiang and Ruan families were still in a tug-of-war over the distribution of interests, but Ruan Chenxuan’s illness delayed things even more, causing them to slow down Xu’s group by more than a step or two.

On the other hand, the Jiang family had stalled for so long without replying with an affirmative answer, so as regular partners, they had to act anxious and start urging.
In addition, he also collaborated with Ruan Chenxuan to work together to wheedle the Jiang family, so …… this was when Xu’s group came online to find its presence!

Li Nian’s performance cells finally came in handy.
He called Jiang Changming’s secretary directly, began to urge the Jiang family about the project, and skeptically accused the Jiang family of wanting to go back on their word.
After saying this, he placed the phone on speaker mode, put it aside, and began nibbling on melon seeds while listening to the other party’s flattering words.

Until they hung up the phone, the assistant of Jiang’s group was secretly glad that his eloquence was exquisite to stabilize the Xu group once again, completely unaware that the other party was actually playing a game.

Xu Chenghao lauded him with daily applause, “Awesome awesome!”

Li Nian beamed: “Don’t mention it, it feels good to listen to others flattering you.”

Xu Chenghao smiled, “Then study hard and shoot it for me some day.”

Li Nian deliberately panicked and said, “You actually want me to touch your ass, pervert!”

Xu Chenghao: “…… psycho!”

Since Xu Chenghao told Li Nian that he used him as a shield because of mutual harm, the other party began to act daily, and that too so naturally that those who did not know thought there was something between them.

But this was fine.
In the future, there would be someone who could explain that the original owner was not bent.
It could be considered to have solved the current emotional problems and the life problems of the original owner in the future, killing two birds with one stone.


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Jing Yicheng, who observed secretly: It turns out that good friends can still pat each other’s butts, get√


I can’t with Jing Yicheng turning his Institute into an agricultural one just to be close to Haohao, hahaha .
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1半死 half dead (of torment, hunger, tiredness, etc.) / (tired) to death / (terrified) out of one’s wits / (beaten) to within an inch of one’s life / (knock) the daylights out of sb.2落井下石: to throw stones at sb who has fallen down a well (idiom) / to hit a person when he’s down.3翻身: to turn over (when lying) / (fig.) to free oneself / to emancipate oneself / to bring about a change of one’s fortunes.

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