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At this moment, Li Nian wanted to die on the spot.
Holding his bowl and chopsticks, he didn’t dare look at Xu Chenghao’s expression.
He knew he was dead! Who would have thought that this group of people would be so rude?!!

Seeing that everyone was already seated, what else could Xu Chenghao say? As the host, he could only call out to the aunty to add more bowls and chopsticks, then he said to everyone half-heartedly, “Don’t be polite.
Eat whatever you want.”

“Thank you, Mr.
Xu for your hospitality.” Jing Yicheng responded with a wry smile and commented: “The spicy diced pork is delicious.”

Xu Chenghao suddenly groaned in his heart and immediately turned his head to look at the living room.
Through the angle of the dining room door, Xu Chenghao could see at a glance that the little yellow duck was still standing upright on the coffee table, unmoved.
The small white flowers on it were pure and beautiful, showing that it was not yet ready to bear fruit-so today’s harvest would not come from the little yellow duck.

Xu Chenghao heaved a sigh of relief.
Sitting next to Li Nian, Xu Chenghao patted his shoulder vigorously and gave him a stern look.
Eating with this group of people could reduce his life span by ten years!

Li Nian gave him dishes flatteringly: “Eat, eat, eat.”

“Hmph!” Xu Chenghao snorted coldly, reluctantly accepting his flattery.

In the eyes of An Ruoyu, who had just learned the truth, this style of getting along was no different from flirting.
She couldn’t say what she felt in her heart.
She was like a pampered child, suddenly cut off from the pampering, aggrieved, sad and nostalgic for the past …… In short, it was a mixture of flavours.

Ruan Chenxuan had been quietly looking at her, his eyes getting colder and colder as time passed.
When An Rouyu looked back at him, he looked down and ate as if nothing had happened.

An Rouyu gave him a dish, carefully trying to salvage their relationship.
Ruan Chenxuan remained silent, his thoughts unclear.

Jing Yicheng took in the entire episode, revealing a smirk – he was looking forward to Ruan Chenxuan’s choice.


When Xu Chenghao saw Jing Yicheng smile, his eyelids twitched.
At present, there was only an hour and a half left for the pepper seedlings in the little yellow duck flower pot to be harvested.
But, he was afraid Ji Yicheng would go crazy again and rob him of his pepper to eat.
So he had to focus on Ji Yicheng and be constantly alert!!

The meal was so intricately weird and awkward that if someone were to draw a line to connect their lines of sight, it could probably turn into a cobweb.

After the meal, everyone sat in the living room to discuss matters.
At that time, the aunt had already gotten off work.
Li Nian, guilty of the crime, consciously got up to make tea.
Due to his familiarity with the house, he quickly found the tea cups and leaves and then boiled water to make tea.
The entire set of actions was smooth and fluid.
An Rouyu became more convinced they were a pair attached at the hip.

Xu Chenghao glanced at Jing Yicheng and pulled the little yellow duck on the coffee table to himself, making sure he was the closest, which was only slightly reassuring.

Determined to make a quick decision and settle everything before it was time for the harvest, he said bluntly, “Mr Ruan, tell us what’s going on.”

Ruan Chenxuan did not waste much time talking and said, “The cooperation that I want to discuss with Mr Xu is about treating others in the same manner they did you; I believe that Mr Xu would be very interested.”

Xu Chenghao instantly reacted, “You want me to drag the Jiang family down with you?”

Ruan Chenxuan: “Yes.
I want to cooperate with President Xu now in the hope of taking a leading position in the tug of war with the Jiang family.
In the face of certain losses, I believe it is best for President Xu to cooperate with me.
Otherwise, this would be a big blow to your Xu Group.”

Xu Chenghao narrowed his eyes slightly.
If he remembered correctly, Jing Yicheng had told him that the most crucial part of that cooperation was that Ruan Chenxuan wanted to take advantage of that opportunity to shake the foundation of the Xu Group.
Thus, gradually swallowing up the Xu Group’s foundation and expanding the Ruan Group’s territory.

But now the other party, after finding out that he knew about the scheme, quickly shifted the battlefield in just a few minutes, trying to pull him to board a pirate ship and fight against the Jiang group together …… He would have applauded the male lead if the two were not rivals for his alert and decisive reaction.”

As the male lead said, if the Xu Group did not cooperate with Jing Yicheng, cooperation with Ruan Chenxuan was the only way out, and because they were at a disadvantage, they would have no upper hand in the partnership.

When the time came, whether it was his cooperation with the male lead or the Jiang family’s cooperation with the male lead, the one with the upper hand would have been the male lead, which meant that he would be the biggest beneficiary of that project.

After sorting out the intricate relationship within, Xu Chenghao was silent.
He was thinking, what the hell was the male lead’s brain made of? At that time, he just listened to the female lead words and immediately reacted and quickly made a judgment …… No wonder the male lead in the plot had a business genius title.
He was convinced!

Ruan Chenxuan, who hadn’t gotten a response after a long while, glanced at him sideways: “What does President Xu think?”


“It’s pretty good.” Xu Chenghao returned to his senses, “But if you want to drag me along, you have to show your sincerity anyway, right?”

Ruan Chenxuan thought for a moment: “I will grant you a five percent share of the dividend.”

Xu Chenghao smiled wryly, “Oh, then I wonder how much President Ruan conceded when he was poaching.”


Ruan Chenxuan paused and raised his eyes to look at him.
He saw the other party sitting on the sofa looking at him with a smirk; his demeanour was lazy, and one hand even strayed to the little yellow duck flower pot, seemingly not very attached to this cooperation.

The two eyes collided and quickly parted in mid-air, and after some consideration, Ruan Chenxuan finally said truthfully, “Six.”

Xu Chenghao’s voice trailed off with an “oh,” meaning unknown.

He calculated an account in his heart for the male lead.
When Ruan Chenxuan threw an olive branch to the Jiang family to be successful in intercepting, he made a direct concession of six per cent.
But, looking at the current situation, the Jiang family was obviously not satisfied with it, and it does not rule out that there will be a chance to speak out.

In contrast, when Ruan Chenxuan chose to work with him.
He only needed to pay five per cent to gain a dominant position in the tug-of-war and would even be able to suppress the Jiang family components, which was obviously very cost-effective.

Xu Chenghao was unwilling to do so.
He pondered for a moment and said directly, “Eight.
I’m sure that’s lower than what Jiang’s group is asking for.”

Ruan Chenxuan frowned.

Xu Chenghao: “If you don’t want to forget it.
If our Xu Group losses, then they’ve lost.
I would be thrilled to drag you all into the water.”

Jing Yicheng, next to him, glanced at him calmly.
He seemed surprised by his ability to talk nonsense with his eyes open.

Xu Chenghao calmly touched the little yellow duck.
Its surface was very steady.

Ruan Chenxuan finally agreed, “If concessions are made, I hope that President Xu will not enter into any contract with the Jiang family regarding the project in private.”

Xu Chenghao agreed right away, “Of course, our Xu family’s reputation is one of the best, if it wasn’t for the Jiang family’s unrighteousness, we might not even have cooperated.”

These words were actually stepping on the Ruan family, and Ruan Chenxuan could only smile without commenting.

The cooperation ended there, and the only thing missing was the contract.
As an ace special assistant, Li Nian was perfectly capable of typing it out on demand, so he was sent by Xu Chenghao to the study to write the contract while they waited outside.


Forty minutes before the result…

Xu Chenghao spun his wristwatch and stared straight at the pepper seedlings in the little yellow duck flower pot.

Jing Yicheng, who had stolen the pepper twice in a row, immediately understood his behaviour and guessed that the little seedlings might bear fruit, so he leaned in slightly and stared at the little yellow duck, waiting for the results.

Seeing them like this, Ruan Chenxuan felt that he couldn’t be left behind, so he also kept his eyes on the little yellow duck, guessing whether this pot of small flowers was the little pepper that was widely spread a few days ago.

Thirty minutes to go ……

Xu Chenghao became more and more nervous.
His body was tense as he asked, “Aren’t you leaving yet?”

Jing Yicheng raised his eyes to confirm he was talking about him before replying, “I won’t leave until they do.”

Ruan Chenxuan, who was ditched, calmly said, “I am here because of cooperation.”

An Rouyu was so distracted she couldn’t engage in their conversation.
But she carried her own family tag, and no one asked her about it.

Xu Chenghao stared at Jing Yicheng for a long time.
Seeing that the other party was as unmovable as a mountain without the slightest intention of getting up, he could only hold his forehead and sigh, shouting at Li Nian: “Is the contract done?!!!”

Li Nian’s voice came from the open study: “Right now!”

Xu Chenghao looked at his watch.
There were still twenty-three minutes left… it wasn’t for the fact that he still had to sign; Xu Chenghao would have carried the little yellow duck back to the bedroom and locked himself up.

Having a group of people staring at the little yellow duck was dangerous.

In the last ten minutes, Li Nian finally finished printing the contract, sorted out two issues and put them on the coffee table for them to sign.

Xu Chenghao was instantly overjoyed, thinking that he would let them leave after signing, and then he would be able to guard the little yellow duck and harvest peppers in peace.

Because of his happiness, Xu Chenghao signed more smoothly and completed the contract quickly.
When he got up and shook hands with Ruan Chenxuan, he smiled and said, “Happy cooperation, Mr Ruan.”

“Happy cooperation.” After signing, there was little reason to stay; Ruan Chenxuan consciously said, “Since I’ve got the contract, I won’t disturb Mr Xu’s rest.”

Xu Chenghao’s smile suddenly became more natural: “In that case…” Before he could finish his polite words, an ominous voice suddenly entered his ears.

— “Huh, what’s this?”

An Rouyu seemed to have discovered something strange and suddenly reached out to the little yellow duck and plucked off a red pepper that was no more than the size of a fingernail.

Xu Chenghao was stunned for a split second, then reacted shortly: “Give it to me!”

An Rouyu was startled by the angry roar, and her body automatically took a protective stance, ducking backwards.
Xu Chenghao grabbed an empty space and reached out to grab An Ruoyu’s arm again, only to be stopped by Ruan Chenxuan’s side.
Before he could speak, he saw a hand pass through the gap between the two of them and press An Rouyu’s shoulder to prevent her from escaping.

The arms of the four were twisted like Chinese knots, resisting and restraining each other.
Xu Chenghao was held tightly by Ruan Chenxuan and couldn’t pull his hand out.
He snarled, “This is my pepper! Who allowed you to pick it?! Give it back to me!”

“I….” An Ruoyu was frightened.
Her eyes reddened from the sudden rebuke.
She opened her mouth, wanting to explain.
Jing Yicheng, next to her, suddenly squinted.
Pretending to break free, he raised his hand—An Rouyu’s elbow was hit and raised from the impact.
Her entire arm seemed to be dislocated, instantly numb and without strength.
The pepper in her hand flew out of her hand and straight into her mouth.
She wanted to scream in pain but ended up swallowing it raw.







The author has something to say:
Congratulations to the heroine for picking up a hot pepper.
Reward: three days of hot voice.


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