Once too much attention is paid to something, time seems extraordinarily long at the moment, which was the case with Xu Chenghao.

Waiting for the end of the day was unbearable; he thought it was almost time every time, but when he looked up at the time, he would see that only a few minutes had passed, which was simply as depressing as it could be.

Xu Chenghao can’t stand it; at least he’s a big boss.
What’s wrong with leaving early? He wants to go home!!!

As a result, Li Nian, who was still working in the office, was dragged to be a guardian angel and spread his arms in confusion, leading the way.

Li Nian: ? ? ?

He didn’t even know why he was walking in this position and looking left and right like a thief to observe the situation of the enemy positions!

Xu Chenghao hid behind him, holding the little yellow duck and poking his head out from his shoulder, “You have to protect me, get me home safely.”

Li Nian: “…What the hell are you doing? I feel like a lunatic.”

Xu Chenghao: “Anyway, it’s right to protect me.”

Li Nian: “I can’t protect you if you’re targeted by kidnappers.”

Xu Chenghao: “All you have to do is stop Cheng Yaojin1Cheng Yaojin (589-665), aka 程知節|程知节, Chinese general of the Tang dynasty..”

Li Nian: “What?”

Li Nian felt like they were chatting across servers and could not communicate at all.
He could only continue to be confused as he led the man off the floor and took the direct elevator into the underground garage.

After Xu Chenghao managed to get into the car, the first thing he did was to urge Li Nian to hurry up and lock the car door, his little appearance alert as hell.

Li Nian had gone from dumbfounded to speechless, even giving up on treatment.
Xu Chenghao said he should lock the car door, so he did.
Xu Chenghao said they should go home quickly, so he sent him home quickly.
He said to send him to the door, so he sent him to the door.

He asked where else in the world could there be such a good and caring special assistant who would do whatever he said!!!

As soon as Xu Chenghao entered the house, it was like entering a safe zone, and the whole person instantly relaxed, putting the little yellow duck on the coffee table and sinking into the soft sofa himself, breathing a sigh of relief.

Still not understanding what was happening, Li Nian followed with a dumbfounded look and sat down.

The nanny who was cooking came out to check on them and greeted them, “Mr.
Xu is back earlier today, hello Mr.
Li, are you eating here?”

Li Nian was immediately distracted, “Eat eat eat, auntie I want to eat sweet and sour pork.”

Xu Chenghao, who was slumped on the sofa, squinted at him, “You’re getting off work early if you don’t go back to the office!”

Li Nian justified, “You dragged me here, it has nothing to do with me.”

Xu Chenghao: “Then you can leave now.”

Li Nian: “That can’t work, I can’t come for nothing…Auntie, another spicy diced pork, thank you.”

Xu Chenghao: “…”

The nanny agreed with a grin, obviously used to seeing them fight too.

Following the idea that he could not come for nothing, Li Nian followed the nanny into the kitchen and had fun ordering food while also stealing the fruit from the fridge.

Xu Chenghao himself was nestled on the sofa with his eyes closed, feeling the fragrance of rice and laughter at home; his mood, which had been tense, could not easily relax for a few seconds when the doorbell suddenly blew up as if it was a thunderbolt that made it pop up.

–He had a bad feeling about this.

The doorbell kept ringing, and the urgency of the visitor could be felt.
Xu Chenghao was a bit hesitant but felt that this was not like Jing Yicheng’s character and was hesitating when Li Nian poked his head out of the kitchen and inquired, “Who has such a long nose, knocking on the door just after the pot is out?”

Xu Chenghao also looked towards the door, but his feet didn’t move at all: “I don’t know.”

Li Nian could see that he didn’t want to open the door, but the doorbell kept ringing, so he stepped forward, came out of the kitchen, walked straight to the door, and said, “I’ll take a look.”

He turned on the visual intercom doorbell at the door and saw a certain familiar face instantly appear in the picture, scaring Li Nian’s hand so fast that an afterimage appeared, and he pressed it off in a second.

Xu Chenghao helplessly held his forehead; this time, he also saw that the visitor was the female lead.

Outside the door, An Ruoyu also saw Li Nian, she had thought that no one was home and was about to give up, but Li Nian’s face suddenly appeared on display; she was suddenly surprised and said, “I-”

Snap – the display went black again.

An Rouyu was confused for a moment, and her heart suddenly rose with anger, and she simply gave up the doorbell and directly banged the door.
“What do you mean, Li Nian! I want to see Hao gege, you open the door for me! In the past, you stopped me, but today I really have something to find Hao gege for.
Will you take responsibility if it is delayed?”

Li Nian, who was across the door, rolled his eyes and turned around: “It is definitely not a good thing for her to look for you, we will not meet her.”

Xu Chenghao nodded quite agreeably, “I should be glad that I live in a one-story house, or else I would have been subject to complaints from my neighbors.”

As he was talking, Xu Chenghao’s phone suddenly rang, and it was An Ruoyu calling.

Xu Chenghao looked at it and hung up directly.
When An Ruoyu called him again, he hung up again.
He was about to contact the property management to drag her away when An Ruoyu suddenly changed tactics and started sending messages.

An Rouyu: Hao gege, I know you’re angry with me and don’t want to see me, but I really have something to talk to you about the Xu Group.
It is really important.
I can’t explain it in a few words.
Would you like to meet me?

Xu Chenghao paused, and after sharing the contents of the text message with Li Nian, he got up and said, “I’ll ask her.”

Li Nian tsked and said reluctantly: “I guess it’s about Ruan Chengxuan’s poaching affairs chant, we already know why meet …… It’s like we owe her a favour.”

Xu Chenghao: “What if there’s something else we don’t know about?”

Li Nian: “Okay.”

Outside the door, An Ruoyu, who was still looking down to edit her second text message, suddenly heard a soft click, and she looked up in surprise and was indeed just in time to see the scene of the door handle turning and slowly pulling open.

The silhouette of the person inside the door was revealed through the gradual opening of the door; he had just gotten off work and was still dressed formally in a handsome white shirt and black suit pants.
His collar was slightly loose with a slight sense of laziness; the orange light overhead enveloped his figure, the whole person glowing with a homely and gentle air.

However, the other party’s attitude was quite different, and the tone was indifferent: “What’s the matter?”

These three words pierced her heart like an ice pick, causing An Ruoyu to jump out of her gentle temperament.
Her heart was sour and astringent; she forced a smile and said, “It’s very important, but I want to give it to you alone, not to be heard by others.”

Saying that, An Ruoyu’s eyes also deliberately looked at Li Nian, who was standing not far behind Xu Chenghao, with defensive eyes, “Shall we go to your bedroom or balcony?”

Xu Chenghao pondered for two seconds and suddenly took the initiative to walk out of the room and close the door behind him, “That’s also okay, right?”

Due to the one stairway design, the outside will form a small independent space as long as the door is closed.
Standing there, the setting worked for the privacy An Ruoyu was talking about.
So An Ruoyu had no reason to refute and could only force a smile and say: “Okay….”

Xu Chenghao leaned against the door and looked attentive.

An Rouyu said, “I came here to tell Hao gege that there must be someone around you who is a traitor, because the matter of your cooperation with the Jiang family has been leaked out, and Chenxuan also knows that he is preparing to steal this project.”

Xu Chenghao snorted: “That’s all?”

An Rouyu bit her lip: “Yes.”

Xu Chenghao instantly felt that Li Nian was right; why did he come out: “Okay, thank you, I’ll go in first.”

“Wait!” An Rouyu chased two steps: “Hao gege you, don’t you believe me? You really have people from Chenxuan around you, you have to think carefully about who knows about this cooperation, and …… and this time the Jiang family has already taken a stand for this project, Hao gege you will definitely fail, you might as well stop in advance and stop your losses in time, I swear what I said is all true.”

“I know it’s true ……,” Xu Chenghao suddenly became mischievous and inquired, “But why did you tell me? I’m your boyfriend’s rival now, aren’t you afraid he’ll be angry when he finds out?”

An Ruoyu said, “I came to tell you because I don’t want to see you hurt …… I should say I don’t want to see any of you hurt, you are all my closest and most important people, and I don’t want you to be rivals.”

Xu Chenghao circled the key point: “No, We are not relatives, so I am not your most important person, so you better go play with your boyfriend, really, I’m living a good life without you caring.”

An Rouyu said sadly, “How can I be rest assured now that you are alone?”

Xu Chenghao immediately started pitting his friend, “Who said I was alone, can’t you see how many people are in my room?”

An Ruoyu was stunned: “But he’s just an assistant, he can’t know how to take care of you and accompany you all the time ……”

“It will be possible soon.” Xu Chenghao opened his eyes and spouted nonsense, “Moreover, I hope that I am the one who can take care of him and accompany him all the time.”

That was so clear that An Ruoyu immediately covered her mouth with both hands, shocked to the point of stuttering, “You you you …… you mean …… is ……”

“Yeah, I like him! I like men!” Xu Chenghao said seriously, “So …… My relationship story doesn’t involve you!”

An Ruoyu’s eyes were so wide that they almost fell out of her eyes as she said incredulously, “Are you serious? You’re not lying to me?”

Xu Chenghao smiled: “Then why do you think he is at my house after getting off work?”

An Rouyu was completely stunned.

Just as the scene was deadlocked to a freezing point, the elevator behind An Ruoyu suddenly broke the situation with a ding.

Xu Chenghao’s eyelids jumped, and when he looked up, he saw the elevator doors slowly open, revealing two people whose atmosphere was even more standoffish than theirs – Jing Yicheng and Ruan Chenxuan.

Xu Chenghao: “…Fuck!”



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1Cheng Yaojin (589-665), aka 程知節|程知节, Chinese general of the Tang dynasty.

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