While taking off his tie, Xu Chenghao took out his mobile phone to check the time and found that the harvesting time he had set had not yet reached.
He was relieved and slowly put the little yellow duck’s beak flower pot on the table in the living room.
He drank half a glass of water and poured the other half to water the plant in the little yellow duck flower pot.


After a few minutes of pretending not to care, once the phone alarm went off, Xu Chenghao picked up the bench and sat down in front of the flower pot on the balcony with the speed of lightning!


It’s strange not to care! He can’t wait to bury his face in the flowerpot and watch them wither and produce the desired peppers!


With more than a dozen chili seedlings and 30 chili flowers, you have to leave yourself 10% of your thoughts on everything you say!


If no more grains are harvested, Xu Chenghao can only admit that he is a non-com.
The kind with black hands and black face!


When the time came, the pretty white pepper flowers in the flowerpot withered immediately.
Xu Chenghao widened his eyes nervously, bent his waist, and leaned closer and closer to the flowers.


One minute later…   


Five minutes later…   


Ten minutes later… 


Xu Chenghao watched expressionlessly as the pepper seedlings withered into the mud… hehe. 


Sure enough, it’s withering, falling, and falling….mmp!

Next time he has expectations, he is the dog!


Just after making a poisonous oath in his heart, Xu Chenghao turned his face across the balcony glass door to see that the pepper seedlings in the small yellow duck’s beak flower pot that were carefully placed on the table in the living room had blossomed.


Xu Chenghao:  …



It is impossible not to expect; after all, it is a significant event that can make him go back.
Xu Chenghao sighed, got up, and turned to find the pepper seeds given by the system and replanted them in a large flower pot.


While digging the soil and filling the seeds, he complained: “Such a big flower pot is so immature, even if the little yellow duck is small, at least it gave me half a deformed pepper, how about you? I am feeding you so much water! You’re not as good as the little yellow duck! I’m so pissed off! “


After planting the seeds, Xu Chenghao muttered while watering: “I don’t expect you to leave me anything anymore.
Just grow honestly and give me the remaining 90% failure rate.
Now I’m counting on the little yellow duck’s 10% fruiting rate.
Thank you.”


It was probably because it was the second failure.
Even though Xu Chenghao was still very aggrieved, his psychological endurance was much stronger.
He quickly accepted the reality and adjusted his mentality.
Life is just like this, and you will get used to it after being hit.


The scary thing is not the second failure, but there are seven more awaiting!!  


What’s left for the non-coms besides a strong heart?

You must be strong!


After comforting himself in the middle of the night, Xu Chenghao fell back to sleep after washing and continued to numb himself.


The next day Xu Chenghao went to work holding the little yellow duck flower pot.
Under the double blow of the major event in life, the marriage problem, and the bigger event, the pepper seedlings falling to harvest; the whole person was dazed, with no energy.


Li Nian suspected that he regretted it today after rejecting An Rouyu as a hero yesterday.
He kept comforting him by the side, “What’s the matter? Look at how many girls are waiting for your favor because your reputation has improved, and you have become more affectionate recently.”


“Yeah, so I was worried about how to reject them ……” Xu Chenghao’s eyes were empty, and his whole brain was still in a knot.


Li Nian: “Don’t think about this.
You are not only the prince charming that Cinderella is waiting for but also the future husband candidate that the older ladies want.
Even if you refuse, it is estimated that someone will pounce on you sooner or later.”


Xu Chenghao continued to vent: “Is there really no way to end it once and for all?”


Li Nian joked, “unless you like men.”


Xu Chenghao looked at him silently.


Li Nian: “?”


Li Nian: “…”


“What are you looking at!” Li Nian’s eyes were horrified for a moment: “Don’t scare me; I’m straight!”


Xu Chenghao said solemnly: “Generally, men who emphasize at all times that they are straight are basically deep closets.”


Li Nian: “…… you talk less.
I tell you, don’t make a wrong move.
Even if you like men, there will be men who will rush into your arms one after another.
You are the man who everyone wants to sleep with; stop struggling.


Xu Chenghao: “…I think it’s you who should shut up!”


After the two good brothers hurt each other, they stopped the fighting and started work.


At eleven in the morning, the phone in the president’s office suddenly rang.
The hand Xu Chenghao used to sign the documents paused, barely taking his attention from  the document; he picked up the phone, “Hello?”


The other party went straight to the subject: “Chenghao ge, Auntie asked me to bring you lunch, but the front desk doesn’t seem to know me.
Can you help me?”


Xu Chenghao looked at the phone display in surprise.
It was indeed the number of the receptionist and Zheng Yunyun’s voice.
He felt a headache for a while and said helplessly: “…Okay, you give her the phone.”


Since she’s already here, what else can be done?


Xu Chenghao expressionlessly told the receptionist to let her in.
He hung up the phone and slumped helplessly in his position, not wanting to move at all.


So many things are annoying, lots of trouble, and headaches.


No, he must explicitly reject the other party.
Otherwise, it will be even more troublesome if he drags it on and makes the other party mistakenly think that he is also consenting! I have to go to Mother Xu to clarify after I get off work!


As for the reason… Xu Chenghao silently recalled what Li Nian said just now.


– unless you like men.



Three minutes later, Li Nian knocked on the office door and said loudly, “Mr.
Xu, Miss Zheng is here.”


Xu Chenghao slowly got up and greeted: “Please come in.”


The door was opened with a click by Li Nian.
He walked in first, stood by the door and turned around to make a gesture of invitation, and saw Zheng Yunyun walking in with a slender posture, holding a love bento in her hand: “Chenghao ge, you haven’t eaten yet, right, auntie asked me to bring you something to eat.”


Xu Chenghao smiled, reached out to take the lunch box, and said, “Thank you for your hard work; I will eat well at lunch, Li Nian; you send Miss Zheng back.”


“Wait.” Zheng Yunyun said: “I actually want to talk to you this time… But before that, you should eat first; otherwise, the food will be cold.”


Xu Chenghao observed her expression and made sure that she really had something to look for him for before entering the lounge with his lunchbox and preparing to eat first.


He initially thought that there was a dining table inside.
The height was moderate when eating, which was more comfortable than the coffee table in the office.
Still, when he turned the door handle and listened to the footsteps behind him, he felt that it was too private to be alone like this.


Xu Chenghao looked back at Li Nian, who had not left: “You… 


“I have an appointment for lunch.” Li Nian interrupted him with a quick reaction and walked out while saying, “If madam knows that I interrupted your get-together, she will be angry for sure.
I can’t afford it, bye!”


Xu Chenghao: “…” A man who has no brotherly love! Spicy chicken!


Xu Chenghao could only save himself when his brother ran away.
He thought for a while and suddenly said, “Miss Zheng, have you eaten yet?” Let’s go to the restaurant.”


Zheng Yunyun smiled: “I have eaten.”


Xu Chenghao also smiled: “It’s okay, have another meal.”


Zheng Yunyun: “…”


Initially, the lunch delivery was a pretense, but in the end, the lunch was delivered to Li Nian, and the other two went to a nearby restaurant together.
Sitting on the right side of the hall, they were not alone, but not too many people disturbed them; the environment was just right.


When the waiter left after ordering, Xu Chenghao immediately said, “There is plenty of time now.
If Miss Zheng has anything to say, she can speak directly.”


Zheng Yunyun looked at him with a half-smile but not a smile: “Does President Xu really hate seeing me so much?”


Xu Chenghao asked rhetorically without any air of weakness, “Oh? Then what attitude does Miss Zheng think I should have toward the person I’m meeting for the second time?”


Zheng Yun Yun: “At the very least, the relationship between us should be better than ordinary people, shouldn’t it?”


“So that’s why I have to be even more indifferent.” Xu Chenghao smiled faintly, “It can avoid misunderstandings.”


Having said that, it was already self-evident.
The two looked at each other for a moment.
In the end, Zheng Yunyun was the first to concede defeat.
She said helplessly: “The legendary affectionate prince is really difficult to deal with.”


Xu Chenghao calmly shot back, “Oh, that’s because I also have an alias, overbearing president.”


Zheng Yunyun was speechless and simply showed her cards directly after trying in vain: “Mr.
Xu now means that he’s not interested in me.
Thus, he doesn’t plan to go further, right?”


Xu Chenghao: “I don’t despise it; it’s just that I’m not thinking about marriage for now.”


The answer was expected by Zheng Yunyun.
She continued, “But sooner or later, you will marry and have children, join other families, and assume due responsibility for your own family…… isn’t it?”


Xu Chenghao didn’t go into the oil and salt: “I don’t need to rely on a marriage ceremony to support my responsibilities.
I can carry it on my shoulders.”


Zheng Yunyun couldn’t help but grit her teeth.
She was inexplicably angry when she met Xu Chenghao’s always calm face: “Now the two families want to join forces.
Do you want to make Mother Xu sad?”


“The marriage between the two families is not a hindrance, and my mother will not disregard my wishes for the sake of the so-called family responsibility.” Xu Chenghao knocked on the table and took it calmly: “No matter what the situation is in other families, arranged marriages are not realistic in our Xu family.”


Zheng Yunyun: “…” 

She found that her proud eloquence could not convince the other party, and everything was blocked by him calmly!


She was quiet for a moment and suddenly bowed her head and said, “Perhaps you can look at my offer as a transaction……”


“I actually knew for a long time that I had to find someone of the right family when I get married, so I was not very much opposed to marriage.
What I think is that since we are all going to get married, I might as well choose someone who looks pleasing to the eye, but looking at the whole circle, except for Ruan Chenxuan, it’s you.”


“Don’t blame me for being arrogant.
I, Zheng Yunyun, am one of the best in the world in terms of looks, body, and family background.
I think my conditions are good, and I am a better choice for a marriage partner.”


“Look, you just broke off your marriage and lost your love.
In recent years, you may not have the heart to talk about emotional matters.
I just want to find a good-looking husband on the premise of marriage.
Don’t you think we are very suitable?”


Xu Chenghao: “I don’t think so.”


Zheng Yunyun held back her emotions and continued: “We can completely agree to get married.
I won’t ask your Xu family for a share of the property.
I promise nothing messy will happen, and I will reserve space for you or each other.
Isn’t that okay?”


“No!” Xu Chenghao said with a smile: “This is your view of love, not mine, so I don’t agree and reject it.”


Zheng Yunyun was suspicious: “Could it be that you look forward to love in a wealthy family? Or are you still waiting for An Rouyu?”


She twisted her brows and said, “It’s true that a man’s affection is very rewarding, but it’s stupid to be so affectionate even when he knows it’s impossible and even hurt himself for it.”


Xu Chenghao: “I am definitely still looking forward to love, but An Rouyu has nothing to do with me anymore.
I’m not so cheap.”


Zheng Yun Yun is even more suspicious: “Expecting love in the absence of a lover? This is not a good reason for rejection.”


Xu Chenghao suddenly sat up straight and said just before the waiter approached, “There is another reason for refusal.”


Zheng Yunyun looked at him blankly.


Xu Chenghao: “I like men.”


Zheng Yunyun: “…”



1T/N: Yunyun is so pitiful…..Pats her on the back(◕︿◕).
Haohao just dug a pit for himself, hehe.
1T/N: Yunyun is so pitiful…..Pats her on the back(◕︿◕).
Haohao just dug a pit for himself, hehe.

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