Xu Chenghao was very surprised: “You, a person who voluntarily gave up the engagement, have been in love with me for many years?”


An Rouyu cried and said, “You really are still blaming me… I’m sorry, Hao gege, I’m really sorry, it’s all my fault.
I didn’t know any better before ……”


Xu Chenghao said coldly: “Since you feel sorry for me yourself, you should bother me less in the future.
Otherwise, I won’t be so generous if you upset me next time.”


When he spoke, everyone in the room could sense the danger in his voice, and An Rouyu froze in place, completely stunned: “Hao gege, you, are you threatening me?”


Xu Chenghao thought for a while and gestured □□ : “Maybe I can also hit women.”


An Rouyu’s whole body was shocked.
She never imagined that in the past twenty years, her gentle brother, who belonged to her alone, would one day threaten her and even express his intention to do it!


The image of the past was constantly playing in her mind.
Although she did not believe it, she was more afraid.
Her greatest fear was that she would become a truly independent person in the future and that no one would shield her from the storms of the An family, shelter her from the exclusion of those around her, and even protect her from all dangers…………


She was very frightened.
She ran over crying and wanted to hug Xu Chenghao, crying, “Hao gege, don’t treat me like this, I know I’m wrong, please don’t treat me like this, I’m so scared…”


Xu Chenghao didn’t expect this woman to run over in public.
He quickly hid behind Li Nian before she did and whispered, “Block her!”


Li Nian’s mouth twitched, and he immediately stretched out his hand to block An Rouyu and said coldly, “Miss An, please respect yourself.
You have nothing to do with our President Xu.
Please don’t cry and make trouble outside to smear our President Xu’s reputation.”


After speaking, Li Nian raised his head and glanced around.
The surrounding employees suddenly dispersed, and the security guard quickly ran over and said politely: “Miss An, you are not from our company, and you have no appointment.
Please leave now.


An Rouyu looked at the man standing behind Li Nian, the security guards who were on guard around him, and the employees who were watching the excitement from a distance.
Her whole person seemed to have fallen into an ice cave.


She never thought that she, who came here before all starry-eyed, would one day become a joke targeted by the public.
The person who used to be gentle with her said he would turn his face away, and the employees who were servile to her also laughed indifferently.


It’s like being abandoned by the whole world…


It was obviously a cool autumn in September, but she seemed to be living in the cold winter and twelfth lunar month.
It was so cold that there was a chill between her bones.
She stared at Xu Chenghao for a while, and suddenly her expression became tense.
Then,  with clear eyes, she said to Xu Chenghao disappointedly: “Hao…Xu Chenghao, I didn’t think you would do this to me.
Well, I won’t come to you again in the future, goodbye!”   


Having said that, she turned and left the hall, expressing her emotions with decisive footsteps.


Xu Chenghao: “…”

What kind of protagonists are these! Crazy!


After waiting for her to leave, Li Nian turned around and said, “Don’t fall for it.
She is playing hard-to-get with you.”


Xu Chenghao: “I can see… don’t worry about it.
Let’s eat first.
I’m starving to death after so long.”


Li Nian: “Okay.”


They were starving and left the hall immediately.
But, Xu Chenghao had no idea that An Rouyu, who had said she was leaving, was actually on the opposite street, waiting for him to chase after her.
And in the vehicle they passed, there was a certain lunatic who came quickly but witnessed the whole process of the farce.


An Rouyu watched helplessly as the other party entered the restaurant without any intention of looking for her.
She was angry and panicked, and she didn’t know what to do.


It was only at this moment that she understood that her previous capriciousness and starry-eyedness were based on Xu Chenghao’s love for her, but when the other party withdrew this favor, she was nothing.


Thinking about Ruan Chenxuan, who had not been able to reach her until now, as well as the allegations from the An family and the bitter remarks outside, she had no other options and didn’t know who to turn to for assistance.
A car abruptly stopped near her as she stood powerless on a street corner.


The car window lowered at a constant speed, revealing a handsome face.
The other party looked at her lightly, and there was no emotional fluctuation in his black pupils: “Get in the car.”


The dark windows clearly reflected her haggardness and helplessness.
An Rouyu bit her lip and took the initiative to get into the other party’s car for the first time.


Like she never thought that Xu Chenghao would turn against her, she also never thought that one day she would take the initiative to get into the car of Jing Yicheng, whom she used to avoid.


An Rouyu tensed her body and sat close to the door, still a little wary in her heart.


But Jing Yicheng’s expression was always indifferent, and he didn’t speak, let alone move his hands and feet.


The ultimate destination of the car was An’s house as if the other party only stopped by to send her home. 


An Rouyu also wanted to get out of the car, but when she thought that she would have to face her stepmother and half-sister when she returned to An’s house, she immediately began to hesitate and looked back at Jing Yicheng: “You …… can I ask you for a favor?”


Jing Yicheng looked sideways at her: “What do you want?”


An Rouyu was stunned and dazedly said: “I just want you to help me contact Ruan Chenxuan… If you have anything you want, you can tell him… Or, or you can say something first.
I’ll see if I can afford it.”


Jing Yicheng stared at her with deep eyes, but the answer that had been spinning in his mind thousands of times before suddenly couldn’t be said.
He remembered the farce he saw, the hostility of the other party and Ruan Chenxuan’s warning, and everything he had experienced after returning to China…………….


He opened his mouth and said, “I want 5% of the Ruan’s Group shares.
Do you think he will give it?”


An Rouyu’s eyes widened suddenly, “Shares?”


Jing Yicheng: “Otherwise? What else do you have that is worthy of my asking?”


“I thought…” An Rouyu silently shut up, shook her head, and said, “No, just contact him.
Five percent of the shares are too much.
You’re asking for a lot.


Jing Yicheng said lightly: “I can earn half of the Ruan Group with the time I spend to help you contact him.
Do you think 5% is the lion’s mouth?”


An Rouyu cried out, “Can you change your request…you, do you have anything else you want?”


Jing Yicheng: “Oh? What else can you give?”


An Rouyu met his gaze and suddenly blushed a little: “No, there is no more.”


Jing Yicheng: “Then get off!”

An Rouyu: “…”


She froze in place, and the redness on her face suddenly faded to a clean, miserable white embarrassment.
She didn’t know how she got down, but just stared at the leaving car in a daze, unable to understand what was going on for a while.


Why did the person who used to chase after her suddenly turn his back on her? Why did the person who has been with me for more than 20 years become a stranger? Why did the lovers who made a vow to her suddenly abandon her to get engaged?


Why…why did it become like this!


Yes, why on earth did it become like this…………..
Jing Yicheng slowly closed his eyes and leaned back on his seat tiredly.


The car drifted away from the person standing in place, gradually drowning in the crowd.
But this time, there was no turbulence in his heart, as calmly as if it was not the girl who handed him candy in the first place.


Some people or things are destined to change beyond recognition over time – just like the innocent and kind little girl at the beginning became the woman who is now scheming and pestering.


Things are not what they used to be.
What in the end are you still trying to keep?


What I didn’t say just now, in fact, isn’t it the genuine answer to the choice in my heart?


Jing Yicheng covered his eyes with his palms and said slowly, “You don’t have to worry about An Rouyu from now on, that’s all.”


Special Assistant: “Okay.”


The final result of the farce was that the two men left at the same time.
If An Rouyu knew that her life was more difficult because of this, she would probably regret her actions for coming to question Xu Chenghao today.


As for Xu Chenghao, at this moment, he has successfully purified the residual mental virus of the female lead by relying on the little yellow duck’s beak flowerpot and is carrying out his daily work very happily.


He thinks he was ruthless, cold, and very tough today, and believes that the female lead will definitely not come to find him again in the future, so he was in a good mood.


In his eyes, as long as the female protagonist doesn’t come to him, the villain and the male protagonist will not take the initiative to provoke him.
In the future, he will be able to stay away from the plot and the protagonist and live his own life in peace.


It’s a joy to think about it.


 Xu Chenghao happily got off work in the afternoon holding the little yellow duck’s beak flowerpot.
When he went out, he was overjoyed only to see the villain standing beside his car, obviously waiting for him.


Xu Chenghao: “!!!”

His mood can only be described as horrified.


Just when Xu Chenghao was considering whether he should leave quietly to freeload off Li Nian’s car, a bodyguard appeared in front of him and whispered, “Mr.
Xu, please.” The attitude was very modest, but the tone and gestures expressed were resolute.


Xu Chenghao was helpless and could only walk toward the villain with his little yellow duck flowerpot.
As the distance got closer, his eyes swept across the cigarette butts scattered at the other’s feet, and his eyelids jumped.
How long did this person wait for him…………..


Jing, is there anything you want from me?” 


Jing Yicheng turned his head, and there was a fine burning cigarette on his lips.
His eyes were deep and cold, and after two seconds of looking at him, he took off the cigarette and said slowly, “You really don’t like An Rouyu anymore?”


It turned out to be to question him………..
Xu Chenghao breathed a sigh of relief and said earnestly, “I don’t like her.”


Jing Yicheng asked, “Since when did you not like her?”


Xu Chenghao thought about it: “In the moment of crisis, when I protect her, and she confesses to other men in front of me …… I felt helpless and tired.
And felt that she was no longer the girl I liked.”


Xu Chenghao said these words from the original owner’s point of view, which sounded more like this.
He thought what he said is good should be able to fool people.


Jing Yicheng was really silent.
He lowered his eyes and stared at the ground.
After quietly smoking the cigarette in his hand, he turned around and left without saying a word.
The rush to leave was as strange as it was to come.


Xu Chenghao: “???”


Xu Chenghao stared at the other party’s back with a bewildered expression, completely confused as to what the other party meant.
Is this believing in him or not believing in him?


He should believe it, right? Otherwise, he will definitely continue to ask.


——In other words, he took care of the heroine and the villain in one day?!!


Xu Chenghao blinked his eyes slowly, suddenly excited: “Today is really a happy day!”


1T/N: This little one is sorry for bailing on you (╥_╥) (╥_╥).
My laptop broke down, then I got busy.
I found a tablet to replace it now (◕‿◕).
Will try to make up for the long absence! 1T/N: This little one is sorry for bailing on you (╥_╥) (╥_╥).
My laptop broke down, then I got busy.
I found a tablet to replace it now (◕‿◕).
Will try to make up for the long absence!

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