Chapter 1

“Xu Chenghao, you’re looking for death!”

The gloomy and callous voice seemed to come from hell.
He attacked the door with a strong presence of violence and oppression.

Xu Chenghao’s head was dizzy.
Before he opened his eyes, his hair stood up under the pressure of this momentum.

There is danger!

His intuition was constantly clamoring for these three words.
His perception quickly improved and he struggled out of the barrier that trapped him.

He opened his eyes with a brush.
When he was trying to focus his sight, something passed through his red-stained eyes.
His whole world was filled with ominous color.
The man standing opposite was staring straight at him with cruel eyes, like Yama, the King of Hell.

Xu Chenghao sucked in a breath of cold air.
He didn’t understand what was going on now——if he remembered correctly, he was obviously hit by a car that ran on the red light when he was at a red street lamp ah!

What’s going on now?

How come there’s a man! How come there’s a woman! How come there’s a plane!!

Xu Chenghao stared cautiously at the man in front of him.
Because his eyes were uncomfortable, he couldn’t see his appearance clearly, but the hostility of the other person was very obvious.
He couldn’t wait to transform into substance and prick him into a hedgehog!

Unable to figure out what the situation is now, Xu Chenghao can only use the time to lower his head and wipe his eyes to give himself a buffer.

The rotor blades of the helicopter kept fanning the air and rolling up the dust.
Xu Chenghao’s clothes were blown up by the wind.
Only then did he realize that the attire was not the casual clothes he had been wearing for a long time, but rather a grey three-piece suit.
The subdued sapphire cufflinks gleamed in the moonlight, shaking Xu Chenghao’s eyes in pain and including his heart.

Something’s wrong…
something’s absolutely wrong!

Xu Chenghao wiped the blood from his eyes and looked up again.
The man standing in the distance obviously thought he was stalling for time and became extremely impatient.
The murderous intent in his eyes was not hidden.

Even so, Xu Chenghao still had to admit that the other person’s face was beautiful.
His deep and handsome appearance was perfect to flawless.
He was standing in the place which was a dazzling luminous spot that couldn’t be ignored.

The other person slowly opened his lips and stared directly at Xu Chenghao, but the words that came out in his mouth were not for him, “An Ruoyu, I will give you one last chance, come by yourself!”

An Ruoyu?

Without waiting for Xu Chenghao to carefully recall where he had heard these three words, a person suddenly leaned over and it was shivering on his back.
The person replied in a weak and slightly crying voice: “Jing Yicheng, let me go.
I really don’t like you.
I have someone I like!”

Jing Yicheng!!!

These three words sounded like thunderbolts that suddenly exploded in Xu Chenghao’s mind, shaking him dizzy and his head was full of buzzing noises.

Damn it, An Rouyu! Jing Yicheng! This is clearly the fucking idiot Mary Sue novel he read when he was bored at work!

Could it be that he died and transmigrated as the cannon fodder?

Yes, all the content of the Mary Sue novel had been deeply imprinted in his mind.
Because it was too foolish, it was distinctly visible and left him with indelible psychological trauma.

Therefore, from the current standing confrontation scene, Xu Chenghao quickly found the node he had traversed from his memory in three seconds——he ran into a malicious confrontation as soon as he opened his eyes!

The title of the Mary Sue novel is 《The Domineering President Fell in Love With Me》.
The female lead An Ruoyu is delicate and pure.
She grew up under the care of the gentle and affectionate second man.
Halfway through the story, she helped the gloomy and psychotic villain because of her kindness.
In the finale, she ended up with the overbearing and impetuous male lead.

That’s right, Xu Chenghao’s current identity is the person who protected the female lead since childhood.
Therefore, he was the second man and the lifetime spare tire who was undermined by the male lead!

Speaking of this character, Xu Chenghao always thought this person was a fool.
In order to sacrifice his life for the female lead, the female lead was bullied and protected by him since childhood.
The female lead liked someone else, so he dissolved their marriage contract.
Later, the female lead was entangled by the villain and he stepped forward bravely.
Finally, he was sent abroad with his legs broken.

This is not over yet.
The female lead ran with her child.
He also helped in taking care of it and became the adoptive father.
The female lead and the child were kidnapped.
Because of this, he died and the villain.
In the end, the male lead and the female lead live a blissful life!

This is simply the perfect winner of the best Lei Feng1 Award! This book is the biggest fool to promote the male lead and the female lead together…
No, the largest contributor!!

Not to mention, this is now a malicious confrontation.

There is an eye covetous villain in front, and behind him is the weak and trembling female lead.
Now that the male lead is on his way, the female lead can only rely on him.

In the original book, it was the second man who saves the female lead, but… but!

In the next second, the male lead arrived.
The female lead immediately abandoned the second man and rushed into the male lead’s arms.
She wailed and cried.
Finally, it ended with the female lead fainting and being taken to the hospital by the male lead.

Well, Comrade Lei Feng’s second man has been forgotten.

Oh, no, the villain deeply remembered this Comrade Lei Feng.
He vented all the anger of his failure on him.
Later, he frantically suppressed the second man and his family, resulting in the second man’s legs being abolished and was sent abroad by his family that couldn’t bear the pressure.
This was the end of the suppression.

Therefore, after saving the female lead here, he was greeted by the dark path of being abandoned by the female lead, forgotten by the male lead, hated by the villain, and endangering his family by losing his legs.

Xu Chenghao looked down at his legs in silence——he finally survived.
He didn’t want to lose his legs for the time being.


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