down together.

So it can be said that tonight, Jian Songchu really experienced too much torment and didn’t sleep well at all.

So much so that he completely forgot about the live variety show for a while.
He just wore pajamas, washed up casually, and came down to prepare for breakfast.



There was a strange silence in the air again, and the sights from all directions landed on Jian Songchu’s body.

“…” After realizing it, Jian Songchu froze in place and didn’t respond for a long time.

The one who moved the fastest was Xu Hanyang.
He noticed the wrong look in the eyes of the people around him and immediately turned around to meet Jian Songchu’s confused eyes.

“………” He didn’t hesitate at all, turned around and held Jian Songchu’s wrist, almost rudely dragging Jian Songchu, without a moment’s hesitation, he grabbed the other party with an indifferent face and went to go back.

In just a few minutes’ appearance, he immediately left a cold back to everyone.

[Wow, Madam has long hair!! This is the first time I have seen a boy with long hair and not a girl!! 】

[Sorry, my focus is a bit strange.
Did no one really notice that the CEO and his wife didn’t wear makeup? It’s just barefaced, and the scene seems to have been hurried and didn’t have time to light up, people’s faces are all black, and even the details of the skin texture are all clear, but the key is that these two people are really good looking…]

[Xu Hanyang is so fierce ah ah ah ah ah!! Is he really not committing domestic violence? I thought he was going to fight when he just turned around!! Ah ah ah ah ah】

[My God, who wrote the announcement that Xu Hanyang’s wife is strict? 】

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[I’m so worried about Madam, why do I feel that he drags people up to hit them?]

[Boys still have long hair? Vomit, so disgusting! Persuaded to quit! 】

【What era is this, and do you still have to bind your feet? Now same-sex is legal and men and women are equal, why can’t boys have long hair? 】


Jian Songchu was dragged back to the bedroom by Xu Hanyang with a bewildered face, and then pushed into the fitting room by the man with a proud and aggrieved face.

“?” Does he have a problem with this?

Jian Songchu glanced down at his pajamas, long-sleeved trousers, which were still very loose and comfortable, what was wrong?

Xu Hanyang held back a sense of resentment, staring at Jian Songchu’s looming collarbone and the exposed skin on his chest, his eyes becoming more and more resentful.

Jian Songchu didn’t think much about it, and started to change clothes honestly.

The clothes were matched by Jian Songchu in the evening.
Although under Xu Hanyang’s strong suggestion, he did not choose a too flowery look and wore a suit, it was different from Xu Hanyang’s low style.
Although Jian Songchu was also in a black suit, the right chest of the clothes went to the top of the clothes.
The collar is densely hand-embroidered with roses.

In addition, the suit was matched with an open-collared shirt, revealing Jian Songchu’s superior and slender neck, and the whole person instantly felt like a noble prince walking out of a certain castle.

The anxiously waiting crowd finally attracted the belated protagonist after disappearing for half an hour.

Jian Songchu put on the Oppenheimer blue diamond that Xu Hanyang bought for himself very wildly, and walked downstairs in front of Xu Hanyang proudly.

After all, Jian Songchu is also a well-educated person from a family.
He has seen almost everything in the world.
Even if there are cameras all around, he has no stage fright, and his expression is very natural.

And Xu Hanyang started going downstairs, like an abandoned dog, following behind Jian Songchu, staring at his side face or the back of his head the whole time, without looking anywhere else.

Of course, don’t look at the expression “nobleness on Jian Songchu’s face.
As soon as he sat down at the table, he eagerly looked at the food on the table.

starving, starving!

And Xu Hanyang sat silently next to his wife and continued to stare at him with a look of helplessness.

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【Fuck? What kind of contrast is this cute?】

【What about that confused beauty just now? Why did she suddenly evolve into a noble prince?】

[Laughing to death, why does the CEO follow his wife so much like a pug, prosperous and in a trance.

[I’m sorry, why do I want to laugh so much, why is there a two-level reversal of the two people’s characters? Hahahahahahaha]

[No! Don’t you think it’s funny? The wife stared at the food eagerly, the CEO stared at the wife eagerly, and the wife didn’t even look at the CEO since he went downstairs, the CEO still looks like ‘wife, look I’m a little face, a loyal dog who is alive and well, laughing crazy]

Jian Songchu stared at the layer cake far away in front of him, squinting silently.

Want to eat, but don’t want to get up, otherwise, wouldn’t the image he just established collapse?

Xu Hanyang understood in seconds, he didn’t care about people’s character design, he stood up calmly, picked up the sandwich cake that Jian Songchu wanted to eat, and put it in front of Jian Songchu’s eyes.

Jian Songchu instantly began to speak with satisfaction.

【?? ? What just happened? I didn’t even blink, why did the CEO get up suddenly? Is it still what the wife wants to eat?? Did these two just communicate?]

[…It turns out that Xu Hanyang is a wife slave, I would like to call this scene a miracle…]

[Damn, what’s the matter with a little bit of a fight? What are the names of these two CPs[1]? 】

【President’s husband? Rich husband?】

[We have a proposal here, let’s call it SuYan Couple, hahahahahaha]



↑1 CP: Couple

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