ing and grilling, and made several large portions of all Jian Songchu’s favorite food, for fear that Jian Songchu would not be full.

He noticed Jian Songchu’s change in the corner of his light, and his expression changed slightly.
He almost gave up his work without hesitation, and squatted in front of Jian Songchu.

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“What’s wrong? Not feeling well?” Xu Hanyang stretched out his hand in distress and touched the back of Jian Songchu’s head.

Jian Songchu stretched out and pinched the man’s cheek, “No, I’m just hungry.”

Just as Jian Songchu’s hand stretched out unconsciously, he was stunned in place again—he seemed to have done this action many times just now.

Behind him, Lu Xiangcheng pretended, “chuchu, eat the nuts I peeled for you.”

As he spoke, he held up the nuts and fruits he had just peeled patiently, and handed them to Jian Songchu.

Xu Hanyang’s eyes widened, and he gave Lu Xiangcheng a vicious look.
He quickly blocked Jian Songchu with his body, grabbed a handful of nuts in Lu Xiangcheng’s palm, and stuffed it into his mouth.

Because Xu Hanyang started too fast, many of them fell directly to the ground.



Lu Xiangcheng was dumbfounded and stood still.

The next second, Lu Xiangcheng, who had reacted, roared, “Xu Hanyang, you’re sick!”

Who knew that Qi Nian hit Lu Xiangcheng on the back of the head with a hammer, “Don’t bully Brother Hanyang!”

“??????” Lu Xiangcheng cried out in pain, and became angry again.

Do it! Who is bullying whom?

[HAHAHAHAHA, this scene is so funny]

[President: How can I let my wife eat nuts peeled by my rival!]

[The stone hammer at the bottom of the Pyramid of Young Master, hahahaha]

[Laughing to death, one thing to say, apart from the president and husband and two, Qi Nian can be so arrogant in front of Lu Xiangcheng]

[Why are they called Young Master Lu Xiangcheng? Is there any reason?]

[Popular Science: Lu Xiangcheng is the third generation of red (the descendants of the Yuan Xun)]

[To briefly summarize, that is: Xu Hanyang is the richest in the audience, Lu Xiangcheng has the toughest background, and his wife is responsible for her beauty


The food was served to the long table on the lawn one after another, and a group of people also sat around the long table.

Zheng Yaochen took a sip of red wine and said with great interest, “It’s boring anyway, why don’t we play some games?”

Chen Fujing pinched the back of his other hand and said, “What the hell are you doing?”

Zheng Yaochen immediately sat up straight and raised his eyebrows at the other party, “How can you say that about me? Isn’t participating in variety shows just for fun?”

Zhou Linyu looked excited, “What are you playing?”

Zheng Yaochen’s fingers propped up his chin, “Truth or Dare?”

Leaning heavily on Zhou Linyu, “How do you play this?”

Zheng Yaochen pointed to the bottle on the table and said with a smile, “Turn the bottle, and whoever turns it will be punished.”

Anyway, it’s boring, everyone voted in favor.

Zheng Yaochen was in charge of turning the bottle in the first round, and by coincidence, Xu Hanyang was the first to turn it.

The live broadcast room suddenly boiled.

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[Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, this game is released for me to play]

[I, I, I, I want to listen to some, ahem, things that can’t be broadcast (I’m a serious person)]

[I want to hear the private gossip of the president and his wife!]

[I am very pleased to see that the audience in the live broadcast room is so open.
This is the variety show that adults should watch, hahaha]

Zheng Yaochen’s mouth twitched slightly and cleared his throat, “Truth or a big adventure?”

Xu Hanyang took a sip of red wine and said, “Sincerely.”

Prime Minister Lu didn’t think it was a big deal when he set up a horse to watch the fun, so he took the lead to ask questions, “When was your first….
when was your first kiss?”

Just as Lu Xiangcheng was about to say something indescribable, he suddenly realized that he was recording a program, and immediately changed the subject, swallowing what he was about to say.

But he spoke so fast that half of the prefix of the phrase ‘night’ was leaked.

There was another burst of laughter in the live broadcast room.

[Lu Xiangcheng is someone who can handle it, he really asks if there is something]

[Look at everyone’s expressions, it’s so funny, hahahaha]

[Zheng Yaochen is holding back his laughter, as expected of the former Sea King]

“…” Xu Hanyang’s expression was stiff.

“…” Jian Songchu took a sip of the drink expressionlessly.

Xu Hanyang’s Adam’s apple rolled slightly, his eyes dodged slightly, “…Ten years ago…”

As soon as these words came out, Jian Songchu’s brows twitched.

Ten years ago, Xu Hanyang was abroad…

Jian Songchu’s face froze, and he took another sip of the drink.



The people around were silent for a while, as if feeling the strange atmosphere between Jian Songchu and the two.

[I’m sorry, Madam’s expression, I’m hurt]

[Crap, so the CEO’s first love wasn’t his wife?]

[I’m really grass, isn’t it, isn’t it?]

[What’s so strange about this, Zheng Yaochen used to be a sea king, isn’t it normal to have an ex?]

[That’s what I said, but it hurts…]

[I’m here to drink candy, not to abuse]

Perhaps the atmosphere was too embarrassing, Zheng Yaochen immediately slapped haha, and hurriedly skipped the topic, “Come again!”

Who knew that Zheng Yaochen’s luck was so bad, the bottle head hit Xu Hanyang again by coincidence.

“…” I’m fucking.

【HAHAHAHAH, save your life】

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[I have lost sight of it]

“…truth or big adventure?”


With the lessons learned from the past, Lu Xiangcheng didn’t dare to be a standout, and the others didn’t dare to ask questions.
The atmosphere suddenly became stalemate.

Jian Songchu glanced at Xu Hanyang, expressionless, “How many people have you kissed?”

has already started to lose her temper]

【Madam: Be lenient when you confess, and be strict when you resist.
Tell me, how many people have you ever loved]

[The president will definitely hit the floor today]

[Betting one, the president will be beaten]

Xu Hanyang looked at Jian Songchu and blinked obediently, “One.”

Jian Songchu was stunned for a moment.



[lol, this horse is showing love.]

[I rub it, Madam is the president’s first love!! !】

[Aaaaaaaah, so the president and his wife have known each other for at least ten years!]

[I sigh, kowtow lost my head, this pair should not be called Su Yan husband, it should be called first love husband, hahaha]

[Wait, so Madam’s first love is the president?]

[The question upstairs is a good question, hahahahaha, the president is a vinegar spirit]

[Very good, the pressure is on the wife, the letter girl is willing to be a vegetarian for ten years, and the next one will draw my wife!]

[The sisters upstairs don’t have to]

“Cough, continue,” Zheng Yaochen cleared his throat.

In the eyes of the public, Zheng Yaochen waved the bottle, and the bottle head fell on Xu Hanyang’s head again.


[Laughing to death, Zheng Yaochen’s luck is too ‘good’]

【Fans Carnival of Su Yan Fufu】

[Sisters slap me ah ah ah ah ah]

Zheng Yaochen was unlovable, “truth is still a big adventure.”

Jian Songchu raised his eyebrows and glanced at someone who was patiently peeling grapefruit for him.

Xu Hanyang was silent, “Sincerely.”

[Fuck, CEO, are you stupid? If you choose a big adventure, everyone will definitely see you and your wife show affection!]

[President, give me support and choose a big adventure!]

【A big man chooses the truth, if you want to play, you can play a big adventure!】

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