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Lu Xiangcheng held his head, stood up with difficulty, and stared viciously at a man in front of him whom he had not seen for five years.

Jian Songchu did not expect Xu Hanyang to appear suddenly, and his right eyelid twitched slightly.

“Why are you here?” Xu Hanyang’s eyes were sharp, his voice was low, and his tone was undisguised.

Lu Xiangcheng didn’t even want to look at him, and looked at Jian Songchu, who he hadn’t seen for many years, with joy, both eyes seemed to have red hearts, “Chuchu, I…”

Having said that, Lu Xiangcheng wanted to hold Jian Songchu’s hand.

Xu Hanyang frowned and blocked Lu Xiangcheng’s hand, hiding the person deeper.


Jian Songchu also bumped into the man’s back with innocent words written in his eyes.


Obviously he didn’t do anything, why would he feel a guilty conscience similar to being raped.

Lu Xiangcheng’s eyes slammed, he withdrew his gaze, his eyes stared straight at Xu Hanyang, a slightly provocative smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, “What are you afraid of?”

Xu Hanyang’s expression changed slightly, the blue veins on both sides of his temples bulged slightly, and his brows were also wrinkled.

Jian Songchu also felt the subtlety between the two, and took a deep breath.

Jian Songchu and Xu Hanyang have always been neighbors’ childhood sweethearts.
They have been at the same table since elementary school.
If Xu Hanyang’s temperament had not changed drastically after high school, Xu’s parents sent people out overnight in order to prevent his illness from getting worse.

And Lu Xiangcheng was the closest person to Xu Hanyang after he left.

In Xu Hanyang’s heart, he hated himself and also Lu Xiangcheng, because Lu Xiangcheng stole the seven years that belonged to him! The seven years he spent with Jian Songchu! It was the seven years he missed!

What’s more, Lu Xiangcheng likes Jian Songchu as much as he does.
This kind of jealousy and madness is enough to drive him crazy.
If it wasn’t for the sake of maintaining his final dignity and not making it difficult for Jian Songchu, Xu Hanyang wanted to end the other party countless times five years ago.

He never expected that the other party would suddenly return to China at the critical moment when Jian Songchu lost his memory.

You must know that in Jian Songchu’s heart, who has no memory of these five years, Lu Xiangcheng is the person who is closest to him during this period.

How can this not make him jealous, how can it not make him afraid.

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Xu Hanyang blushed and warned in a low voice, “…you shouldn’t come…”

Lu Xiangcheng put his hands in his pockets, stared at each other closely, with undisguised provocation, the corners of his mouth curled slightly, “How could I not come at such a critical juncture?”

Xu Hanyang’s eyes narrowed slightly, his right hand drilled a fist, and his tone seemed to contain a trace of forbearance, “You were invited by the program team?”

When the director behind the scenes saw this scene, his heart skipped a beat: It’s over, let’s get rid of it, Xu Hanyang is angry, and the show is going to end.

When the audience in the live broadcast room saw this scene, it seemed like it was New Year’s Eve, and they all shouted “Ahhhhhhh”.

[Shura is the field of Shura, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah]

[Hurry up and call me! Ahhhhhh]

[Hundreds of millions of presidents’ marriage defense battle]

Seeing that the atmosphere was getting more and more wrong, as the party was also eating melons, Jian Songchu suddenly couldn’t stand up.
He immediately grabbed Xu Hanyang’s hand and stopped the two in time, “Stop arguing.”

But Xu Hanyang couldn’t hold it back at all, he turned back to look at him suddenly, his eyes almost burst open, the eye sockets were congested and covered with red blood, as if he would shed blood and tears in the next second.

What Jian Songchu was about to say suddenly got stuck, staring blankly into the man’s eyes.

He has been immersed in Xu Hanyang’s warmth all this time, so much that he almost forgot what a bad person Xu Hanyang was, and that the man in front of him was the source of evil that accompanied him throughout his youth like a shadow.

This kind of stunned and unbalanced feeling made Jian Songchu feel as if someone had poured cold water on him, and his heart also became cold.

Xu Hanyang was very withdrawn when he was a child, but when he was young, Jian Songchu was like a little sun.

Since the two families are neighbors, it is inevitable for the two to meet each other, so every time Jian Songchu will approach this fierce-looking, even a little gloomy person out of good intentions.

The two of them played a lot, and Xu Hanyang clinged to him every day, almost every school he went to, the other party would try to follow him, and even force the teacher to make the other party his tablemate, even if he went to the toilet, the other party would follow him own.

It was so exaggerated that Xu Hanyang chose to spend the New Year at Jian Songchu’s house in order not to be separated from Jian Songchu.
He was so good to Jian Songchu that even Jian Sonchu’s parent was ashamed.
It was like raising an ancestor.

So from childhood to adulthood, Xu Hanyang was Jian Songchu’s best friend.
Jian Songchu subconsciously relied on Xu Hanyang very much, and he would tell each other what he thought.

So much so that Jian Songchu never thought about why the other party would have such a big reaction when he found out that he liked a girl, so big that he thought of locking himself in a warehouse and not being given food or drink.

From day to night, day and night, when Jian Songchu was almost starving to death, lying on the ground, all he could think about was ‘Why does Xu Hanyang suddenly hate himself?’

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As a result, when Jian Songchu was rescued, his first reaction was not to blame the other party, but self-doubt and guilt, whether it was because he did something wrong that made the other party angry.

For this reason, Jian Songchu took the initiative to ask for good afterward.

But from this day on, Xu Hanyang became more and more strange…

Several times, he almost tossed Jian Songchu to death.


Xu Hanyang vaguely sensed the stunned look in Jian Songchu’s eyes, and almost subconsciously looked away, holding Jian Songchu’s hand in a panic, turning around and taking the person into his arms.

Even his voice was shaking, “I’m sorry…”

【?? ?? ?What’s the matter? Why did the style of painting suddenly change?? ?】

[The CEO’s eyes just now were really scary, and Madam was also frightened…]

[No, no, no, I’ve just started knocking, will I be tortured?]

[To abuse your head, you should read too many novels, people are serious husbands, and the kind of proofs]

Jian Songchu was stunned for a while, but he quickly reacted, patted the man on the shoulder, and his tone suddenly became a little helpless, “Okay, okay, there are many people, you get up first.”

As soon as Jian Songchu finished speaking, Xu Hanyang immediately changed from a mad dog to a foolish dog.
The whole person lay on Jian Songchu’s body as a rogue, not letting go.

[Gan, the style of painting has changed again]

[It has to be the president, my wife posted a post]

[I’m dying of laughter, look at the trio of sisters who ate melons all the way, did they just bury their heads in discussion, help]

[Does the president really not know that the Internet has memory? He has completely released his nature]

[This wave of show-stopping operations stunned the rival in love]

Seeing this scene, Lu Xiangcheng suffered another heart attack, and directly covered his heart.

Jian Songchu raised his head, looked at Lu Xiangcheng, was silent for a moment, and then slowly opened his mouth in Lu Xiangcheng’s hopeful eyes, “…I’m hungry, you…would you like to have a meal first?… ”

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Sister Trio: “??????”

Behind the scenes director team: “??????”

Audience in the live broadcast room: “??????”

Lu Xiangcheng’s expression also froze.

Are you so rude?

Speaking, Jian Songchu also pointed to the direction of the kitchen, “The kitchen is over there.”

“…” Lu Xiangcheng gave a man a vicious look, trying to adjust his heart.

No, he is here to express himself, he wants to regain his heart at the beginning.

“Okay! I’ll do it now!”

After speaking, Lu Xiangcheng didn’t stop for a moment and went straight to the kitchen.

Xu Hanyang, just wait for me, I won’t kill you!

[Wait, what’s the situation?]

【Um….does the prince really know how to cook?】

[As a fan of Lu Xiangcheng, I would like to answer: Really! You can also find his cooking photos from P in the past.
He said that he learned it for the people he likes.

[Fuck, shocking melon, the person you like = Madam, so….]

【Madame: Ah! It’s all my fault for this damn charm】

[This prince is so obedient, I actually bumped into it strangely]

Xu Hanyang became tighter and tighter, and Jian Songchu’s neck was slightly sore.
He called him away, and his brows couldn’t help frowning, “Get up, you’re pressing on my hair.”

Xu Hanyang was shocked and immediately raised his head, but he was still reluctant to let go.


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The two looked at each other.

Jian Songchu let out a “tsk” and said with a serious face, “How about…you cook together?”

“??????” was stunned again.

With that said, Jian Songchu made a sad face, “Lu Xiangcheng’s cooking is definitely not as good as yours.
If he fails, we will have nothing to eat by then.”

Audience: You just didn’t seem to have this reaction.

Xu Hanyang’s eyes changed, as if he immediately entered a state of alert, “You’re right, I don’t even know if he poisoned our dishes.”

“I’m going to cook now.”

How could he let Chuchu eat the food made by someone else?

After speaking, Xu Hanyang didn’t stop for a moment, as if there was wind under his feet, he immediately ran into the kitchen.

After sending the two Buddhas away one after another, Jian Songchu slowly turned his head back, looked at the dumbfounded trio, and blinked innocently, “It’s still early, shall we continue to play mahjong?”

[I rub it, Madam is awesome]

[I seem to be watching a big play, and I seem to be watching a lonely one]

[How did Madam manage these two men so obediently?]

[Here I suggest Madam to publish a book, the title of which is “A Thousand Ways of Old Attack”

[Die upstairs laughing, I really place an order right away]

[One hundred books per person, it is recommended to recite the full text]

[I would like to call Madam a fishing ceiling]

“…” The three who met Jian Songchu’s gaze were silent at the same time.

No, we want to continue eating melons.

Finally, the trembling program team said: Thank you madam, if you speak a little later, this program will be gone!

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