After giving introductions, we were all led to the academy training grounds by Professor Fyurt. He also was wearing the same suit as the Headmaster. He had black hair and a scar on his forehead. Just taking a glance at his body, anybody could judge that it was trained well.

The training ground was big, there were sixty students present but we didn even fill one third of the place. And there are different training grounds for different weapon practices. This academy really shows its the best in the world.

We were on the training grounds of Swordsmanship.

The training ground had 3 sections, right side was an open ground, on the left side there was a battle ring and at the centre there was a big rectangular hall with dummy dolls inside. All these 3 sections were separated by walls with big transparent windows installed into it. We were on the right side, everybody was holding a wooden sword, the professor was in front of us.

”Now many of you must have interest in other weapons than swords, don worry about it, the weapon mastery classes will start from the next half of the year. You can choose any weapon of your choice at that time.

For the first half of the year, we will be practicing swords because learning basic Swordsmanship is a necessary thing. You should always be able to use different weapons other than your main weapon. A sword is one of them. We will only be learning the basics in the first half of the year, if you want to pursue further you should choose Sword as your main weapon in the next half but remember this, once you have chosen your main weapon you can switch it to another during your time in the academy, so choose wisely. If you want to try other weapons, you can always go to your dormitory training ground. There are all types of weapons present there.

Now coming to todays lesson, Swordsmanship, today we will just be learning how to hold swords. It is a crucial step as maintaining a grip on the sword is very important. Now, hold your swords in whichever way you feel confident. ”

Everyone held their swords in their hands. I also did the same. The professor observed us for a while and then spoke.

”Holding a sword with your dominant hand is more preferable, don force yourself to copy others. Now, Grab your swords right below the guard with your dominant hand, and use your other hand to hold the Pommel. Make a firm grip at the pommel of the sword and hold your sword such that the bottom is just above your belly button. Now try striking the air, use your dominant hand to guide the blade and the hand at the pommel to provide force. ”

Everybody started swinging their swords as instructed.

Swish Swish

”Keep each and every swing powerful. ”

Swish Swish Swish

”Hold your sword like this. ” ”You are doing it wrong. ” ”Your grip is loose. ” He started giving instructions to students who were making mistakes.

Ding! Ding!

After hundreds of swings, the bell rang. Everyone was sweating profusely.

”Okay thats it for today, tomorrow we will work on the footwork. You all can leave. Also, Drink water after a while. ”

Everybody left the training grounds. We arrived in our classroom and settled on our seats. It was 9:09 a.m. The training ground was just behind the school building so it didn take much time to arrive. Everyone had a loose posture, relaxing themselves except the princess beside me who was sitting straight as if no workout happened.

As the minute hand hit 2, the professor entered the classroom.

Its History now.

”Good Morning students! I am Lucifer Silvon, and I will be teaching you Histooooorrry! ”

Everybody laughed as his way of saying the word History was funny. He had short yellow hair and red eyes.

”Ha ha ha, Laughing is really good for health. Now then, lets start with your names. ”

Everybody just told their names, it was the third time.

”Okay, lets start our lecture. So from where should we start? Our world has a long history after all. Hmm.. ”

After thinking for a while he snapped his fingers and spoke up.

”Right lets talk about Magnus Academys History. Are you all interested? ”

”Yes!! ”

”Ha ha ha, Lets begin.

The Magnus Academy was found by the First Hero, Sir Gerrard three centuries ago. He was given the title of hero after defeating the Demon King and since then the world is at peace. Of course wars and conflicts happen but it could not be compared to the era of Demon King which was described as no less than hell.

Sir Gerrard, after his victory wanted to share his experience and knowledge with everyone so he formed this academy. He built the academy with the help of the King of his kingdom.

The Kingdoms were as large as continents at that time, so there were very few kings and the kingdom in which Sir Gerrard was born into was called Cynthia and it was the largest Kingdom of that time.

It is said that both the King and Sir Gerrard had a very good relationship. The academy was formed in a timespan of ten years, it would have been formed earlier if not for Sir Gerrards wish. He wished that the Academy should not be a part of any country and should be built on a neutral land. The negotiations with all the other kingdoms took a long time but finally an island located in the Southern Ocean was given as the land only for the Academy and till date the Academy is not a part of any kingdom.

During the first opening year of the Academy, a huge amount of children applied for the enrollment, but it was not possible to enroll each of them, so the entrance exam was introduced. There were many improvements every year and the academy formed an ecosystem within it.

Sir Gerrard taught in the Academy for 53 years and died peacefully. He also had a habit of keeping a diary, which is currently kept in the Headmasters room. After his death, the new headmaster was chosen by the students vote and it continues till date. At the end of every year voting is held for selection of new headmaster in which whole school students participates. Thats the end. ”

Everyone was still immersed. Some of the part was already known by the whole world but there was new information too. The most surprising one was that he had a diary which is still available.

”I guess you all really liked it. ” Everybody nodded their heads in affirmation.

”The class is about to be over, for tomorrow we will be discussing kingdoms history. You can read about it in the Central library, use your Maps for navigation. ”

Ding! Ding!

”See you tomorrrooow! ”

He left the classroom. Everyone started discussing their library plans.

The next class is Herbology.


• Pommel – The bottom end of the handle of a sword.

• Guard – The extended part between blade and handle.

• Dominant hand – The hand you are most likely to use when you are doing fine motor tasks like writing, brushing your teeth etc.

*Note – End of year means end of the school year.

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