After the ceremony, everyone headed towards their Dormitory rooms. I also arrived at Star Dormitory 1. The Dormitory was bigger than I thought. There were two big dining tables on the ground floor with hundreds of chairs lined up each side and the walls had big windows inserted into them. The moon could be seen outside. There were floating lanterns everywhere, illuminating the whole building. The Dormitory also has a dome shaped ceiling but it was made up of bricks. There was a central staircase connecting all the floors. A-2 class students rooms are on the fourth floor.

I arrived in front of my room. My room number is 139. There was a device at the side of the door with a rectangular shape embedded into it. I placed my Sign inside it as their shapes were similar.


The door opened. I pushed the door slowly and entered the room and closed the door.


I guess it locks automatically from inside. I turned towards my room. It was a big enough room for a single person. There was a double bed at the centre of the left side facing the right side wall where a wardrobe was placed at one corner beside the window, there were two more doors located on the other corner, it must be a bathroom and a shower room. The front wall had one pendulum clock hanging on it and a mirror just below it. The time was 8:50. I opened the window which was beside the bed. The cold wind was blowing. Winter is near.

The view from the high floor was really breathtaking. There was a huge lake in front covered with mist all around it. Behind it, a never-ending forest can be seen. Looking down the Dormitory garden was visible. There were a few students walking around with their friends. I left the window open and hopped on the bed. Closing my eyes, voices of insects could be heard.

Best of luck to me for the upcoming Academy Life.


Chirp! Chirp!

Inside a big room. Many paintings were hanging on the walls. Shelves full of books were filling the place. At the centre of it all was a big black table, with a man sitting behind it on the same coloured black chair. Alex Precus.

”All of you have been assigned your classes for the year, do your work sincerely. ”

”Yes! ” In the same room six professors of the academy were lined up horizontally. They were all the homeroom professors for the new first year classes.

”The classes are about to start, you all can go. ” Everybody bowed their heads and started leaving in an orderly manner.

After everyone left, he turned towards the window behind him. Looking outside he said in a low voice ”The sun is about to rise. ”


After getting ready and wearing the school uniform I arrived at the ground floor. The uniform was already placed inside the wardrobe beforehand and it fits perfectly. The normal clothes sent by our parents were also there. Fluent work.

All the students in the hall were wearing school uniform. The uniform consists of a black shirt with a set of white blazer, tie and a pair of pants. Both boys and girls have the same dress. The Headmasters and our dress is almost the same. The only difference is that there are no golden lines on our sleeves.

I sat at the corner seat of the dining table. As soon as I sat, food appeared on the table. I started eating while looking outside the window. The sun is about to rise. The schedule of the week was already pinned on the notice board of the fourth floor. Our classes start at 7 a.m. and ends at 12:20. p.m. There will be 5 classes every day, one hour each with a 5 minute break after every class.

After eating the breakfast I left for the class. I was following the maps navigation. During the night it was not clearly visible but in the daytime the majestic size of the academy can be seen clearly.

I passed by the fountain where all the four roads meet. I guess these roads lead to different sections of the academy.

After a 10 minute walk, I found A class building. The lounge area on the ground floor had many round tables and sofas. The building structure was just like the Dormitory but a little smaller in area. The staircase was located at the corner unlike Dormitorys staircase. I arrived at the second floor and there were only two doors on the whole floor situated at the both ends. There were two staircases, each on both ends of the floor. I guess that one must be used by teachers. I entered the classroom. Many students were already there talking with each other. The class had steps like structure with 30 tables on each side and a path in between, there was a podium at the centre and a clock on the wall behind it. The time is 6:54. The door through which I entered leads to the back of class which is the highest point. The other end door leads to the front of the class which is at lowest. Both the doors were situated at different heights when looked from inside but they were on the same level from outside. I wonder how they did this.

Unfortunately, the last row was already full so I had to take a seat in front. I sat beside a girl as it was the only seat available in the back of the class. She has a pale skin and her hair colour is dark blue. She glanced at me once and turned away. Her eyes colour was same as her hair colour.

The professor arrived at exactly 7:00 a.m. Everybody stopped talking and looked towards her as she entered.

”Good morning students, I will be your homeroom professor this year, My name is Alphine Swezel, I will be teaching you Magic. ” She introduced herself as soon she entered. She was wearing a long white frock, with golden lines at the borders. Her hair colour was blonde and eyes were a shade of violet. She was young.

”Without wasting any time lets start with Introductions. Lets start from the first row. ”

The boy from the left side of the first row stood up, he had brown hair. He introduced himself, ”My name is Davin Holmesland. Nice to meet you all. ” The student beside him stood up as he finished. ”I am Ron Grameswad. Please take care of me. ” Everybody introduced themselves and after sometime my turn came.

”My name is Yu Rorgesberg. Nice to meet you. ” The girl next to me stood and introduced herself. ”I am Alicia Vermenth. ”

”She is from royal family? ”

”Wow!! ”

So she is the Princess of Vermenth Kingdom. Vermenth Kingdom is a small kingdom with not much land in its possession, due to the actions taken by recent kings, the supporters of the royal family in the kingdom is decreasing every passing day.

”Continue the introductions. ” Professor Alphine said.

The introductions were done by 7:20. There were 3 children from royal families in our section.

”Now as said by the headmaster, I will explain to you all the necessary details about points. So as told yesterday points play an important role in the Magnus Academy. There are many ways to earn points.

First and the most basic one are exams, there will be an Annual exam every year at the end, which tests your knowledge of what you have learnt in the whole year and students scoring more than 70 percent will get 1 point, above 80 percent 2 points, above 90 percent 3 points and Full Score will get 5 points. Lower than these will result in 0 points. Also the necessary requirement to graduate to the next year without any loss is scoring more than 50 percent in the Annual Exam. If you fail to do so, 10 points will be deducted.

The other way to earn points is Subject Exams, unlike Annual Exam which is held once in a year, Subject Exams are held every month, the points are given to you by your subject professors on the basis of your subject knowledge. It can vary from -1 to 2 points.

The Final method is participating in events. The events are different every year, so I don have much information about them either but there is a common event which is held every year called Elites Tournament. Whole academy students can participate in it. The winner gets 10 points, runner up with 8 points, 2nd runner up 5 points and 3rd runner up 3 Points. By earning these points every year and collecting more than 100 by the end of the fourth year, you will be able to graduate as Elites. Rankings are also decided by these points as already told. The points can also be deducted if you are caught cheating in exams or breaking the rules of any event.Any questions? ”

There were no questions.

Ding Ding

The bell rang.

”So we will start with our magic lessons tomorrow. Have a nice day ahead. ” She left the classroom.

The point system really is interesting, you lose a lot more points when you make a mistake than you gain by winning. The ratio difference really is too big.

I glanced at the clock, the time was 8:02 a.m. The next class is Swordsmanship.

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