”Dear Elites!! Welcome to the Magnus Academy. ”

No one spoke. Nervousness can be seen on everyones faces.

”Ha ha ha, don be nervous. ” The man on the stage started laughing. Everyone also started giving awkward smiles.

”Anyway, I am Alex Precus, the selected headmaster of this year. So lets start with the introduction of our school system. As you all already know, this place selects people with great talents who come here from all over the world and you all who are present here are one of them. ”

Everyone was listening without making any sounds.

”You all will be attending this school for 4 years and as already mentioned in the letter sent to you, you will be living inside the school dormitories. Going home is only allowed on holidays or in extreme cases. There are 3 major session holiday breaks every year. Summer Break, Winter Break and Christmas Break. All the necessary facilities are available inside the school premises. Now to the main point, during these 4 years you will be competing against each other to earn points. Those who gather more than 100 points in the span of 4 years will graduate as Elites and I say again, only people with above 100 points, which means if no one from you can gather more than 100 points you all will fail. ”

”What? All of us? ”

”Theres no top 10 or something!? ”

”What are the points? ”

Everyone was shocked. They started voicing out their questions.

”Silence. ” The headmaster said with a smile on his face but still the pressure could be felt coming out from his voice. Everyone once again went silent.

”All other things related to points will be explained to you by your homeroom professor the next day in the class. Talking about classes, every year the classes are divided into 6 sections. S-Class, A-1 Class, A-2 Class, A-3 Class, A-4 Class, A-5 Class. All the A series classes have been assigned to the students randomly but the S-Class is only assigned to top 20 rankings of the Entrance Exam which you all had given a month ago. All the A series classes contain 60 students each. You cannot interchange your section with another A class student for all the 4 years which means your section is permanent but all the Top 2 students of the year from each section of A class can replace the bottom 10 from S-Class that means interchange between A classes and S class is possible. Its not compulsory of course, but you will get only 1 chance every year to do so. So S-Class students, make sure to not exist in the bottom 10 of your class because you have to interchange if other A class top student wishes for it.

Top 5 students from the S-Class every year will be the Student Council for that year. For this year the top 5 from the entrance exam will be selected as members of the Student Council. Rankings of the students will be decided on the basis of points only. Now we will distribute you all your School Ids called Sign. ”


As he snapped his fingers, the rectangular box-like thing started flowing towards us from the back of the stage. I also received one. Looking at it closely it was made of black translucent glass with Magnus Academy Symbol on the back. Everyone was observing it closely.

”The devices you received are your Signs. To register yourself, slide any two of your fingers on the front. ”

We did as instructed. An interface appeared on the before empty screen. On the centre of it was my photo with my name Yu Rorgesberg. Looking down I could see my assigned class A-2 and my points 0. There were several options on the top of the screen which included Personal Details, Rankings, Friends, Events and Map.

”I hope you all can see the interface. You must be able to see your assigned class, so using the map function you have to arrive at your designated class the next morning. Just entering your class name with 1st year at the end on the search bar of the map will be enough. Both A and S classes have separate buildings. A class building has 5 floors, each floor assigned to each section on the basis of their section number and S class have only one floor for classes. The ground floor in both the buildings is the lounge area. Now by clicking on the Personal details you will be able to see your Room numbers. Likewise search for the Star Dormitory 1 and the map will navigate you there. Star Dormitory 1 is assigned for only 1st year students. It has 6 floors, Top floor for the S-Class students and other floors for A sections in descending order, that is A-5 on 1st floor, A-4 on second and likewise till A-1. Every floor except for the 6th floor which has 20 rooms, has 60 rooms each. The ground floor is the dining area and then there is basement which is Activity Area. You may also call it a Fun area as there are training rooms, different game courts, swimming pool and other facilities situated inside. ”

There was too much information entering everybodys brains.

”Ranking Features just work as it name says, to show rankings. There are three types of ranking, Class Ranking, Year Ranking and School Ranking. Class Ranking shows your rank in your class, Year Ranking shows your rank with respect to your year and School Ranking shows your rank with respect to the whole school students. As already mentioned ranking is decided by the points. Points are resetted to 0 of each student in the ranking section every year and do not worry your total lifetime points will always be shown in your home interface. ”

Points resetting was a good choice, otherwise students in the above years who are already more skilled and having previous year points compared to the new comers which have 0 would have been a great advantage.

”You can make friends by tapping on the back of their Sign with your Signs back. You can see their name in the Friends Section after doing so. This feature allows you to talk to your friends from a distance. As for the Events feature, it allows you to register yourself in an upcoming event. The events name will be listed in the Events section as soon as the details about it are told to you in the class. Personal Details shows your Name, gender, age , Parents name and your room number. The Signs do not work outside the Academy Premises. If you are having problems operating your Sign, you can ask for help from your Homeroom Professor. You will be able to learn more about the academy as you spend more time in it. Now then. ”

Clap! Clap!

As he clapped the sound of crackers were heard form above. Everyone looked upwards. The night sky was visible through the transparent ceiling illuminated with multiple colours. Many students can be seen flying through that beautiful sky on different shaped boards. They all were waving their hands towards us with smiles on their faces as if welcoming us.

Welcoming their new competitors.

”I wish you all a very great journey ahead! ” The Headmaster said those words with a wide smile on his face. It was a real smile.

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