here is only one task for you.
You need to learn it.”

“You mean right now?”

“Did someone call you a genius or what? Start by feeling the innate internal qi.”

I hated this.

Learn to feel qi and then drain it.
Even if I did manage to learn it and my qi ran out, I won’t live long.

“If you cannot do it, I have no use for you anymore.”

This was truly a dire situation.
The only difference was that my life was in danger whether I touched the internal qi or Hae Ack-chun killed me when I failed.

With those words, Hae Ack-chun was about to leave the cave.

“Is that all?”

“What else? You want me to stick by your side and watch over you?”

I shook my head.
Having this old man next to me was like sitting on nails.

Maybe he was going to teach those twins.

“If you can feel the innate internal qi, you know where you should come back to, right?”

I hated how he was speaking so casually.

He looked back at me with anger as I didn’t reply.


I suppressed my anger.
There was no benefit for me here if I showed my true feelings.

Instead, the way out was to get this done as much as possible and not express my true feelings.

“… can I ask just one thing?”


He returned my question with another question.

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“Aren’t you going to tell me about the presence of spirit?”

Essence, qi, and spirit, his explanation ended at just qi.
At my question, Hae Ack-chun tapped his head with his finger and went out.

Then Short Sword said.


‘He isn’t an idiot.’

Hae Ack-chun, who was returning to his cave, was grinning.
Judging from the kid’s expression, it felt like the kid knew what would happen if the innate internal qi was touched.

He is probably trying to use his head right now, but still, he will learn it.

‘I do feel pity.
But if the words there are true, it would also be a blessing to you.’

Of course, if possible, he would be more suitable than So Wonhwi.
Even if the dantian was broken, this was a secret that many warriors would like to covet.

‘What is this?’

As I read what was written, I was shocked.
The technique wasn’t complete.
It got cut off along the way because he died due to exhaustion.


When I saw this, I cursed aloud.
The last thing wasn’t written; it just had to be the method to prevent the innate internal qi from becoming exhausted.
That said, it was said that the qi can be stopped.

But here, it felt like it was cut off at the most crucial part.

‘You should have written it down first!’

This man was dead, but I couldn’t stop my anger.
If I learnt this, it only talked about consuming the innate internal qi and not the method for recovering it.

And Small Short Sword said.


Short Sword.
I need time to think.’

I felt like I had to find a way.

I didn’t know when the time would be, but Hae Ack-chun would make me fight the twins when they are ready.
And I cannot be running out of innate internal qi before then.


‘Should I adjust it to save qi as much as possible?’

Small Short Sword kept talking loudly.

-Yah, idiot!

‘Ah, stop it! That shocks me!’

-It is because you aren’t hearing me.
How about we just ask him?


I had no idea what she was talking about.

-Ask him.
That skeleton… ah, he is saying, brat, how dare you call my master a skeleton.

‘Wait, you… you are talking with the iron sword?’

We can ask him.
if he was with the skeleton all this while, then he can know… ah, seriously! It seems sensitive.
How can I know if your master is Ho Jong or not!


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For a moment, I was doubting what I was hearing.

‘What did you say?’

-How can I know if your master is Ho Jong or Mo Jong? He said his master is Ho Jong-dae, the South Heavenly Swordsman.

‘South Heavenly Swordsman’

-Why are you so surprised?

Anyone would be surprised by the famous swordsman who shook Yunnan with just one sword.
He was such a great warrior that if he didn’t disappear suddenly 15 years ago, there was a widespread opinion that he would have become one of the Eight Great Masters.

-That good? No wonder the sword is acting like that.

If this skeleton was indeed the South Heavenly Swordsman, then this was shocking.

But why is a person known to have gone missing in Yunnan ended up dead like this on an unknown mountain in Guandong?

‘Did that crazy old man do this?’

-He’s smiling?


-That old man cannot beat his master, it seems.


This was shocking.

Hae Ack-chun was one of the Four Venerable Dignitaries in the Blood Cult, and no one could defeat him.

‘I see.’

Perhaps, it was to restore his honor.
Regardless of the origin, most warriors were proud of their martial arts.

And no one liked to lose.

‘If he is the real Ho Jong-dae, then it is a good thing.’

Short Sword had said that the iron sword might know the rest of the cut text.
It was like a miracle had come true.

I asked the short sword to help me ask the iron sword how to use the innate internal qi.


-Am I some matchmaker for a couple? It is right in front of you, so ask it yourself.

I took a deep breath.

I touched the other sword, but I heard nothing.
It was the same as when I touched the throwing knives.

I could only hear this one short sword.

‘You need to tell me.’

It was impossible, yet I grabbed the sword without thought.
And at that moment, a voice echoed.

A touch I haven’t felt in so long.

In an instant, my body trembled, and I released my grip around the iron sword.

‘W-what was that just now?’

Small Short Sword answered.

-Its voice.

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