”Its quite a beautiful day isn it my lady? ”

”Yes. It is quite, but it is a shame that you have to be in it. ” I said as I aligned my mallet to the ball making sure that it would directly into the hoop, and I smirked as it did, and Alexander and the others gave me a round of applause.

”Its been a while since Ive play this game. I wonder if Ill be half as good as you my lady. ”

”I doubt that you will be my lord, but don be too hard on your self when you don . ” I said smiling until he hit the ball and it went through two hoops and my smile fell.

The spectators erupted into cheers as he smirked and I scoffed and rolled my eyes.


No more going easy on him.

We hit balls into hoops after hoops being at each others necks for this was a stiff competition.

Everyone could feel the tension from where they were sitting and were at the edge of their seat.

”What say you my lady? Lets make a deal shall we? ” asked Alexander as I was about to hit my final ball breaking me out of the zone, and if looks could kill he would have died a hundred times already, but I was quite curious to hear the nonsense that he was about to spew.

”Im listening. ”

”What do you say to that whomever wins they are granted one wish that the loser has to fulfil? ” he asked, and I weighed my options deciding that this wasn so bad.

”So when I win I can wish for you to leave me alone and fall off the face of the Earth right? ”

”If you when yes. A gentlemans word is his law my lady. ” he said, and I nodded.

”Okay. I agree, but just remember, no take backs. ”

”But of course my lady. I can assure you that I am a man of my word. I do not do ake backs.

”Good. Now be quiet. You are ruining my focus. ” I said as I lined up my mallet with the ball concentrating a hard as I could for I wanted to score two hoops and I did, ”yes! Ha ha! In your face Lord Alexander! Now make like a magician and disappear! ”

”Now now my lady. I haven had my turn as yet now have I? ” he asked smirking cockily, ”my lady would please step aside. I have a game to win. ”

”Good luck beating me my lord. ”

”Thank you, but I don need luck. ” he said, as he swung the mallet hitting the ball hard and it went into not one, nor two, but three hoops, and I felt my knees go weak and I fell to the floor.

”No. No! ”

”Yes my lady. Now about my wish. ” he said giving me a hand to take, but I just furiously hit it away getting to my feet by my self.

”You! You dratted man! You tricked me! ”

”Dratted? Adelia I cannot believe that such a fowl mouth is coming from such pretty lips. We might have to do something about that. ” he said in all seriousness as he stepped closer to me.

”You are a dratted man, for you knew my weakness is winning, and you used that against me for your personal gain. The deal is off, for I am not a genie that grants wishes nor am I a man of my word. ”

”You are not a man Adelia. ” he called after me as I walked away, and I stopped to turn around and yelled.

”Exactly! ”

”I will see you tomorrow my lady for you will be fulfilling my wish. ”

”I will not be doing such thing. ” I said refusing, but with a mother like mine did I really have a choice.

The next day I was bathed, and clothed and fed, then was sat down in the sitting room waiting for Alexander.

”My lady you look radiant as usual. ” he said placing a kiss on my hand and I scoffed as I wiped it off.

”What do you want Alexander? Name your price. ”

”I know not of which this price that you do so speak of, for my wish from you holds no monetary value, but of that of sentiment. ” he said charmingly, and I rolled my eyes.

”Oh God were you always like this, or did they brain wash you in the Americas? ”

”I have always been like this my lady. Don you remember our days spent under the fig tree? ” he asked, and I shook my head pretending not to.

”No I am afraid I do not my lord. Perhaps it was another maiden? ”

”Oh do not play that game with me Adelia. It was you, and it has always been you my sweet flower. ” he said trying too hold me, but I just stepped away and hugged myself.

”You do not get to call me that Alexander. We have grown. Times have change. Feelings have faded. ”

”Well my love for you is still here Adelia, and it is not going anywhere. Tell me please. What is it that I have done to make you hate me so? Please tell me so that I will spend the rest of my life and my next lives trying to make it up to you my lady. ” he begged, and I turned away not wanting to get into those emotions that I had spent years suppressing, and trying to forget.

”What is it that you wish my lord? ”

He sighed as he came to realize that I was not going to give him a reason anytime soon, ”very well then. My wish from you is that we spend the afternoon together under the fig tree like we usually did. May it be granted. ”

”Yes. It shall, but do know that after this I owe you not a thing. ”

”But of course my lady. I will just have to try harder to make you love me again. ” he said allowing me to walk first and we were off for a pickney under the fig tree just like what we did when we were children.

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