”Is the water temperature to your liking my lady? ” asked Margaret after I had dipped my toe in.

”Yes, its perfect. ”

I then stepped into the bath lowering my entire unclothed body into the water as the beautiful calming scent of the lavender began to ease all my worries.

”Hes so handsome. ” ”I would marry him. ” ”He is like a God. ” I heard being whispered around me as I had my eyes closed.

”To whom are you young ladies bestowing such compliments? Pray tell. ” I asked as I opened my eye, and they immediately stopped scrubbing my skin as they looked to the floors sheepishly.

”Well, umm, my lady. ” began Maricelina.

”We were talking about your fiancé, Lord Alexander Astros. Hes so magnificent. ” finished Delle.

”Lord Alexander? ” I scoffed, ”hes as handsome as a swine that hasn been fed well. That dratted man is anything, but magnificent. Ugly yes, but magnificent is a no no. Now please stop with this nonsense. I am trying to bathe. ”

”Yes, my lady. Right away my lady. ”



Don make me laugh.

He was no Eros, granted he was no Cupid either.

”You are all clean my lady. ” announced miss Margaret, and I hoisted my self out of the bath, then I was dressed by Delle.

That evening the dinner table was quite tensed with everyone quietly eating and not saying a word to another.

”Adelia. ” said my mother, of course she would be the first to break silence.

”Yes mother? ” I sighed as I placed my utensils down giving her my attention.

”May be have a word? ”

”I thought that we were already having a word mother. ” I said smiling, and she looked at me with distaste.

”Adelia, this is not the time for your sarcasm. ” said father taking my mothers side.

”I can assure that I am not being sarcastic father. I am just pointing out the obvious. ”

”Oh enough of your games Deli. It has been decided that starting tomorrow you will be courted by Lord Alexander to marry. ” said mother, and my playful and teasing demeanor had faded.

”What? ”

”It has been decided. We had fulfilled your wishes to not allow other suitors to court you following your debut seeing as we had other plans for your future already. You will marry lord Alexander this spring. ” said father, and I rose to my feet being displeased.

”Mama! Papa! This my life! I should be able to marry who I want to! ”

”I am your father, and whatever I say goes. You will be courted tomorrow and you will be on your best behavior! ” said my father raising to his feet as he rose his voice.

”Mama? ” I asked looking over at her, silently begging that she would take my side, but she didn .

”Now sit and enjoy your meal Adelia. I do not want to here another peep out of you. ”

”This is madness. ” I said slamming my palms against the dinner table before storming off.

”Adelia! ” called my younger sister Ophelia after me, but I just ignored her as I retreated to my room.

”Let her be. She is far too stubborn to be dealt with. ” said my father and I made sure to stomp up every step on the stairs disturbing their meal.

I was so angry with father, and even more angry with mama.

How dare they plan my future without my consent, and then be displeased with me when I refuse to be their puppet.

What was I?

Just a cattle that they could sell?

Here I thought that my parents loved me more than that..

”Deli? ” I heard followed by a soft knock on my door about an hour after I had left the dinner table, and I knew who it was, ”may I come in? ”

”Come in at your own risk Pheli. I am wild boar up for sale. ”

”Im sorry that I didn take you side Deli. ” she said apologetically and my demeanor softened for I could never mad at my dearest sister for too long.

”Oh its alright, Ophelia, but don you dare expect me to take your side when its time to marry. ”

”Oh don worry sister. I will not refuse like you did. I want to be married. I want to be like those fair maidens in all those books that Ive read.

”You read far too many romance novels Pheli. Men aren even half as considerate in real life. Those fairy tale love are just that. Fairytale. They only exist between the pages, and the sooner you realize that, the better.

”Oh don be such an old hag talking like that Adelia. True love is real, and it is out there. Even for you. Why don you give Alexander another chance? He was once the love of your life wasn he? What changed? ” she asked holding onto my hand.

”It is quite late don you think, Ophelia? Yes it is quite late. I believe it is time for bed. ”

”Okay. I see what you are trying to do here, and I respect your privacy, but please sister, do try to have a wonderful time tomorrow, and be on your best behavior. At least try for me. Please? ” she asked and I sighed giving in, for how was I supposed to say no to my gentle flower.

”Okay my sweet Pheli I will. I will try my best to get along with Alexander, no matter how hard might be. ”

”Thank you. I bid you farewell. ” she said placing a kiss on my cheek before she left.

As soon as she left I began to smile as I removed my crossed fingers from behind my back, which signified that whatever I had just promised was a lie.

There was no way in hell I was going to make things easy for Alexander tomorrow.

If me not wanting to marry him will not affect the arrangements, then him not wanting to marry me shall.

Mama, papa, and Alexander had no idea of what I was capable of, and tomorrow I was going to show it to them.

Oh sweet Aries, please give me the strength.

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