I remember quite well the last time that I saw Alexander.

We were all but twelve spending the remaining of our summers days just like we usually did together, just like what all of us kids always do.


”Im really going to miss you my sweet Adelia. ” he said as we under the big fig tree where we would always go to spend time together.

”As will I my dearest Alexander. If only life hadn been so cruel then maybe you wouldn have to go. ”

”Im quite scared to leave if Im being honest. ” he said sadly and I held his hand trying to give him comfort.

”But whatever are you afraid of my lord? Is the sailing across the seas? Why that is absurd. Youve done that plenty of times before, so that is quite ridiculous. ”

”No no. ” he said shaking his head leaving me quite puzzled, for whatever could it be?, ”I am just a little scared to be in an unfamiliar terrain away from everyone I know, and especially away from you my sweet flower. ”

”Don worry dear Alexander. I will write to you as often as I can and I will be here waiting for you no matter how long it will take. ”

”I love you Adelia. ” he said as he caressed my cheek and I smiled.

”As I you my lord. ”


The day that Alexander left for America was the day that my life changed forever, for not only was the love of my life leaving, but was also my best friend.

The heavens too seemed to have been joining in on my pain for the skies cried and cried and cried.

It seemed to have cried even more than I did as I handed him my handkerchief, and kissed him goodbye on the cheek.

Alexander was going to do big things, and I was very sure of that, for although he was still so very young he had wisdom beyond his years and I could listen him talk about the things that he knew for hours on end.

We would to each other every week following his departure, and he would tell me of how different yet similar the Americas were from England and I would dream of travelling there one day, and so I did.

It was the summer after I had turned fifteen, and I had begged my dear mama and papa to allow me to take a trip to America to surprise Alexander and they allowed me to and I was happier than an orphan who had received a new home.

My trip to the Americas, however did not go as according to plan, for I was met with a great surprised when I showed up the Academy where Alexander was studying only to find him wrapped in the arms of another woman as they seemed to have been having a jolly time as he shared to her knowledge on things that he has read just like he used to do with me under the fig tree when we were all but children.

That is right.

We were all but children.

It was foolish of me to actually believe that Alexander would be faithful to me after all these years, especially since he was now in an academy with other students that will match his intellect better than I did o

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