An old ghost hovered inside a house in a thundered night.

the heavy rain slapped the closed window before slowly trailing downwards and getting lost in a gathering puddle of water.

Five candles were lighted on the floor of the house in a circle while the ghost loomed in the circle.

White chalk was used to bind the candles in a circle and a triangle was drawn in the middle.

Fidal(the hooded woman) hummed a song softly as she walked around the house lighting candles by the door with a lighter.

With the last candle off, she put the lighter in her pocket and turned her attention to the hovering ghost.

The ghost had a large smile on her lips which were coated with bright red lipstick.

Her wide smile revealed rows of white teeth and a black eye rested on her face.

Fidal scowled at the smiling ghost

”Keep that smile away. It makes you look like Ursula from the little mermaid ” she said with pure distaste.

The ghosts grin widened, evidently happy.

”oh~ ” the ghost winked, ”I did possess an octopus before, when I wanted to experience sea life but who knew the octopus was about mating, ” the ghost stopped and shuddered, then continued ”its was quite a scare. ”

Fidal looked revolted, her brows crinkled at the story.

She took a deep breath to get the image of that out of her mind.

” I didn call you here for that, ” she said, ” The human teacher, the one you said could help me find what I want, you didn tell me she was human. ”

” Well I forgot, I saw how you scared the pitiful girl, you were all you have something I want and Ill kill you for it. do you think you
e some mafia leader? ” The ghost humphed.

”You said she could help me, I thought she had powers till I discovered she was a human with nothing, no powers, nothing at all, then how can she help me? ” Fidal said with a frown.

The ghost rolled her eyes, her activity still limited to within the circle hence, she sat on air and crossed her arms.

”Why are you acting with contempt? You
e human too, after all, you
e just stronger because you were cast to the trench but all in all, you
e no different from a normal human. Moreover, that woman has knowledge and knowledge is power.

She can easily lead you to the things you need. ” The ghost said.

”If its only about knowledge, what I need must be contained in a book or something.

This proves my point that I don need her, shell only be a burden. ” Fidal simply stated her point.

The ghost rolled her eyes.

e not smart. If you were, what happened to you wouldn have happened in the first place. ” the ghost said bluntly.

Her eyes widened in realization, she shouldn have said that, to begin with.

Fidels jaw clenched from anger

”Barrie, its better you know your limits when you speak. ” She said, her voice straining as her aura seeped out.

The room became chilly and the candles by the door flicked off while those surrounding Barrie melted wildly.

”Ill take the woman with me but leave, immediately. ” Fidal finished and walked out.

Barrie lowered her head in remorse. She sighed at the retreating figure then disappeared before the candles went out.


She jabbed a tree and a huge dent appeared in the middle of the tree.

Another one and the tree wobbled sideways and hit the ground with a loud thud as she punched it one more time.

She heaved.

What did she feel, was it regret, anger, disappointment, hatred, or even sadness she didn know.

Her hair stuck to her forehead because of the beating rain and she looked despondent, alone because that was the plain truth.

Barrie was right though, no matter how it stings to hear her say so, she was right.

She wasn smart, she was stupid, very stupid because she loved someone she had come to regret feeling anything for.

That was the bane of it all.

Even the smartest people become blind when love is involved and she happened to be very stupid so it was normal to say she suffered four times the blow because of some supposedly unprecedented feeling.

And the man involved? He disappeared from the face of the earth like he was never involved.

She chuckled mirthlessly.

Of course, he was never involved, what did she ever think back then? The irony of it coming back to her.

She lost more than she bargained for and her hate makes it impossible to not get back at everyone who caused it in the first place.

The reason she survived the darkest torment was that every time she thought of giving up shell imagine him feeling as much pain from her hands as she suffered in his and will push on.

She refused to give up, life was meaningless to her if she did so it was better to hold on to the hate that made the heartbeat feel alive.

Steeling her resolve, she decided to get that Lilibeth first.

The cost didn matter, all that mattered was sending heaven into a purge of raging flames.


The heavy rain didn bother Lilibeth, instead, it gave her comfort as she snuggled into her warm quilt with a book in hand.

” The Naraphims are horned creatures of legends.

They possess the body of a human and the head of a ram.

They have curved horns on each side, powerful with pure black eyes and huge muscular bodies.

The more the horn of a Naraphim, the more strength they possess and the larger their body but the strongest are the four-horned Naraphims.

They pride themselves on their strength and ability to command obedience from other creatures of the forest and are brute and aggressive beasts who settle their arguments with fights and brutality.

They are proud, arrogant, evil, and savage beasts who fall under the category called Apenta which means evil mind, a true name for their dark character.

During the time of the gods, when the human race gradually came into existence, they acted as soldiers for them but oftentimes, they couldn control their inner devil and ended up wrecking more havoc, killing men and children and taking advantage of the women.

They love to bundle up gold and shiny things and are the kind to kill for no reason. ”

Lilibeth sighed, still engrossed in her world.

The book she was reading used to be her grandfathers and his name was written on the dark cover of the book.

”Frederick Maxen ” It read.

Outside, in the heavy rain, Fidal stood by the window, watching the teacher as a small frown made its way to her face.

If she was Frederick Maxens granddaughter then it did make sense that Barrie wanted her to take the woman.

After all, Frederick Maxen was the first and only man to ever stumble on the supernatural realm.

Then she did need the teacher.

From the book in her hands, it was obvious her grandfather passed his knowledge on to her before he died.

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