which means of the beginning.

The primordial deities are the first and earliest deities of which their stories or myths originated to man as an embodiment of beliefs regarding them.

Symbolically,they were a number of deities,each unique and wielding their own characteristics,symbols,beliefs,likes and dislikes.

It was actually believed that those deities once lived on earth and once walked the soil we walk today. ”

”Then where are they? ”

A female student in the front row asked.

”We are getting to that. Besides,I used the word believed so it might not actually be true or there are no scientific proof to that. ”

Lilibeth answered before she continued.

”It was believed that they walked the earth,had wives,a harem of beautiful women and had children too.

As the race begin to expand,the world became to filthy for them so they moved to a rather supernatural realm. ”

”We are actually going to look at five of the most influential deities so pick up your pen and write. ”

She said

”The old…… ”

Two hours later,class ended and Lilibeth took a seat by the window of a cafe practically inhaling the coffee she was holding.

She sighed and looked out particularly lost in the bustling city.

The feeling of peace, normalcy and regularity washing through her soul.

She loved her job,her simple life and loved the bustling city.

She was easily able to predict and manage her time.

She had no boyfriend,because she hated the commitment and it felt like bondage.

Without a boyfriend she can easily pack up and move to another city whenever she felt like.

The only commitment she had was her students and that barely lasted a year.

Her one true love was history and she devoted her life and time to it.

Having grown up in a family where her parents had more children than they could easily cater for,it was pretty easily to slip through the cracks and get unnoticed.

Besides,her twelve siblings were more than enough to keep her parents thoughts away from her.

The chair infront of her was pulled breaking her away from her thoughts.

A beautiful young woman took the seat causing her forming frown to disappear immediately.

After all, everyone likes beautiful things and she was definitely a face con.

The woman had beautiful and sharp features and her ink black eyes felt like staring into deep waters.

”You were wrong about Sango. ”

The woman started.

”Excuse me? ”

Lilibeth asked, confused.

”In your class today,you were wrong about the premordial deity Sango. ”

She answered.

Lilibeth frowned.

This lady was definitely not a student of hers but she couldn rule out the fact that she might be a student of the school and she might have overheard her lecture.

”Oh,where was I wrong? ”

Lilibeth asked in a tone that said she didn believe the woman and was one step away from yelling blasphemy at her face.

The woman didn mind.

”Infact,he was a king,a revered one,he was the third king of the prehistoric Oyo empire.

He did have the ability to control thunder and is the god of lightning and thunder.

A great warrior, perhaps one of the greatest.

He wields a two edged axe which he uses for war and to swiftly deliver justice.

He is associated with color red;blood,vibrance,passion.

He is a passionate lover too.

Had many women to attest to that. ”

Lilibeth blinked once,twice and bit her lips in surprise and doubt.

”But that isn recorded in history. ”

”Who says? ”

The woman asked calmly,her eyes trained on Lilibeth.

”People don have the ability to control thunder. ”

Lilibeth reasoned.

”Don confuse yourself, ”

The woman said.

”He is not a person,he is a god. ”

”But…. ”

”Thats by the way. ”

The woman interrupted sharply,her calm voice turning cold.

”Theres something you have that I want.

I will kill you for it but I still have use for you. ”

She said curtly.

Lilibeths doubt vanished and she paled while a cold smile settled on the womans lips from her reaction.

”Ill give you a week,then Im taking you with me.

You can try to run and hide and probably report to the police but Ill find you and the police won find me. ”

Her cold hands patted Lilibeths shoulder like snake wrapping around her throat.

”Don ask what I want, Youll find out eventually. Lilibeth. ”

Maintaining eyes contact,she smile falsely and stood up.

”Don you love history? Ill take you to watch history being re-created. ”

”Till then. ”

she called over her shoulders as she walked away.

Lilibeth shrank on the chair with her hands hugging herself.

She was petrified and confused.

She didn think she had anything of value.

She needed to get out of there.

Twenty minutes later she ran from the cafe to her apartment not caring about the looks she received along the way.

Bolting her door lock,she hugged herself and shivered.

”oh my God ”

She said.

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