Women were nicer.

He could almost feel the sheer pleasure coursing through his body when sharp teeth digs into their soft skin.

The faint nice smell they emit as fear grips and rushes through them.

Their eyes dilated from adrenaline and their useless desire to escape make the chase all the more worth it.

The despair,sadness and struggle in their eyes when they realize they
e going to die.

Women have pretty face,making such look very enticing and mouthwatering patting the softest spot of the heart.

But men weren usually worth the chase and their body wasn as warm as the womens.

Their meat was also tough and usually gets stuck in between the teeth which was rather very irritating.

Besides,he will definitely not get the exquisite sensation a woman gave from a man.

Forest children were proud and the only way to attest to their pride was the number of women they have eaten.

He took a deep breath;the sweet flowery scent of perfume,the pungent smell of Alcohol,the hooking flavor of cigarettes and the darkness of the night rushed that rushed to him made it all the more thrilling.

He was out for a hunt and no body could stop him,not even a cats chant.



The barely noticeable steps of little feet caused the sleeping woman to frown.

The steps stopped and the frown on the womans face also faded as she drifted into oblivion.

The little light from the moon shone on the woman and glinting red eyes which took light steps to the womans bed.

He inhaled and a grin stretched across its features exposing chainsaw like teeth stained with blood.

The soft delectable smell of his dinner hitting him hard.

He wrapped both hands around the neck of the sleeping woman.

This was the part he enjoyed the most and he could almost predict how it will happen.

Her eyes will open when she realizes shes choking and will coat in fear at the sight of him.

She will struggle and try to scream and her fear will heighten when she realizes she can not.

Basking in that fear, hell snap her neck and watch the life drain from her eyes.

Then he will have a delicious meal and keep her eyes for the cat as he promised.

Forest children hardly ever come to town so hell take her head back which hell place infront of his clearing to serve as evidence when he boast of it.

He will definitely be the object of envy in the forest.

He tightened his hands causing the sleeping woman to gasp and open her eyes.

Red eyes and black orbs meet,time stilled and bother eyes remained on each other.

His teeth stretched, waiting for her reaction only to be met with none.

Her eyes trained on him,no fear, struggle or surprise.

She dipped her hand beside the bed and grabbed the handle of a bat.

She swiftly swung it at him with her might catching him by surprise and and throwing him to a corner in the room.

She stood up from the bed with the tennis bat in hand and walked towards the forest child who had thick red blood dripping down the side of his head.

The thing about forest children was that they were rather hard to kill but easy to beat because unlike other forest creatures,their skin was like that if a human.

The bat raised again to slam him but he quickly got to his feet and ducked,the whoosh of the bat barely missing his head.

Taking advantage of the height difference,he lunged at her exposed neck only for the woman to take a step back,quickly retract the bat and land an accurate hit in his head,causing a big dent in the side and middle of the bat.

The forest child grunted in pain and landed on the floor with a thud.

The forest child shivered in fear and pain as the woman walked towards him.

There was something scary about her.

”If you know what is good for you,get out before I get back and make sure your blood doesn drop on the floor ”

She said in a cold voice laced with venom and walked past him.

The sound of water filled the room as the forest child grunted to his feet with tears filling his eyes.

He held his throbbing head and looked toward the bathroom.

The water stopped and her stiffened,his eyes widening.

So much for wanting to eat a woman.

He didn want anymore.

Those creatures are heartless.

Besides,he definitely couldn tell the others that he went to town and got beaten by a woman, theyll laugh at him.

With one last look at the bathroom,he jumped out the window and into the night.

The woman came out of the bathroom and met with an empty room.

The forest child was gone.

She picked a jacket and walked out the door and into the darkness.

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