The thick smell of blood sifted through the air as its clumpy mass slowly moved in a circle around a pale gasping woman.

Her thick black hair scattered on the sand like water caresses seaweed underwater.

Her dark skin dotted with specks of tiny silver and her waist down covered with scales while fishtail was present where should have been a leg.

Her silver dotted tail mixed with vibrant red and the lower part looked like it had been brutally ripped of from the caudal fin exposing red flesh and white bones.

Her silver dotted hands lay limply by her side and her beautiful sea like blue eyes held stubbornness and persistence to survive despite the situation.

She will never allow herself to show fear.

She was regal, exotic and beyond everyone and even without her tail she can still lure people into her control.

A mass of black blocked her sight and her eyes clashed with still deep black ones.

For some reason she saw her reflection in the water like eyes,she looked pathetic and felt as though the person was looking down on her.

Her expression contorted into anger and her fingers elongated into sharp claws.

After all,no matter how seemingly beautiful she was,she was still a predator.

The person above noticed her claws and simply placed combat boots clad feet over it and the slow crunch of bones could be heard.

The mermaid face morphed into pain as a shrill scream tore through her and fear and disbelief gradually seeped into her eyes.

she was finally beginning to understand the hopelessness of the situation,there was no where to hide.

The person clad in black simply placed another leg on the other hand and slowly mashed both hands beneath the shoes into meat puree as flesh and blood splattered from beneath the boots.

The mermaid grunted heavily as the rancid stench of fish and blood conjoined with the air.

The person clad in black bent down and placed a hand on the scale covered chest of the mermaid,right where the heart is located.

The powerful thumping of the heart was felt.

”I don need anything else,just your heart ”

The person said in a cold bone chilling voice.

The mermaids fangs elongated in a last attempt to fight for her life causing the figure dressed in black to tsk at the futility of the attempt.

”Ill break and rip your jaw out of your mouth so we can if those canines can elongate after that ”

The person said as the hand leisurely placed on the chest begin to elongate claws stabbing right around the heart.

The mermaids pupil dilated and turned transparent silver from anger as water seeped out of her cold skin,a sign of fear.

She growled loudly,her voice echoing,a mixture of anger and pain as the hand dug into her chest and ruthlessly tugged her heart out tearing it away from her arteries and pericardium.

Her lips paled morphing into a silent scream.

The person stood up with the heart, examining it as blood seeped out of the trashing mermaid who now had a big hole in her chest.

Sand and blood coated her beautiful silver scales and empty eyes stared into nothingness as the body stopped moving.

The heart was placed in a small clay pot half filled with blood.

The person grasped the mermaid by her long hair,clay pot in another hand and roughly pulled her along.

The lifeless body stained the sand with blood as rough stones tore out some of her silver scale while she was being pulled back to the sea.

The person raised the lifeless body by the hair and carelessly tossed it back into the sea watching as the clean sea water dyed with red and the body sunk underneath.

Hand traced the sea water washing off blood and claws retracted.

Black frost filled eyes watched the heart swimming in blood in the clay pot before sealing it off and walking away.

After all,it was just the beginning.

The sea water washed ashore,washing away the blood on land with it.

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