”His Highness lives a long life. ” Everyone greeted the crown prince and Vivien looked at the crowd with the sharp eyes when her mind was filled with the nightmare which she had seen in her dream in that also everyone was present along with the commoner and they all were standing there to hear the order which was announced by the new king and talking when she was leaving the court.

”Is something wrong? ” Her eyes went over the crown prince and they became soft.

”Its noth… ” Before she could have completed her sentence she saw a familiar shadow in the crowd which disappeared in a blink only and she wasn even left with anything to guess upon.

”Now you are again dozing out. This is irresponsibility of yours. ” She bowed.

”This won happen once again, your highness. ”

”I believe you. ” She was back to her original form. ”The party has begun, now shall we go? ” She nodded and the prince was among the crowd and he wasn the only one who was in the crowd but his step brother who was looking more normal than the ordinary days.

At him, Viviens eyes narrowed down and the second prince looked at her and winked before raising his glass in the air.

”You still have to be on duty on this day. ” She turned to see the person and found her friend who was looking pretty in the red ball gown which was decorated with ruby. Though those stones were minimal, they were enough to make the dress elegant and beautiful.

”Can have a day that can be off. ”

”Why? ” Vivien shrugged her shoulders.

”I want to have a day with you but it looks like even if I become a grandma you won be having any. ” Vivien chucked at tha.

”I will make sure to have a day off soon. ”

”Really!! ” She bounced on me.

”It doesn suit a lady like you. ”

”Oh yeah, if possible then take one soon. ”

”Why? ”

”Because I would be leaving for my grandmothers house for a while. ” Vivien was confused at her statement because Claudia never really had visited her grandmother.

”Is something off? ”

”No but for my skills. ” She said and put out her hand and a light fireball appeared in her hand. ”He wants them to be stronger. ”

”That is a great opportunity for you. ”

”Claudia. ” I heard her fathers voice.

”Will talk to you later. ” After saying that she went away to her family and when her family moved away from there, she saw a lady who was talking with other ladies but what attracted her attention was that the ladys back was familiar and when she remember who she was, she gulped and was about to look away when she felt something behind and before she could have taken out her sword, there was a hand over her hand which was holding the sword and another one was on her shoulder.

”I am back. ” Her eyes widened and she quickly turned back but there was no one. Even though that voice was more like a whisper she couldn forget that voice ever in her life.

”Lady. ” She heard the Camilias voice and looked at her. ”Is something wrong? ”

”Has Nicolas left the place? ” Camilias eyes widened when she heard that.

”How do you know about that? ” The question itself was the answer to her question.

”When? ”

”There is no trace of him since the evening. ” A sharp pain flew through her brain and she held her head in her hand.

”Lady!! ” Camilia almost gathered everyones attention when someone held her. Vivien looked up and found a lady in her mid forties.

”Are you alright? ” She was looking all worried for her. Vivien stood up straight and nodded.

”I am sorry for making you worried Maam. I must return to my duty. ”

”But lady… ” Vivien glared at Camilia and she sealed her lips right away.

”But lady… ” Vivien glared at Camilia and she sealed her lips right away.

”Maam please enjoy the party. ” After saying that she went away from there but she again held her head in her hand.

”Are you okay? ” She heard the crown princes voice and looked at him.

”I am fine. ”

”The poison is acting up. ” Before Vivien could have replied with anything, the crown prince held her hand and teleported elsewhere in the blink of eyes.

”You shouldn be using your power like this. ”

”You come first and the party can still go on without me but if the kingdom loses… ”

”I got it, no need to complete that. ”

”So have some rest. ” She went towards her room and closed the door behind her. She took out her overcoat and put away her sword after that she went to take the medical bath before she changed into her pajamas and came out and before she could have gone to bed, she sensed someones presence in that room. She looked here and there and found the door of the balcony was open and the curtains were flying because of the air which was coming from the outside.

”You can come out from your hideout now. ” She said while she walked towards the balcony when a cold metal was felt against her neck.

”You are finally back, Nicolas. ” After saying that she turned towards him and in that process a small cut was made on her neck and the blood was oozing out from there. Seeing that sight, he laughed like a maniac.

”You still don fear your death, do you? ” After saying that he went back and put back the knife without wiping the blood from that.

”I am happy that you are back. ”

”You should be happy because you won be happy for long. I have come back to pay back what you gave me and that too with interest. ” He smirked. ”Surprise Vivien!! I have come back. That place couldn hold me back anymore. Now be ready to take your payments. ” After saying that he jumped off the balcony while Vivien kept looking in that way and a tear slipped away from her cheeks.

”Its nice to have you back. ”

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