Strike! Strike! Strike!

She was again and again stroking the wood body to vent out her anger but that wasn possible because of her weak body that she could go on so much further. Her sword fell out from her hand.

”Commander. ” She heard her juniors worried voice. She closed her and took her deep breath. She opened her eyes and looked at her junior.

”Go one with your training. I am fine. ” She said and went towards a bench to grasp on her breath.

”Why is Commander in such a bad mood? ”

”I don know but I had heard that Commander Ansell was injured. ” That was the reason that she was upset but the main reason is the reason behind his injury. She can still clearly recall each and every word which his junior had told him.

I don know much. I had heard that Prince Daniel was demanding for a flower which he had seen on his way back but he didn tell me that those flowers grow among the magic beasts and it takes almost the whole day to reach there. As Commander Ansell was alone he wasn able to handle all of them by himself, hence he is injured like this.

As soon as she remembered that, her training sword once again forcefully landed on the training doll until it was no longer in use.

”No one can mess with the Commander today. ” She took deep breaths and started to calm herself down. She put away the training sword and went to wash her face.

”Lady, I had heard what has happened with sir Ansell but venting your anger like this is not good for your body. ” Vivien looked at her reflection in the water.

”I know but I can even go against Prince Daniel and rebel. This is the only way which can help me vent my anger. ” She said and her voice was so gloomy that Camila didn know what to say more. Vivien dried her face with the towel and looked at Camila. ”And what is good for my body, I know that its just how long can this body work and can please me. ” She said while handing that towel to Camila.

”Lady, we are sure that we can find the cure for your poison definitely. ” Vivien felt the heavy gust winds passing by her. She looked in that direction and found a shadow which was sitting on the top of the tree and vanished within a few seconds almost making me as if I was hallucinating.

”Lady!! ” Camilas voice brought me out of daze and I looked at her.

”It doesn matter. For two years I have been handling it and got no cure. Now I am not even hoping for that. ”

”Why don we go to the temple and ask Saintness for help? ”

”I would love to but lets leave that because Saintness is already very busy in healing other people. ”

”Then what about your master? You told me that he is the best alchemist. ”

”He is not here. After he had trained me he moved away to tour around the world. I don even know if I would be able to meet him once again or not. ”

”Why… ”

”Camila, I appreciate that you are so much worried about me but don be. I know that God won let wrong things happen to nice people. ” I told her to keep quiet for a good while before the royal servant came towards me.

”Prince Egon is looking for you, Commander. ”

”I will be there as soon as possible. ” He bowed in front of Vivien before going away from there. Vivien put on her knight suit and then marched towards the Prince chamber. She knocked on the door before a maid opened the door and bowed in front of her and then left her way. She entered the room and found the prince who was doing some paperworks.

”Leave everything here and leave from here. ” All the people who were present in the princes room bowed to him and left the room leaving the prince and Vivien alone.

”Why is the prince looking for me? ”

”You are still in the knight suit? I thought tonight you will look like a lady. ”

”I am a commander and protecting your family is my first priority. This is the best clothes a knight can receive for any function. ” The prince looked towards the window.

”You are always so dedicated. That is why my father just appointed you without even meeting you once but by just hearing your praise from others. ”

”Thats his courtesy. ” The prince again looked at her and smiled.

”Why are you standing over there? Come and sit down. ” He offered but she didn even move a bit. The prince sighed before he stood up and went towards her. ”Why do you never listen to me? If you did then I would be able to save some of the time. ” After saying that he pushed her from behind and made her sit on the sofa and he sat across from her. ”Here, have some tea. ” The prince also poured the tea.

”You don have to do that. ”

”Why not? You are my guest and this is the least I can do. ”

”If someone comes across you they will be having a hard time thinking if you are a real prince or not. ” He chuckled at that.

”Why? ”

”Because you are so down to earth. ” At that he smiled once again.

”You love to compliment me? ”

”No, I don but your pupils sure love that. ”

At that he smiled once again.

”You love to compliment me? ”

”No, I don but your pupils sure love that. ” He laughed it out,

”Those don only praise me but also you. They even pair us up. ” Vivien took the cup of tea and sipped on it.

”That doesn bother me. ”

”Quite expected from you. You don want to find someone to love. ”

”What will I gain from that? ” The prince looked at her with surprised eyes and was about to say something when he decided not to say anything.

”You are hopeless. ” He said and she put away the cup of tea on the table.

”Thats true I am hopeless from the start. My mother, she left me in front of the temple and the temple didn even take me inside because I was of the unknown origin but maybe god was having some pity on me and allowed me to become a daughter of retried knight who taught me so well that I was able to protect you that day which led me to here to become the best commander of all the time. ” The prince looked at her and then looked away.

”Don start with that story of yours. ”

”Your wish is my command. ” She once again took the cup in her while the prince stood up from his seat and looked outside.

”Oh it is almost time for the sunset and for the ball tonight. ” Vivien heard him while sipping on her tea with her eyes closed. ”I hope you didn forget to take the potion. It is already the end of the seventh day. ” She opened her eyes and her blue eyes slowly changed to Emerald green color.

”Oops I forgot. ”

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