Her eyes opened and sat up on her bed, huffing. She looked around and found her room which was the same as she saw in her dream but was clean and neat. For a moment, she couldn really distinguish if that was a dream or a reality. There was a knock on the door which brought her back to her senses.

”Lady, you have woken up!!! ” She heard a familiar voice and looked at her maid Camila. Vivien took her head in her hands. Her mind was having the fuzzy contents of her dream. She might not remember so much but the last thing she could remember is that she died.

Her maid went towards the curtain and slid them away so that the sun could enter the room.

”Did Nicolas come back? ” Her maid froze and looked at her lady.

”Why are you asking about him? You haven mentioned him for two years, how come you are remembering him from the past few days? ”

”I don know. So, he is nowhere near. ”

”Yeah, the guards have informed me that he is still over there with his brother and sister. ” In front of her eyes the three siblings came who were smiling. When she thought about them she felt pain in her heart.

”Do you think that I should have at least kept his brother and sister over here? ” Her voice was soft yet low as if she wasn sure if that question is right also or not.

”I know you have a reason for doing that. ” Vivien ran her finger in her hair. She also knew one thing that her maid will be on her side, no matter what the outcome would be.

”Right now I am feeling that reason is very ridiculous, how old are they even, they are just ten years old. ”

”Lady, I would suggest that you shouldn be thinking about this today. Today you have to get ready and accompany the crown prince to the ball. And for that you need to be in your right mind. ” Camilia wasn simply a maid but a friend to her. They both mingled with each other very well. Whenever Vivien doesn know what to do, Camilia just advises her which are effective most of the time.

Vivien sighed and nodded her head a little. After hearing the crown princes name, she remembered her dream that in her dream it wasn the crown prince who had become the king but his step brother. Isn the step brother of the crown prince dumb? This all must be a dream, yeah a dream. She tried to assure herself that that all was a dream and it had nothing to do with reality. She nodded at her statement but how could she brush off the feeling as if she had gone through that already.

”Is something wrong, my lady? ” She asked when she saw Vivien having a gloomy face. She hesitated a bit.

”I had a bad dream where I died at the end. ” She told her calmly.

”Don say such a thing my lady. ” But Camilias reaction was strong at the mention of her ladys death.

”But isn that true? I don know how many days are written in my fate, eventually I will die earlier than expected. ” She looked at her hands and sighed.

”My lady, don be like that. The last four words started to echo in her mind and it wasn Camilias voice but Nicolas. She looked at her maid who was having a worried look but then she looked away and her eyes fell on the mirror which was placed at the same place as in her dream.

”I am losing hope. I also don wish to live anymore. Its killing me. ” She said while looking at her reflection in the mirror.

”Don lose hope my lady. Miracle is another word for Gods blessing. I know that he will bless you. ” Vivien didn say anything as if it was hard for her to believe that any miracle could save her. She got out of the bed and got ready for the day. She was halfway to her training ground when Ansells junior came running towards Vivien and stopped at the distance of 3 feet. He was huffing.

”Commander…Ansell…. Commander ”

”Steady yourself and then tell me. ” He shook his head

”Please…fol…low..me… ” After saying that he turned his back. Without thinking twice Vivien followed him and reached Ansells quarter. At the door she could find many of his juniors who were having a worried look, which confused Vivien.

”Get aside. ” The junior said and then everyone who was present at the door turned their faces and saw Vivien. They all got in their position and bowed to her. She nodded a little bit and the junior, who was leading the way, knocked on the door and after a while the physician opened the door, who generally serves the knight. This kind of confirmed Vivien that Ansell is injured or something but is not well.

”Commander. ” The physician said, she stepped forward and the junior stepped aside. She opened the door and walked forward while patting the physicians shoulder a bit. She reached towards the bed and found Ansell being injured badly on the bed. This is not the first time when she had seen someone who was injured this badly but this time it was someone who is close to her lying on the bed with many injuries.

”Comman… ” Before the physician can speak, Vivien shot the question.

”How is he doing? ” There was silence in the room for the while. ”I don think I have asked the wrong person. ” She said, her voice was firm yet calm.

”He is doing….. ” She again paused. ”Its critical. His breathing is abnormal. We are not sure if he will be able to be saved or not.If he wakes up in 24 hours then we can be sure that he can be saved. ”

”And what if he won ? ” Her face was still stern.

”Then there are two possible things that could happen, either he breathes but never wakes up or he falls into the deep slumber of his life. ” She sighed.

”Keep your work up. I don want to hear the last sentence once again. ” After saying that she came out from there and found the juniors. The door closed behind her and she stood at the front door and among the juniors who were in their position. She folded her arms and closed her eyes. She opened her eyes and her eyes were as sharp as the edge of the sword.

”What happened? ” Her voice was stern and was also quite dangerous and everyone there knew that if they kept quiet then it wouldn be better for their throat.

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