The window is facing the corner of the municipal park next to it.
Many people like to sit here and bask in the sun. 


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     After a while, a reader asked Zeng Li to help him find a book.
After Zeng Li checked the code, she took the reader to the innermost place.
However, she didn't know was if someone left the book casually at somewhere else or something.
After looking for it for a long time, she didn't find it.
Zeng Li was afraid that someone at the door was waiting to borrow or return a book, so she had to give up. 


     When she returned to his seat, Zeng Li saw the book on the table.
She didn't know which reader had just come in to return it.
She guess that he didn't see Zeng Li when he entered the door, so he put it next to the scanner.
The title of the book is “Distraction Osteogenesis of Facial Skeleton”.
It is a thick and heavy translated textbook, like a brick, and it is expensive.
From the time it was first placed on the bookshelf to the present, the estimated number of times it has been borrowed can be counted with five fingers.
However, Zeng Li still has a fresh memory of it, because she once sprayed minced celery and dough on the skull of its cover picture.……


     Zeng Li took a few steps, looked around, and saw Ai Jingchu. 


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    He took a book and sat patiently on the chair in front of the window to read.
The sun is exceptionally bright today.
Through the glass in the reading room, the beams of light are shining warmly on the floor, desktop, and side of his face.
The light made his eyes narrow a little bit, and his brows frowned slightly.
In the half-light and half-darkness, his facial features were more three-dimensional. 


     One of the long legs under the table was opened, and the other was slightly retracted, but the upper body was slightly tilted forward towards the table, holding the pages of the book with his left hand, and the five fingers of his right hand were slightly curled up and clasped on the tabletop, which was extraordinarily slender under the stretching of the sun shadow.
Suddenly, the fingers of his right hand moved, starting with the small thumb, then the ring finger, middle finger, and index finger.
From right to left, four fingers tapped rhythmically on the table.
His nails are short, and he uses the area between the abdomen and the fingertips, so there is no knock on his nails.
He knocks lightly and quickly, making a very small sound.
Once or twice, he will stop for a few seconds, and then he knocks carelessly another time. 


     Ai Jingchu sat calmly in the early morning sun, half bathed in the warm sun and half faintly in the light and shadow. 


     Zeng Li suddenly remembered that when Zhou Wen talked to her about medical records the other day, she said that in terms of the aesthetics of human beings, especially Oriental people, the tip of the nose, the tip of the mouth, and the tip of the chin can be seen from the side.
If three points can be connected into a straight line, it is the most perfect golden ratio.
Some people's teeth are not protruding at all, because the chin is retracted a little bit, it can give people a sense of discomfort and obtrusiveness; some people have small buck teeth, but the chin and nose are very three-dimensional, and these three points are connected in one line.
This shape will not make others think that the teeth are ugly. 

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