cet, washed his hands carefully, and then said, “She returned home last night in a hurry.
” From the moment he uttered the first sound, Zeng Li was slightly surprised.
The original extremely pleasant and textured voice was hoarse at this moment.
He only said a few words yet it was extremely strained.
The word “return” was almost hoarse and low.
It's hard to hear. 


     He paused and tried hard to say, “Your phone was not working.


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     Only then did Zeng Li remember that her mobile phone stopped yesterday, and she only remembered to go online to charge the phone bill in the middle of the night. 


     While speaking, Ai Jingchu had already washed her hands, motioned her to lie down on the treatment bed, then adjusted the angle of the chair and turned on the light.
He moved the mobile rack next to him to his side and went to the next door to pick up some things and put them back.
Zeng Li glanced at it.
It was her tooth mould, as well as a pile of stainless steel wire and small bands.
Afterwards, he washed his hands again and put on his gloves. 


     Only then did Zeng Li know that he was going personally to put on the braces for her. 


     She had seen them do this the first few times she came to the doctor, and she had also heard Zhou Wen explain to a patient.
Before that, she had seen many children wearing braces and thought they were metal devices that could be taken off. 


    The process is very simple to say, angle the small metal nails one by one, glue them to the corresponding position of each tooth with a special synthetic glue, and then attach a fixed steel wire, string the upper and lower teeth together, and finally screw on the kind of very fine small iron wire, add it between each tooth and the tooth, and adjust the position of the tooth by applying force to each other. 


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     This seems to be the basic technique of orthodontics, so nurses usually acompany students to do it.
There must be two people, one to adjust the mucilage and the other to stick, and they must cooperate well, otherwise, the adhesive will easily dry.
Moreover, those brackets need to be angled, and minor errors will prevent the fixed-position steel wire from fixing in place. 


     In short, it is definitely a time-consuming technical job, which requires careful and time-consuming work, not to mention sticking Zeng Li's mouth full. 


     He put on his light blue mask and sat down. 


     Zeng Li lay on her back and opened her mouth consciously. 


     He is someone who didn't like to talk, and her mouth was open and there was no time to talk, so the whole process was very quiet. 


     Because of the angle, she has never been able to see his face, but let his fingers operate skillfully inside and outside her mouth.
Sometimes, his hand would go around her head and reach out to the other side next to the skin on her face, separated by the layer of opaque medical gloves, which had an unreal touch. 

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