st, but the following two can be kept first.
We will take a look after the operation, and then we will make a decision.
”As he said, he turned around and asked Zhou Wen to give her a list of teeth to be extracted, but when he looked back, he saw that Zhou Wen had been called away by other patients, so Ai Jingchu had to write it by himself. 


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     He asked with a pen: “Your name is called—”


     “Zeng Li, the  “Li 鲤.
” of “Li Yu 鲤鱼” (Romuse: Carp)


     “Menstrual period? ”he asked. 


     “…no, not.


     An hour later, Zeng Li came out of the surgical extraction room biting a cotton ball to stop the bleeding.
Because she was a little dizzy, she sat down on a chair in the outpatient hall.
On the wall on one side of the registration office, there were several rows of names and photos of experts from the institute.
Zeng Li found Ai Jingchu at a glance.
As usual, Ai Jingchu was always wearing a white coat with a straight face. 


     At this time, there were still many patients waiting in long lines next to her waiting to register. 


     “I am registering for Ai Jingchu's outpatient.” Someone took the money and lined up in front of the window and said loudly. 

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     “Professor Ai is full today.
”The person in the window replied with a megaphone. 


     “What about the afternoon? ”


     “He’s full all day.


     “Then I'll register for tomorrow.


     “Tomorrow is Thursday, Professor Ai will only attend the outpatient clinic on Wednesday and Friday.


     “No way, I have to wait two days after coming so far? ”


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     “Are you still registering? If you are not, next pls.


     “Register, register, you can register other doctors for me.


     Those answers and inquiries were drowned out by other noises. 


     She suddenly understood why Zhou Wen told her to rest assured, because the doctor was Ai Jingchu. 


     As a result, the tooth extraction was not as painful as Zeng Li had expected, and at night she went to “Carol's” as if nothing had happened. 


Carol's is a coffee shop opened by Zeng Li, Ma Yiyi and Wu Ying.
In fact, Wu Ying paid the money, but she was very busy working in the hospital, so Ma Yiyi usually took care of it.
Zeng Li came to help when she was free.
The coffee shop is very close to the east gate of A University, so the customers are mainly students. 


The four walls of the shop are covered with green wallpaper, which gave a nostalgic vibe.
A small blackboard is hung on the outermost side.
Like most student shops with pretty bourgeoisie, it is a place for customers to leave notes. 

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