Red Knight – Chapter 27

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A bitter smile lingered on Judith’s lips for a moment and then disappeared.

Seeing this, Giryu’s heart sank.

‘Hate… … Am I really hated?”

But that will be all.

The thought of believing that territoriality could be overcome with spirit was naive and foolish.

And that thought came back as a blade of assault.

If it’s a blade aimed at me, it should be hit with dignity.
But the blade was directed at Dame Judith.

It was a mistake that could be made as a human being.
But it was a painful mistake.

It is something that does not heal easily.

Invincible and untouchable.

A scar that is clearly engraved somewhere out of sight.

Giryu clenched his fists tightly.

I had to apologize.

But where and how should I apologize?

I’m sorry that I couldn’t take care of you personally?

I’m sorry for cutting your salary?

Is it okay to say that as a boss?

Is it something I, as the commander of the knights, can say?

Aside from the guilt that came from his heart, Giryu felt terribly confused.

A subordinate’s mistake is a boss’s mistake too.

Giryu also could not be freed from the responsibility of this incident.

While everything just felt like his fault, he didn’t know how to approach her.

He didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable.

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He fell silent in front of the lie-filled answer that both of them knew, saying that she would report next time.

Some fights or territorial issues can be reported by an individual, but most are not.
He knew it in his head.
But he really only knew it in his head.

His complicated mind was like a tangled mess of yarn.

He couldn’t get a clue between his feelings and the apology towards her.

His emotions were like fish flesh scattered messily on a plate.
The more you touch it, the messier it becomes.

“I’ll tell you in advance … the amount, I’m going to write the full amount.
Because I got a pay cut.”


“Are you sure that’s okay?”




“Don’t say anything else later.”

I will.”

As Giryu nodded his head, Judith’s face brightened a little.

“Thank you.”

It looked like he had become speechless.

He was so pathetic that he could only answer ‘yes’ to her words, so Giryu wanted to sit down.

“…Dame Judith.
Sometime soon, His Majesty the Fourth Prince will call you for a personal outing.”

“Is it a mission?”


“Okay, I’ll be on standby.
May I leave now?”


“I’ll see you next time.”

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In the resting room where Judith left, Giryut did not hesitate to sweep his face with both hands.

Unorganized words were tangled in his heart.

Write whatever you want on the check.

If you have something to say, say anything you want.


I’m sorry.
To you.

But the words that no one listened to just lingered around the break room.

In the midst of the confusion, one thing was certain.

The point is that he wanted to see her not only next time, but also tomorrow.


Peon Gran did not blink an eye at the sound of a bang.
It was the sound of the iron door closing on the other side of the hallway.

He hadn’t slept for hours.

He couldn’t sleep.

‘I can’t believe it’s a demotion.’

Angrily, Peon threw the crushed paper.

He didn’t understand at all.
It was ridiculous.

Did he do something so wrong?

Several juniors came to him, suggesting that he should write an apology letter.

They expressed their willingness to submit a letter of encouragement in the hope of Peon’s normal consideration.1

Of course, Peon trembled with anger and ran wild.
Even his fellow knights retreated from the situation.

An apology?

‘To whom? Why me?’

At least the retirement he had planned and imagined was out of the question.

From seeing his colleagues, he knows how an imperial knight who was demoted from the Red Knights to a province will be treated in his later years.

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That I have to go through that filthy and ugly thing.


He couldn’t stand it.
Peon even hit the wall and screamed.

There was no one but Peon, who screamed with anger.
How long has it been?

He was just breathing heavily now.

“You have a lot of anger.”

Goosebumps rose along his back.

It was a quiet voice.

When he turned his gaze, a man wrapped in robes was leaning against the wall and looking at Peon.

Since when has he been there? The iron gate has never been opened, so when did someone come in?

But without any time to think about it, the man strode forward.

“Who, who…”

“How does it feel to be humiliated in a wonderful way?”


Peon bit his lip

And at the man’s next words, Peon’s mouth slowly opened.

“Peon Grand.
37 years old.
Red Knight.
Aether awakening is 29 years old.Failed to join the order at 26 years old, so you lied about your age and bribed your way in.”


Peon’s face turned pale like a strangled man.

It was ten years ago that Peon cheated about his age.
Anyone who might know his secret either immediately retired or left the imperial knights.

But now, who else knew?

Compared to Peon, whose voice was trembling, the man beyond the iron bars did not respond.

He just said this.

“If you want revenge, I will help you.”

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For a moment, he felt goosebumps, but soon felt sharp hostility towards the unknown person.

Peon was wheezing.

“Vengeance? Who are you? Who do you think I want to do it to?”

“To everyone.”


“You must feel like ruining everything.”

The man approached the iron cage and pulled out a glass bottle the size of his finger.

The glass bottle rolled over and over, and immediately fell at Peon’s feet.

A red liquid was glistening in the glass bottle.
Peon, who picked up the glass bottle as if possessed, trembled.

“I’ll give you a chance to escape soon.
If you want revenge, come to the Duke of Norsca.
I’ll give you a chance to show off your abilities.”


“The choice is yours.”

Saying so, the man took a step back.

“Tsk, wait! Let me ask you…”

Peon, who was examining the glass bottle, belatedly approached the iron bars.

However, the man who had just spoken in a cold voice had disappeared into the darkness.

The remaining Peon sat down in despair with a glass bottle.

Soon, murderous intent appeared in his eyes, which had commanded him as if possessed by a demon.

It was a few days later that news of Peon Grand’s escape was heard.


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