Giryu and Judith left the forge.

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“Aren’t you coming back?”

“I’m going to visit His Majesty the Emperor.
They say he’s going hunting in the afternoon.”

“…I see.”

Judith quickly settled her agitation

That was surprising.
He was in a very different position than her.

A friendly favor sometimes forgets its value.

Judith realized again how valuable the favor Giryu showed her since this morning.

“From tomorrow, go to the commander’s office on time.
I can’t stop him if he gets angry twice.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“See you later.
You worked hard today.”

“Thank you so much.”

Judith bowed her head to Giryu, the only dragon slayer in the empire.


Again, Judith realized that this situation was ridiculous.

Giryu Lwalchmei.

He is an undisputed knight who will take control of the madness of the 2nd Princess Isepina in the future, and will catch the dragon.

‘It’s a person I wouldn’t have been able to talk to…’

Such a person greeted her for half a day.

She wasn’t a fool.

The kindness that Giryu shows her is very unusual, but it is not abnormal.

I mean, she’s a newbie.
It will be of some use.

With those words, more and more people recognized her just by Giryu taking her around the castle instead of the lieutenant.

It was the same with the introduction of the Imperial Forge and Orion.

This kindness and sincerity were difficult to value.

It was all unexpected.

Judith shook her head as if she were shuddering when she recalled the “favor” that Jermel had offered.

‘… It’ll be okay.’

She looked toward the forest.

Outside the castle site, a sophisticatedly designed building was visible.
It was the palace of the second princess Isepina.

The princess is still alive.

What she did became something that no one knew.

But it was painful to keep looking, so Judith turned her head away.

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“It’s really going to be okay.

Judith touched her Red Knight’s ID card like an amulet.

Giryu was different from Jermel.

So she didn’t have to worry about what might be lurking there.

She is different from how she was before.
Because she swore she would never obey such orders again.1

‘I will be different, for sure.’

Judith, obsessively reaffirming herself, left the place with quick steps.


A carefully aimed arrow shot toward the target.

Applause followed as soon as blood splattered.

“You got it right.”

The 4th Prince Eden, who was on his other side, moved straight ahead.

“Your skills are getting better as the days go by.”

“As you get older, your senses only get better.” (pg 7)

“He will hunt with his senses alone.
It’s because His Majesty never neglects training.”

Giryu accepted the emperor’s bow and said.

A word of courtesy was accompanied by two words of praise, so there was no reason for the emperor to feel uncomfortable talking with Giryu.

Lionel Draka Veritas

The only emperor of the Empire was fifty-seven this year, but his skills with the bow were as strong as before.

‘He seems worried.’

Gi-ryu guessed the emperor’s mind and shut his mouth.

The emperor was thoughtful as he was a ruler of the empire, but because of his small distribution and great care, he often pondered on his own.

Eden’s escort knight waved the blue flag.

“As expected, it’s a hit.”

“Yes, you can tell from the moment the arrow leaves your fingertips.”

The emperor smiled, waved his hand and walked away.

After hinting to the guards to fall back, Giryu followed the emperor.

“What is it that makes such a wise man so troubled?”

“The count is smart, but sometimes he has to break the habit of asking naturally.”

“If you command, I will obey.”

Instead of ordering, the emperor just laughed.

He said after a while.

“Last night, the royal doctor said that Pina’s illness could no longer see a recovery at this age.
I’m always worried about what to do with the child.”

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“He said that?”

“We cannot send her to another country like Rosetta or Salsano, but no one would take such a bride in the empire.
But what would happen if her madness gets worse?”

The emperor grumbled as if he was in pain.

“She was the most precious during her debutante ball, but now it’s difficult to marry her off.”

The emperor’s words were quite plausible, but he was disqualified for his father.

At one time, the second princess Isepina was the intelligent and lovely youngest daughter, but now she has become the biggest concern of Emperor Lionel.

The youngest princess, born in the cold and heartless imperial palace, had nothing but a shred of power and the emperor’s experimental love.

As a result, by the time the princess was 14, no one knew she was suffering from madness.
(pg 12)

Neither Salsa nor Rosetta welcomed the mad princess as a queen.

Empress Isepina quickly became a nuisance to the imperial family.

Giryu said.

“It is not new that Her Highness began to suffer from madness.
But you can’t determine everything solely on one person’s words.”

“Then what is the count’s idea? Tell me.”

Giryu’s reply was cautious.

“Why don’t you change the Princess’s doctor for the time being? It would not be bad to send her to a place where her mind and body are comfortable.”

“How can you separate a princess who is heartless and has no holy place alone?”2

“Then, how about your Majesty, too, goes on a late autumn vacation.
I will accompany you.”

The emperor always lives with a heavy burden on his back.

He couldn’t dislike the advice to take a break.

“Not bad.”

“I’m sorry.”

If the answer is not yes, it means he’s not satisfied with the result.

Asking for Giryu’s opinion is literally just asking.

“Then, Count, what if the madness doesn’t get better after you change her doctor?”


“Are you going to take the princess, then?”

In an instant, a cold sweat ran down Giryu’s back.


“Will you? Answer me.”

It was then that the welcoming voice miraculously intervened.

“No, your Majesty.
Giryu is a fool who only knows the sword.
He is definitely a man who will go to war on their first night, saying it is for the empire.
He will make his partner lonely unless they go to the battlefield together.”


“… His Majesty the Crown Prince, how can you predict my future that I don’t know about?”

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“I’m so talented.”

Prince Eden, who had taken over the emperor’s game, approached.

“By the way, Your Majesty, did you know that a new Ether Master has just joined the Red Knights Division?”

“Hmm? It’s the first time I’ve heard of it.”

You’ll be surprised to hear it.” 

Eden deliberately paused.

“She’s not of noble status, but she’s valuable.
It was a level of exchanging blows easily with Giryu.
It’s hard to do that unless you’re an outstanding knight.” (pg 17)


Giryu was embarrassed and called his name.
It was terribly rude.

However, his bewildered face was fun, so the emperor smiled instead of making a scene.

The emperor already knew that the two were close.

As long as it didn’t break the excitement, this level of rudeness could be tolerated.

“Ho, I didn’t even know that such a talented person came in.
When did such a person come in?”

“It hasn’t been long.”

When Giryu answered with an anxious face, Eden helped.

“She’s an amazing knight.
I can’t remember the name, but even though she didn’t use the ether, I was impressed.
I’m sure she will do great things for His Majesty and the Empire.”

“It’s rare for you to praise someone so much.
Looking back, I haven’t been paying attention to the Knights lately.”

The interest of the person who can cut the throats of all the knights with a single word is more than happy, but scary.

However, at this moment, it was the ability of Giryu to know how to complain calmly.

“That’s right.
Besides, this friend only knows about work, isn’t it great?”

“Your Majesty, ah…!”

Giryu tried to retaliate, but Eden was one step quicker, and the 4th prince pinched Kiryu without mercy with his left hand, which was hidden with a cloak.

“You’re the kind of person to ignore your partner because you stand guard at every ball.
Even indifference is just as bad as a crime.”

“The prince is right.
In my opinion, the Count is too cold to the ladies.”

“…The title of Knight Commander is for the welfare of His Majesty and the Empire.
You cannot form a relationship with someone who does not understand this glory.”

After uttering those words, Giryu understood why Eden kept pestering him.

Even though he is the 4th prince, his son is still a son.

Eden saw through the Emperor’s way of thinking.

“If you do, you will not be able to become Isepina’s husband at this age.
That child can’t stay still for a moment without someone around her.”

“If I can, I’ll take care of Isepina for the rest of my life.”

“What about your marriage?”

“Will she be able to marry someone who doesn’t understand Epina’s situation?”

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There was a smile on the emperor’s lips that said it was unacceptable.
It was a small laugh.

“You guys have been around since the Academy days.
You’re putting off marriage using Isepina as an excuse.”

But the emperor did not scold the two.

He stopped talking for a moment as if realizing a new fact.

4th Prince Eden Oscar Veritas.

The commander of the Red Knights is Kiryu Lwalchmei.

The two remain neutral in their fight for the throne.

The two can empower either the first or second crown prince, who are at odds over the position of crown prince, but they did not come forward immediately with their own opinions.

This means that they are doing pretty well considering voluntarily walking on the large thin ice sheet of the Emperor’s quarrel.

After the third prince collapsed due to his health, the struggle for the throne was divided into the first and second princes.

You would think it was torn into two factions, but you are mistaken.

In order to achieve a subtle balance, Eden persuaded small and medium-sized warlords and local aristocrats whenever he had time to make a living.

He is a wise man who sought his own survival.

The emperor was evaluating the 4th prince in his own way.

‘It’s a waste because of Isepina.’

Even as an emperor, he cannot control every situation.

What if Kiryu marries the princess and tries to consolidate her power on one side?

What if the 4th Prince joins the battle for the throne?

The battle for the throne was most appropriate now.

The emperor is still in good shape, and as long as the 4th Prince is there, he can spray cold water before it goes out of control.

The emperor, who did not want to change yet, quickly changed his mind.

“But it’s nice to see you because you’re still the same.
There must be something that does not change.
Don’t change.
Because I don’t want it.”

Giryu did not miss the opportunity and wedged in.

“Your Highness will find the right person.
At that time, Your Majesty will be sitting in the position he desires.”

“The Count is right.”

The emperor then took a step forward, affirming himself.

A sensible attendant quickly brought a cape decorated with white ivy fur.

“The hunt is over.”

At the Emperor’s words, all the attendants moved in unison.


TL notes ( ´ ▿ ` )
(manhwa: chapter 9)

first sentence confused me: 핏보다 그녀 자신이 달라지지 않 았는가.
A lot of the pages said “She herself was no different than Pete.” “Hasn’t she changed more than Fit?”  and “She isn’t different than she fits her she herself.”
Kinda went with the flow of the second sentence. idk.
“그러시면 폐하 또한 늦은 가을 휴양을 떠나시는 건 어떠십니까.
제가 동행하겠습니다.” Does he mean “how can I leave the princess in some unfamiliar place?” or..? i’m leaving that sentence alone for now.

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