Chapter Four

[ Welcome To Sin System]

[Game Activated]

[Player Reborn]

I opened my eyes, which doesn seem to be painful anymore after what feels like eternity drowning in the Red Sea.

[Players Body And Health Analyzing ]

The robotic voice came again making me alert as I stood up on my arms looking around the sandy beach with half of my body in the sea.

I quickly jumped up and asked towards the beach falling down on a heap of sand with relief. I looked around but no one was in sight.

”Zeus? ” I whistled not even Zeus came ,something seems off.Did I die and make it to beach heaven or am I dreaming?!

[Player Stand Still For Health Check Up]

I immediately stood up and stood still on impulse while I felt some electrical sounds moving around my body.

[2 Broken Ribs And Spine]

[3 Broken Teeth And General Bruises]

Uhmm, I don feel much pain. I said to no one in particular . I can possibly be standing still if I have these injuries on me.

[ Auto Healing Activated]

Felt some tingling sensation all over my body as my body gave way and I feel on the heap of sand again.

What drama is all these? I complained trying to stand up again.

[ Healing Complete]

[ Choose A Name Player]

Came the annoying yet commanding voice.

”Dude or whatever you are. My name is Kyhan Li , you should know that since you could tell how many of my ribs are broken . And fixing it right back.





[ Your Time Is Ticking, Choose A Name Player ]

”Alright , whatever you say ” I looked at the four names that appeared. My real name isn there but they all sound cool.

Kai sounds like my former name while there is something cool about Erik . After 5 minutes of biting my teeth , I pressed on the name ”Erik ” on the vanishing screen in front of me.

[Welcome To Euphoria System Erik]

”Thanks I guess ” I said being so confused and feeling dumb.

[You Will Be Given Missions If You Win , You Get To Have One Of Your Three Most Desired Wishes In Life ]

”What if I fail the mission? ” I asked not to be a superhero at the moment.

[Apocalypse Of The Female Specie , No Woman = Means No More Humans]

”This must be some kind of a sick joke ” I said laughing out loud but the vanishing screen appeared again with the image of Jia slowly fading away while shouting for help in immense pain.

”Hold up, are you serious! You can let anything happen to Jia! ” I said all concerned for my supposedly girlfriend.

[Then Be Serious With Your Mission]

”What is my mission? ” I asked, knowing that I can do anything for Jia, I don know about the rest of the women in the world though.

[Step By Step]

”Okay , lets get it done with]

[Erik, Choose Your Outfits. Your Hairstyle Is A Mess]

”Whats wrong with my hairstyle, I had a haircut just this morning ! ” And then a full length mirror appeared from nowhere showing me my dishevelled hair with thighs and seashells stuck in them.

Even my glasses were buried in them .

Darn it!

”And why am I nacked! ” I shouted covering my manhood when a vanishing screen paper was with four kinds of dresses.

*White Shirt and blue jeans

*Black Jacket with leather pants

*Warlock and a wuxian outfit

*A tuxedo

”Interesting choices, can I change anything at any time I want ? It was hard to choose because all the clothes look really exotic.

[ You Can Upgrade An Outfit After A Successful Mission]

”Cool, then I go with the wuxian outfit, these kind of dresses doesn come by everyday and I was curious to see what I will look like in them* I said with a big smile.

And immediately I pressed it, I found myself dressed in a dark blue cloak that made me look like a wuxian anime character with matching boots.

”Cool, this is not bad afterall. What about my haircut?

[ Its In The Upgrade Package , Win A Mission And Get A New HairCut]

”Alright Mr Commando ”, I said liking the nickname I gave the system while bribing g away the shrubs on my hair and admiring my outfits that even came with a two edged sharp sword.

[ Pay Attention]

Alright, I stood on alert waiting for my first mission excitedly. I don know what this is but it looks like fun and I am down for it. If only they make sure Jia is watching me win for her and Zeus my little buddy. I miss him already.

[ Your Last Wish Was Not To Die A Virgin]

”Geez, lower your voice ” They left me nacked and now this . So embarrassing, I looked around to make sure no one heard that. Everyone that is 21 that I know is not even a virgin, Im even suspecting my little 19 year old sister Lisa but I was only keeping myself for my one true love Jia.

[The Universe Has Heard You And Gave You This Euphoria System, A System Of Intense Pleasure ]

I grinned a lot, liking the sound of this already.

[You Will Be Faced With The Task Of Wooing 7 Ladies From The 7 Continents Of The World]

”Dude , seven women?! ” I coughed, shocked at what the system was saying.

[For Each Task With A Lady,You Either Get A Reward Or A Punishment]

”Oh man! ”

[The System Will Always Provide You With Three Options Of What You Will Need To Woo Them ]

”This is really hard, Id rather fight, ” I said. Im the last person to call when a situation involving a woman presents itself.

I made to turn around to go to nowhere in particular when the vanishing screen popped up showing the seven most beautiful women I have ever set my eyes on making me rethink my decision.

It wouldn hurt right? Besides, it will give me a great opportunity to learn some tricks to use and win my love Jia s heart.

”Si. System, count me in ”

[Welcome To Sin System , Player Erik!]

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