A Nerd’s Rise To Glory: Video Game Harem

I Don\'t Want To Die A Virgin

Chapter Two

”Stop standing there like a weirdo and talk, she said, looking back at me before looking back at the mirror.

”Lisa,what will girls on a field trip like as a gift? ” I stammered to Lisa who was dressing up and putting on some make up in her girlie pink room .

”Whoa, you have finally gotten a girlfriend…? ” She asked looking surprised

”No, I am trying to ask this girl… ”

”We hope she turns a blind eye to your trending undies and say yes ”

”Why do you have to be so annoying? and I would have been a popular cool guy by now if not for your tantrums! ” I told her , siblings can be a pain in the ass.

”Okay, fine . What do you want? ” She said, giving me her attention.

”I need to ask this girl out, please help me ”

She looked at me from head to toe before speaking.

”You need a haircut and maybe dye your hair, replace that glasses with some cool

Contacts and get a piercing or two ”

”And… ” I was waiting for her to finish

”Girls like cool handsome guys, you don have to do or say anything. It will be a yes ”

”Okay… but how do I flirt and you know all those romance stuff…you get it? ” She looked at me as if I had gone crazy while I shrugged my shoulders.

”What?! ”

”Get out of my room, I need to dress up. I don want to be late ”

”You either tell me or I will tell mother and father about your late night escapades to parties and those skimpy clothes… ” I picked up my phone and took a picture.

”Shhhhsss, get your own life and don hate on someone who is having fun! ” she said rolling her eyes

”After the whole dress up thing, be bold and tell the girl whom I have putt for that you like her and will like to hang out ”

”That simple? ”

”Yes, hello are you from which century?! ”

”What about flowers? ”

”This is the real world and not some romance drama! ”

”I don watch romance drama ”

”I can imagine the nonsense you will do when you watch one. Move out of my way and my eyes are on you ” she said, smacking her red lipstick and going out throwing the wedding after pointing her two hands at me.

Went and looked down to see a fancy car waiting for her and I immediately turned around when the tattooed guy tried to kiss her.

”Eww ”

”Lied down on my bed thinking of checking YouTube or a discord group so that I can ask the question but they all seem like a bad idea. I wish I had a friend.


*wuff wuff*


”No buddy, I need a real human friend ” I said, patting my pet dog and looking into my space themed ceiling deciding on how to woo my darling Jia.

I woke up early in the morning to go to a barbers shop that cost me a lot of money because I practically begged him to barb me early in the morning on a weekday.

I checked my hair with the little curly bangs in front smiling, I like what I see and it looks cool.

No time for contacts and piercing seems to be a bit extreme for me as I checked my bag and made sure Jias sweater was neatly folded in my bag.

”Come on Zeus, we can afford to be late! ” I whistled at my dog as we jogged towards the college.

”Kyhan Li?! ” Shouted the teacher looking around the bus

”Here Miss ! ” I shouted holding my breath as I came to stand in front of the already filled up bus.

e late ”

”Sorry, miss, ” I said as I entered the bus and looked for Jia who was already seated beside Jonas Chan.

I signed and walked back to the seat without windows at the back of the bus ignoring the strange looks and whispers my classmates were throwing at me.

”Just because you managed to win a medal doesn make you a celebrity to come late and keep us waiting, ” said Jonas Chan, making everyone laugh in the bus except Jia because my eyes were on her the whole time.

*grwll* The bus screeched, making me trip on my shoe lace and fall head on towards the backseat of the bus.

”Weirdo ”

”Losser ”

”Geeky nerd ” I ignored their laughter and mockery as I helped Zeus sit in the empty seat beside me trying to bounce back the curls on my hair still determined to win Jia over. She is all that matters to me.

After a long four hours we reached the great sea which looks so beautiful, calm and serene.

The teacher gave us a series of instructions before letting us out. While some men form the water board gave us some boring history about the whole place and a lot of babbling. My mind was on Jia, the way the sun shone down on her made her look like an Angel and the pink short dress she wore showed off her long legs that looked longer in those high heels.

”Now remember,this water seems so calm and serene but it is very deep. Didn swim or come too close to it. We have had cases of drawing ” said the luee fee guard instructor as we nodded.

”Now go have fun! ” Said our teacher after another hour of too much babbling.

”Yes! ”

”Finally! ”

”Don get naked! ”

”Put on some sunscreen ”

”Please take me pictures with good angles ”

Everyone was busy with his or her friends and groups while Jonas and his clique were talking in whispers , I didn care about what they were saying. Just glad that Jia wasn with them, giving me the perverted chance to talk to them.

”Come on Zeus ,lets look for my Angel ”

Not too long Zeus started barking causing a lady to shout as I ran towards the flower to see whats happening and there came Jia running into my arms and hugging me so tightly.

”Holly Molly ”

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