Chapter One

”Just a level to go and I will have the highest score of Honour of Kings with the medal of ”Rising sun ” in the college I attend and the entire city! ”

I stood up and rearranged my ultra blue ray filter glasses making sure my headphone is in place and my camera was on live stream to make sure that everyone sees my victory then maybe I will not be treated as a loser and a nerd ,maybe the most popular girl on the college campus ”Jia ” will say yes to hang out with me if she sees how cool I can be.

Oh Hi there, my name is Kyhan Li and Im in my final year of college,just a semester to go. I have all the collections of anime on cd in my room which only my parents and younger sister sees because I have no friends to show them to.

And when Im not watching anime, you will find me reading cultivation ,system and video game webnovels and maybe a little of reverse harems which leaves me blushing a bright red. I only read them when everyone is gone and in hopes to learn one or few things on how to flirt with girls.

Lastly, I spend half of my life playing different types of video games online with other people I have never met over the loud music of Kpop playing in my room which is filled with blue led light and large anime posters around my game station.

My first wish is to graduate college with Jia as my girlfriend and the second wish ,you will come to know later.

Jia is the most popular girl in our class with tall legs, fair skin and long shiny black Jade hair. She on the beauty pageant of the college and appears in small commercials and once as a vixen in a kpop idol music video.

Everyone thought Jia is a mean girl because of her high cheek bone and how she keeps her face up but we were all wrong. Jia is so sweet , I didn know she even knew my name till my sweatpants embarrassingly tore during gymnastics class and while everyone laughed at my themed boxers she came and looked at my butt curiosily and smiled mouthing the word

”Cute undies Kyhan Li ” then gave me her soft nice scenting sweater to cover my sweatpants making the whole class stop laughing and looking at me with envy while I just stared at her with beauty with open mouth till the teachers whistle blew and she left with a wave of her perfectly styled hair.

That happened since in our second year but it was and still my best yet most embrassing moment in life. I kept her soft nice scenting sweater without washing it not to loose her scent and today after becoming the best Jonoyr Of Kings player for the month.

I will go and give her back her sweater and ask her to hang out with me. I smiled at perfectly laid plan and putting back my concentration on my PC screen looking at Jonas Chans score moving up.

”Darn it! ” I shouted moving the gamepad buttons with more speed,checking to see that I have gain

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