ing herself, she’s like a real cat.
It’s kinda cute.

“Nnya? Did Demon Lord-sama also come here to sunbathe nya?”
“No I haven’t.
More importantly, how long are you going to stay here?”
“Well Demon Lord-sama is kind and the food is good, I’d like live here forever nya”
“Definitely not”

Since all of us who remained ate dinner together last night, Miacis has gotten really attached.
It’s already hard enough with Chiharu and Reia, I can’t add more dependents.

“More importantly there’s something I want to ask.
The Demon Lord’s presence, have you felt it again since that time?”
“Nope, I can’t feel it at all nya.
Even being this close I can only see you as a pathetic weakling, Demon Lord-sama’s ability to conceal their power is amazing nya”

I haven’t been called a pathetic weakling in a while, my eyes are becoming a bit hazy with tears.
But if Miacis felt that presence here then the candidates for Demon Lord will shrink considerably.

The Guild’s Great Martial Tournament in one month.
If I can find the true Demon Lord by then, I will be acquitted and the case can be solved without needing to participate in the tournament.

The Demon Lord candidates are the meeting’s twelve members.
The six that left and six that remain.
Which side has the Demon lord I wonder.

“Oi, damn cat.
Don’t think you’ve won because of that”

Slightly further away, Berserker(Mad Warrior) Sacher was doing practice swings with his greatsword.
Why didn’t you leave as well…..

“When I rampage, I can demonstrate over ten times more strength.
That time I showed you only a glimpse of my true ability.
In the Great Martial Tournament I’ll be the one to beat you to a pulp alright”
“Yes yes, I understand nya.
If you like I can be your opponent right now nya”
“…..N- Nah, I want to defeat you on a large stage so let’s not for now.
I- It’s definitely not because I’m frightened okay”

Sacher swings his sword wildly to gloss over the issue.
I don’t think he’s the Demon Lord but there is the chance he’s pretending to be weak.
For the time being I’ll be vigilant.
But it’s probably not.

“Ah, that’s right.
Demon Lord-san.
I want to eat something greasy for dinner so prepare some meat.
Fat is necessary for Mad Warriors.
Also I want my rice to be piled up high to begin with.
Asking for seconds every time is a pain”

Do you also plan to stay.
At the round table near the entrance, the Goblin King and Rick are playing a game from the east known as shogi.
Could it be that everyone intends to stay here for the whole month?
That’s not good.
Before the issue of whether they’re the Demon Lord or not, my food reserves will not last.
I won’t be able to survive the winter.

While I was thinking, a messenger bart flies before me and leaves a black envelope like last time.

“Could it be that the other side has decided on their representatives already?”

Panicked I break the seal and look inside.
Just as I thought, the representatives name was written inside.


Sacher, who was peeking from behind, raises a loud voice.

“My name isn’t included!”

Yeah, I don’t care.

More importantly, I can’t believe who is on the guild’s side as a representative.


Without a doubt those five letters are etched there.

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