“Everyone wait a bit nya”

My feet stop at the entrance to the abandoned castle.
An abnormal killing intent is flowing out.
My wild instincts are telling me not to proceed further.

“Beastman King Miacis of all people is feeling hesitant.

With a hollow head empty of thought, Undying King Dogma spoke.
Maybe it’s because his skull for a head doesn’t have any brains inside.
With a body composed entirely of bones, Dogma has the power of infinite regeneration.
Because he lacks the concept of death, he doesn’t feel fear either.

“How about you go first then nya”
“Hmph, you cowardly cat.
Just wait there and tremble”

Dogma enters by himself.

“Is it okay? Letting that idiot go first”
“It doesn’t matter.
In the end he’s only capable of not dying, the weakest of the Four Heavenly Kings.
He can be scattered as he pleases nya”
“…..Well I guess he’s not really needed”

Bloodsucking King Carmilla nods while sighing.
Pure white hair that extends down to her waist, pure white skin, and closed eyes.
The true ancestor of vampires, she possesses great power but also many weaknesses.
Weak to the sunlight and tired in the morning from low blood pressure it seems.
In the afternoon she can only bring out about half the power she has at night but there is a reason she has to be brought along.
Amongst the Four Heavenly Kings, her ability to discern is easily the best.
In order to ascertain whether Alice is the Demon Lord, Carmilla is necessary.

“…..It would be best if we turned back”

Dark Lord Azathoth murmurs in a small voice.
His whole body is covered in darkness so only a silhouette can be seen.
The strongest of the Four Heavenly Kings.
Like Demon Lord-sama, no one has seen his true form.
Said to have been the only one to fight with Demon Lord-sama on equal terms, even as fellow members of the Four Heavenly Kings, I do not know his combat strength.

A person with such strength, Azathoth, was cautious of entering this abandoned castle.

“Azathoth, if that’s the case, then isn’t there no doubt that it’s Demon Lord-sama?'”
“If it’s Demon Lord-sama then it’s fine.
But if we’re mistaken, everyone will die “

To that extent huh.
My suspicion has changed to conviction.
There’s no person that strong apart from Demon Lord-sama

“How far does the darkness extend.
Take care.
When you stare into the abyss, the abyss also stares back at you”

I don’t understand what he’s saying but for now I do understand that it’s dangerous.
Even then there’s no way we can back down.

“What nya, this is…..!”

We arrive at the target location.
Did a giant explosion or something occur.
The room had already ceased to be what could be considered a typical room.
Maybe it used to be a reception hall.
There is a giant crater in the center and broken wall and debris scattered about.
Furthermore in one part of the wall is a mark that looks like a human imprint.
In the furthest back part of the room, is a throne that’s barely retaining its shape.
On which a single girl is sitting.

Long gold hair.
Blue eyes that sparkle like clear water.
From the broken portions of her silver armour at her chest, white skin can be seen.
As if hit by a fist, a bright red bruise is visible.

“That’s Alice….!?”

I swallow my spit.
Without moving, Alice stares at us.
There is an overwhelming sense of pressure.
My heart beats violently.

If I move even a bit, I will lose my life.
That was the atmosphere that permeated the room.

I move only my gaze to search for Undying King Dogma who should have come here before us.

There he is.

His body is being trampled at Alice’s feet.
But the head is missing.

“Head, head”

From behind the throne Alice is seated on, the sound of a young girl can be heard.

Dogma’s head rolls out.
Following it, a young girl appears.
She catches his head and spins it it around happily.

“He- lp- me-“

From Dogma’s head, a voice can be heard.
A voice trembling in fear.
Undying King Dogma who shouldn’t feel fear is on the verge of tears pleading for help.

“Carmilla, appraise whether that is Demon Lord-sama or not”
“That’s impossible.
I refuse to open my eyes.
I want to leave as soon as possible”

Carmilla is shivering.

“Appraisal is unnecessary.
That is different from Demon Lord-sama”

The darkness covering Azathoth writhes violently.

“She’s human.
Without a doubt human.
I don’t feel divine nor demonic power.
However she has greatly exceeded the limitations of man.
How can a person possess such power!”

I look at Alice once again.
The hair on my body stands up and I begin to tremble.

My instincts are screaming to run away immediately.


Azathoth’s voice freezes.
Alice, who should have been sitting on the throne, suddenly appears before Azathoth’s eyes as if teleporting.

“…..What the heck are you?”

At the same time as she speaks, Azathoth goes flying.

A backhand blow.
Without changing her posture, Alice slaps Azathoth with her right fist.
Azathoth spins like a screw, plunges into the rubble and stops moving.
His invincible dark cloak, that should be capable of absorbing all kinds of attacks, was seemingly useless.


Alice speaks to Carmilla as if talking to a friend.

“My chest hurts.
I have the unbearable urge to see him.
But we cannot meet.
At times like this what should I do?”

Alice speaks while holding her bruise.

“I- I don’t know”

Carmilla who somehow managed a reply is sent flying just like Azathoth.
Stuck headfirst in the debris next to Azathoth, theyre lined up like friends.
Neither of them move a bit.


Alice looks my way.

“Do you know what I should do?”

If I reply wrong, us Four Heavenly Kings will be annihilated here.
But I have no way of knowing the answer to that question.
I have no choice but to say what comes to mind.

“We too have a person we’ve wanted to meet but cannot”

After their battle with the gods, Demon Lord-sama holed themselves up in the labyrinth and forbade us from entering.

“There’s no choice but to wait.
Believe in the day we will meet again.
Simply wait the whole time”

As if trying to persuade myself, I speak to Alice.

“…..I see”

After a long silence, Alice makes a single murmer and returns to the throne.
Are we saved?
No, not yet.
There’s still something I need to hear from Alice.

“How! How have you as a human, acquired a power that far surpasses the limits of one!?”

After looking my way slightly,


The impressive aura that Alice was giving off up until now disappears.
Perhaps remembering something, her face turns red and the edges of her mouth form a smile.

“Everything is thanks to Takumi’s teachings”

A person capable of turning a mere human this strong.
There’s no existence like that apart from Demon Lord-sama.

Demon Lord Takumi-sama.

I whisper in my heart.

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