In this life, Zhou Yinzhi was only a hundred households in brocade clothing, and he had not yet used her to cling to Yanlin in order to obtain the position of deputy thousand households.
Jiang Xuening came back from the rebirth, intending to seek good luck and avoid evil, not to repeat the mistakes of the previous life, so when she saw this person outside Jiang Boyou's study today, she originally did not want to have anything to do with this person.

  But now I suddenly find that Xie Wei is actually inside…

  Even someone as powerful as You Fangyin had to invest in Xie Wei to save her life in the end, and she didn't know if she would be swept away by the birds after the event was completed.
The time of her rebirth was so embarrassing, but after Xie Wei was already in power, no matter what happened look at a complete disadvantage.
  She was actually afraid of death.
  Although Zhou Yinzhi is a villain, the advantage of interacting with villains is that as long as it is profitable, they can follow the same path and get what they need.

  Today, she came to Jiang Boyu, took a copy of “Young Learning Qionglin” as an account book, and gave power to the servants in the house.
I am afraid that Xie Wei has already caught it.
Even if it's not scheming, it's not related to the word “not smart”.

  After hearing Xie Wei's words, Jiang Xuening racked his brains to recall, but he only recalled what he seemed to have said, “The common people of Limin are human, and the honor of the Ninety-five is also a human being.
Otherwise, it is “Shen Lang's character is difficult to be a big responsibility”.

  But at that time she was just a little girl who knew nothing about the capital and the court.
  At the age of fourteen and less than fifteen, he was hesitating about his own experience and fate, and he did not know what the strange father and mother who were waiting for her in Beijing would look like.
In the wilderness, a heart is full of fear and panic, how can one have the heart to speculate on the deep meaning behind a person's words in a disease?
  She didn't even know who Shen Lang was.

  Four years ago, on the way to Beijing, Xie Wei personally commented that “Shen Lang's character is difficult to take on a major role”, presumably he did not want to support Shen Lang to ascend to the throne.
  He may have a better candidate for the throne in his heart.
  But after he entered the capital, the person he supported and supported was precisely Shen Lang!

  Jiang Xuening didn't know if there was any change in the middle, but if the words were spread out and let Shen Lang know, I'm afraid that the emperor who originally trusted Xie Wei would think about it: his own emperor really wants to help him.
Who is it?
  If she was Xie Wei, she would not let herself go.
  In her last life, she was really heartless, and she could be considered to be kind to Xie Wei, and he was still on good terms with his father.
Xie Wei also tried three times before he was willing to let it go; although four years have passed in this life, After seeing her act today, he may not think back, suspecting that she actually remembers what he said, but he is used to acting stupid and smuggling through!

  The courtyard in the afternoon is very quiet.
  Thin branches hang down from the flower stand.
  The shadow of the sun slanting to the west covered the corridor like a red gauze, in front of the steps.

  Jiang Xuening instructed Tanger to find Zhou Yinzhi, but he sat in the corridor for a long time and finally calmed down.

  There are three ways to deal with the current situation:

  First, continue to bite the bullet and play stupid.
  After all, she only showed her performance first, and Li Wei returned to Li Wei, but the blame was thrown to Yan Lin, and she also said to Jiang Boyu that Yan Lin taught her.
On Yan Lin's side, she didn't worry about revealing the stuff, but she was afraid that if she killed someone and turned back to say that Yan Lin did it, Yan Lin would recognize it.
  And if there is nothing wrong with Yongyi Hou's mansion, Yan Lin can also shelter her.
  The question is, will Xie Wei believe it?

  Second, learn from You Fangyin once and take refuge in Xie Wei.
  This devil in the skin of a saint was a big winner in her last life, and except for the Xiao family, the royal family, and the rebels of the Tianjiao uprising, he was not addicted to murder.
  But there are problems.
  Yanlin has a valiant marquis mansion, and the military power is in hand;
  What about her?
  What ability and bargaining chip does she have to make Xie Wei fancy and accept her surrender?

  Third, if you don't do it again and again, you can just fight against Xie Wei.
  She knows his biggest secret, even knows his final plan and even knows some trends in the courtroom.
She has the advantage of being reborn and gives foresight, and she can take the lead in many things in the future.
  But the problem is –
  now that Xie Wei is already an imperial teacher, she is just a boudoir girl, with a huge disparity in status and power, I am afraid that she will be killed before she starts to fight against others.
Moreover, Xie Wei's ingenuity is alive, but what she knows about her past life is dead, how can she know that she will be able to fight?

  You Fangyin often said that “all roads lead to the capital”, but now Jiang Xuening looks back and forth, all roads are narrow dead ends!

  Of course, there is actually a fourth way.
  No matter how powerful Xie Wei is, she is still a man.
She was able to coax men around by means of women in her previous life, and naturally she can also try to coax this ingenious imperial teacher in this life.

  If Xie Wei could become her servant under the skirt…

  It's just that as soon as the idea came up, she couldn't help but shuddered, pressed it down immediately, and said to herself: “No, you can't have such a terrible idea…”

  Xie Wei is different from Shen Jie, Yan Lin, Zhou Yinzhi, and even Zhang Zha
  Jiang Xuening will never forget that in her last life when she felt that she had nowhere to go, she had this thought: at night, she put on a pale yellow palace dress with bright and beautiful makeup, and brought a cup of boiled soup from the imperial kitchen to Xinuan Pavilion.
However, Xie Wei raised his eyes and looked at her.
Seeing her clothes and makeup, his eyes were dark and his eyebrows were raised almost imperceptibly, and he saw her through and smiled lightly at her: “The maiden respects herself.”

  She was ashamed and ashamed that night, and she simply ran away.
  Now as long as he thinks of the scene at that time, Jiang Xuening still has the urge to dig a hole and bury himself, how could he have to experience death a second time?
  In front of Xie Wei and the others, it is self-inflicted humiliation!

  Therefore, judging from her current situation, the best and most feasible methods are the first and the second.
As for the third type, Jiang Xuening has directly put it together with the dead end, and she never wants to oppose Xie Wei without being forced into a desperate situation!
  After thinking about all this, it became very important to see Zhou Yinzhi.
  Whether it's the implication of Yongyi Hou's house being implicated in the old case of King Pingnan, or it's simply for the purpose of making himself useful and a bargaining chip.

  It's just that Jiang Xuening didn't wait for Zhou Yinzhi.
  Before Tang'er came back, a woman walked not far in front of her.
When she saw her sitting under the porch, she smiled a little, came up and bowed to her and said, “This old slave is about to go.
Looking for the second girl, I didn't expect the second girl to sit here.
Madam heard that the master called the people in your house to fight and kill, and I don't know what happened, so I asked the old slave to invite the second girl to meet and ask.
Just ask.”

  This was served by Meng Shi's side.
  Jiang Xuening had no impression of this old woman, but she could guess it by listening to her words.
  It's just that she suddenly bumped into Xie Wei and was upset.
At this moment, she wanted to see Zhou Yinzhi again.
She asked her to see Meng Shi for nothing.
She was not very happy, and her face was not very good, so she just responded coldly.
: “I know, let's go.”


  Meng Shi was talking to Jiang Xuehui in his room.

  Both of them were a little surprised when the news that Jiang Xuening was looking for Jiang Boyu to cook the servant girl in the house came over.
  Knowing that Jiang Xuening didn't return last night, Mrs.
Meng just called Jiang Xuening to come, first to ask about the situation ahead, to see what her daughter, who was raised by a concubine, was thinking.
Second, there should be a limit if there are no rules.
What if the girl doesn't come back all night?

  After a while, Jiang Xuening came.

  She was not friendly to her biological mother, Meng Shi, and Meng Shi did not like her lax rules and indulgence, so her attitude towards Meng Shi was unfamiliar, and when she saw Jiang Xuehui was present, her voice became more indifferent and routine: “Daughter's greetings to mother.”
  Jiang Xuehui next to her ignored her.
  As soon as Meng Shi heard that she had a grudge against Sister Hui, the two willow-leaf eyebrows that were drawn finely frowned, but it was not easy to talk about her, she only said: “Get up, what's going on today, I suddenly talked to the maidservant.
Is the old woman going to fight?”

  Jiang Xuening replied: “They have been unruly in the house for a long time, and they are becoming madder today.
When I went out with Yan Lin yesterday, I mentioned that Yan Lin taught her daughter a way to treat them, so it is only today when they come back.
The mother is the daughter's fault.”

  When other people mention Yan Lin, they have to call him “Little Marquis” or “Shizi Yan”, even Jiang Boyu and Meng Shi are no exception.
All lightly.
  But Jiang Xuening is better.
  Calling her by her name with her mouth closed and her mouth shut, shows how indulgent Yan Lin is to her.

  Meng Shi listened, frowning a little deeper.
  Although Yan Lin's background is considered one of the best in the entire capital, except for the children of the Xiao family in the Chengguo government's government, no one can stand out, but this is also a bold act.
  Ning Jie'er was quite obedient when she just picked it up.
  But since I got to know Yan Lin, all day long, a woman disguised herself as a man and went out to hang out with the name of “Jiang's Mansion Biao Master”, and she even had to cover up the whole house for her!

  Meng Shi felt that it was necessary to say something: “In the past, when you went out with Shizi Yan, I felt that it was too much, but after all, the master has acquiesced in this matter, and I can't say it.
But tolerance is not connivance, Ning Jie'er , you must have a mind in your own mind.
The eldest girl stays away from home all night and spends a lot of time fooling around.
If things get out, you will have a prince for you after all, and since you have done it, you don’t want to let go of those rumors.
In the bottom of my eyes.
But your sister is still in the middle of the marriage.
It doesn't matter if your own reputation is bad.
Outsiders always mention the Jiang family girl, so where does your sister go? “

  Meng Shi's words are righteous.
  If her actions spread out, Jiang Xuehui would indeed be implicated.
  Reason told Jiang Xuening that she should not feel that there was anything wrong with what she said, but there was a sense of anger in her heart, which made her clench the palm of her side quietly, and only narrowed her eyes and said: “Mother said Yes, my daughter will be more cautious in the future.”

  Hearing her answer, Meng Shi was perfunctory, and the expression on the face of the person standing here was a little bit brighter for a while.
  With a “snack”, she pressed the teacup in her hand to train her.
  Next to Jiang Xuehui, her eyelids twitched when she saw the scene, and she sighed in her heart.
She felt that although her mother was doing it for her own good, such words and scolding undoubtedly pushed her sister towards them, and this account might have to be reckoned with in the future.
In her, how dare to sit back and watch Meng's attack?

  Jiang Xuehui hurriedly held Meng Shi's hand and stopped her in a timely manner: “You must know that my sister didn't even listen to the words of the Yan Shizi in the past, but now she is willing to listen to other people's words to take care of the affairs in her own house.
Mature and stable.
Yan Shizi can make his sister better, why should his mother worry about gossip? My sister's future marriage is decent, which is also a good thing for the government, and my future marriage may not be in the light of my sister.
, I also asked my mother to relax.
Today I encountered the difficulties of Wang Xing's family, and it was my sister who came forward to relieve me.

  Jiang Xuening thought that it was just to see Wang Xing's family talking nonsense behind her back and taking her things, but it had nothing to do with Jiang Xuehui.
  At this moment, she looked at her coldly to appease Meng Shi with nonsense.

  After Meng Shi heard about it, it was indeed the truth.
  It's just that it's hard to take back what she said before.
When she looked up, she saw Jiang Xuening standing there with a dead face and expressionless face.
Although her facial features were a bit like hers, the charm at the corners of her eyes and brows reminded her of Wan Niang's scumbag.
  She lost her mood at once, waved her hand, and said, “Forget it, your father is in charge of your affairs anyway.
Go back, and you don't need to say goodbye at night.”

  ”Yes, my daughter retire.”
Meng didn't want to give her another look, and Jiang Xuening was too lazy to stay.
  She saluted neatly and exited.

  At this time, the sky will be late, and the sunset will be bright.
  Under the wall behind the west wing, there is a wood hibiscus planted with dark or shallow pink flowers.
  She passed Lian'er under her head, and a wooden hibiscus suddenly hit her on the head.

  The blooming wood hibiscus rolled down, Jiang Xuening subconsciously reached out to catch it, then raised his head to look, he saw Yan Lin wearing a black robe with a leather belt around his waist, Da Lala sitting on the top of the wall full of wood hibiscus, one leg Bending up, holding the sword in one hand, he smiled at her: “Today's talk ended early, but I was dragged by the sage and said something for a long time, and I only left the palace now.
The day after tomorrow is Chongyang, and there is a lantern festival in Beijing.
I want to bring it with me.
go and see.”

  The sunset glow fell on the flowers and on his cheeks.
  Jiang Xuening was suddenly dazzled and was in a trance.
  After a while, I realized what he said: Chongyang Lantern Festival.
That is when Shen Zhiyi, the eldest princess of Leyang, who followed Shen Jie out of the palace in her last life, met her disguised as a man and fell in love with her…

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